IShow Speed Net Worth 2023, Age, Daughter, Real Name

Only a few, including the young and old, have the ability of finding something unique that makes them stand out for life, and also turn it around to make it their source of income. IShow Speed, whose real name is Darren Wakins, is one of those few.

In a world full of people who do the same thing, he found something different, and paid his full attention to it. Although his family is not fully supportive of him right now, he hopes they will come around. Who is IShow Speed? How old is IShow Speed? What is IShow Speed net worth?

IShow Speed net worth
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IShow Speed is a young American youtuber, artist, gamer and twitch streamer, whose first music debut, ‘Lying,’ featuring Jay Cinco, currently has over 2.7 million views on youtube. In this article, you will find out all you need to know about the young man making waves in the entertainment industry, IShow Speed daughter, IShow Speed net worth and more.

IShow Speed’s Age and Real Name

Darren Watkins is a 17 years old, born on Jan 2005, in Michigan, United States of America. He currently attends Purcell Marian High School (PMHS), and is a high school footballer, who plays in the PMHS Boys Varsity Football Team. There is no public information about his family, but he currently lives with them. 

Although IShow Speed did not tell the story behind his moniker, he is popularly known by the name, and uses it for almost all his social media accounts. 

Personal Life and Relationship

Interestingly the young famous youtuber has a child, who he has only spoken about a few times in his live streams, and has never said her name. He had his daughter with his current ex-girlfriend, Ermony Renee. She is still in high school, and attends a different school, ‘Walnut Hills High School.’ They met at a public hangout, and had an instant attraction, leading to the exchange of numbers and further communication, which became really constant. Unfortunately their relationship ended badly, with IShow Speed saying Renee cheated on him. He is currently not in any relationship, but is pouring his love and care on his little bundle of joy, his daughter.

IShow Speed net worth
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In one of his videos, IShow Speed, talked about dropping out of high school, and not furthering his education for a while, so he can put a hundred percent focus on his youtube channel. With his career choice not currently accepted at home, what would be his parents reaction to this new decision?

IShow Speed as a YouTuber 

The famous youtuber opened his channel in 2017, with the influence of a close friend. They started together, but his friend decided to stop with reasons only known to him, while IShow Speed decided he would keep going. With his love for Kobe Bryant, he started out by giving tutorials on how to play NBA2k, which was the awakening of IShow Speed net worth growth. 

Before the decision on being a youtuber, IShow Speed worked in a Nursing home, and would deliver food to the elderly ones in the home, with so much love and respect. But later on, he decided he wanted something else. IShow Speed plays Roblox, Resident Evil: Bio Hazard, Lunch Lady, NBA 2K20, NBA2K21, Rec Room, From the Darkness, and a lot more games. IShow Speed net worth took a turn, when he decided to live stream his games, creating engaging contents for his followers and subscribers. 

Asides being known for his tutorials, he started gaining attention when people found out he always gave high quality streams. His youtube channel currently has over 6.5 million subscribers, and has gathered over 411 million views. 

IShow Speed as an Artist

IShow Speed net worth did not grow from just game live streams, it grew through music. He had his first music debut, ‘Lying,’ featuring another amazing artist, Jay Cinco, on August 6, 2021. IShow Speed uploaded the video on his channel and got over 2.1 million views. The positive feedback gotten from his first single was enough encouragement for him to continue making more music. Few months after, he released a second single, ‘Shake,’ which currently has over 56 million views on his youtube channel. 

IShow Speed net worth
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IShow Speed Earnings

IShow Speed net worth is positively affected by his Twitch earnings, and youtube earnings. Although his Twitch earnings are not known, IShow Speed currently has over 1million followers and has accumulated over 63,000 views. He earns over $100,000 on youtube and statistics from social blade shows that he has a monthly earning of $30,000 and yearly he earns $350,000. 

What is the Young Youtuber Net Worth?

IShow Speed net worth is currently $400,000, all gotten from his game live streams, and music.

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IShow Speed has decided to keep focusing on his channel, despite his family not supporting him. In his videos, he gives advice to other content creators, to find their own style, and work hard to be the best at it.

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