Jack Daniel’s: Amazing Facts About This American Whiskey Virtuoso

The majority of people are familiar with Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Unquestionably a global favorite, the honey-hued beverage has a charcoal-mellowed flavor. The Deep South’s spirit is the fourth-best-selling whiskey in the world and the undeniably best-selling American spirit, and this is not just anecdotal evidence. There is no disputing those facts.

Jack Daniel’s: Amazing Facts About This American Whiskey Virtuoso

The distinctive flavors of neat Jack Daniel’s are what have made it popular, despite the fact that it is frequently dulled by the addition of Coke. When you drink JD, you get to taste the sweet but complicated personality of the Southern state where it’s distilled.

You taste the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, giant oaks, red maples, and the sticky-sweet sap that sweeten the air, adorned by the state’s profusion of wildflowers, all at once when the smooth, golden spirit seeps into your tongue.

Some claim that Jack Daniel’s is the bottled embodiment of the United States as a whole. Frank Sinatra undoubtedly believed this because, at his request, he was interred with a bottle of his favorite bourbon. Although they didn’t really need it, Jack Daniels could not have purchased a more favorable endorsement.

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 Facts About Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is surrounded by a significant bit of mystery and oddity for such a well-known beverage.

1. The mystery of Old No. 7

No one can explain why the first bottle, which was distilled in 1864, was given the moniker “No. 7”.

Many theories have been put out to explain the resonance, with some contending that the number “7” refers to the number of Jack Daniel’s lovers at the time of bottling. Others say that the number refers to the train with the number 7 that brought his barrels.

In any case, to heighten the mystery, there have only ever been a total of seven master distillers employed by the renowned Tennessee Jack Daniel whiskey company.

Maybe seven distillations were the magic number that made it work. We’ll never know since, regrettably, Jack Daniel’s took that specific secret with him when he died.

2. Jasper Newton Daniel

At the juvenile age of 13, Jasper “Jack” Newton Daniel, by a stroke of tragedy and luck, obtained a whiskey still. Before that, after the passing of his mother and the ensuing separation from his father, he had learned how to make and distill whiskey from a family friend named Dan Call (or from his slave, depending on how you read it).

In his teen years, probably while his friends were hanging around town imbibing the moonshine, Jack was perfecting his own whiskey distillation technique in an effort to become the greatest whiskey distiller Tennessee had ever seen.

He was incredibly successful, as we all know, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey can be found on the shelves of any self-respecting liquor store.

To wrap up Jack Daniel’s story, it should be noted that his passing was directly related to his life’s work:

Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel died on October 11th, 1910, from an infection that had slowly but surely damaged his limb.

According to mythology, six years prior, Jack is said to have accidentally fractured the offending toe by kicking the distillery’s safe in a fit of rage brought on by forgetting the code. Spirits were frequently employed to combat infection in a twist of fate only appropriate for such an image. So perhaps Jack Daniels had the potential to save Jack Daniel.

3. Tennessee whiskey or bourbon?

The fact that it is categorically a Tennessee whiskey and not a bourbon has nevertheless given rise to fierce controversy and sparked spirited disputes over the years. The label declares that the well-known whiskey is indeed a Tennessee whiskey and will be referred to as such, and the government now agrees.

The laborious charcoal filtration procedure, which gives the spirit its smoky flavor before the aging process starts, is actually the main factor that mandates the classification of Jack Daniel’s as a whiskey and not a bourbon.

Following distillation, the originally clear spirit is let to slowly drop through a barrel of handmade charcoal. This is also referred to as the “Charcoal mellowing” or the “Extra Blessing” by the locals.

This procedure precisely describes the whiskey as being JD and gives it its color. A whiskey, I suppose. Neither a bourbon nor.

In that case, if you ask for a bourbon and coke at the bar and you get a JD, blame them.

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3. A distillery in a dry town

Welcome to Lynchburg, Tennessee, where drinking Jack Daniel’s at a bar is prohibited.

In addition to having the oldest legally operating whiskey distillery in the world, Lynchburg, Tennessee, is a dry town. This is where Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Distillery is situated.

Lynchburg, Virginia, is one of the few counties in North America with a meager population of 361 people that continues to suffer from Prohibition’s stringent regulations, which were in effect from 1917 until 1933.

Lem Motlow, who was Jack Daniel’s nephew, rose to the position of State senator soon after Prohibition. Through his connections and a dash of nepotism, he made sure that the law permitted whiskey to be manufactured in his county but, oddly, not marketed. This still holds true today.

In reality, local bars and restaurants no longer serve spirits, but you can still buy beers and wines from them. Of course, Jack Daniel’s is not included in that.

Whiskey lovers can, however, rejoice because, according to state law, you can buy a commemorative bottle (or barrel!) at the distillery’s White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

The distillery is also the only location in the world where you can drink a free Jack Daniel’s, which is a rich ironic twist. We warned you, strange.

How to drink Jack Daniel’s

Although it tastes fantastic with soda or in your favorite cocktail, the traditional method to serve Jack Daniel’s is neat.

Simply pour 35ml of Jack Daniel’s (at room temperature) into a rocks glass and enjoy.

Serve two fingers of your preferred Jack Daniel’s whiskey with three ice cubes and a dash of water if you want to channel your inner Sinatra.

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The best Jack Daniel’s cocktails to make

Here are our top three favorite Jack Daniel’s whiskey drinks. For more ideas, look through our collection of the best cocktail recipes.

1. Jack Old Fashioned

Jack Daniel’s: Amazing Facts About This American Whiskey Virtuoso


  • 50ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
  • 12.5ml simple syrup
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Ice cubes should be placed in a rocks glass halfway before Jack Daniel’s is added. Stir the bitters and simple syrup together for 20 to 30 seconds. Serve with a cherry or orange garnish.

2. Apple Jack

Jack Daniel’s: Amazing Facts About This American Whiskey Virtuoso


  • 50ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
  • Fresh apple juice

A highball glass should be filled to the top with apple juice, Jack Daniel’s, and ice. Add a slice of apple as a garnish. You may either serve this hot or chilled.

3. Godfather No. 7

Jack Daniel’s: Amazing Facts About This American Whiskey Virtuoso


  • 25ml Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
  • 12.5ml Amaretto
  • Cola

A rocks glass should be filled with ice halfway, then Jack Daniel’s, Amaretto, and a splash of cola should be added. Serve with an orange slice and a dark cherry after a quick stir.


How much does a barrel of Jack Daniel’s cost?

At the Lynchburg distillery, you can buy a full barrel of Jack Daniel’s (or 240 bottles) or have it delivered to your house. Including taxes, the barrel costs $10,000. Your barrel can be chosen manually or automatically.

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How much does the largest Jack Daniel’s bottle cost?

A 3-liter bottle of Jack Daniel’s costs about $250 and is the brand’s largest.

Do you prefer Jack Daniel’s whiskey or bourbon?

Despite being controversial in the past, Jack Daniel’s is regarded as a Tennessee whiskey. It does have a lot of bourbon-like qualities before being charcoal-mellowed, but the final product is whiskey.

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