Who is Jack Depp? Wife, Divorce, Career and Personal Life

When recent pictures of Jack Depp surfaced, there was no way anyone could have said the legendary Johnny Depp needed a paternity test. The semblance is so striking that when Jack Depp’s picture is compared to a 19-year-old Johnny Depp, there was almost no difference.

For many people who have followed Johnny Depp’s career, they can recall that he was the darling of teenagers in the early 1980s with his unreal handsomeness. But today, it looks like the baton may have been passed to his son.

Jack, recently seen posing in a field of wildflowers in the hills, has had many people shocked, some surprised, and others bewildered at how father and son can look so much alike. 

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A close look at the 19-year-old Jack Depp’s picture shows the same firm chin and dark brown eyes as his father’s. It is unreal what genetics can do. So naturally, some fans wanted to see more of his pictures online. Jack is entirely private about his life, unlike his sister, Lily-Rose Depp, a model and even a brand ambassador for Chanel with her stunning beauty. From all indications, it appears Lily-Rose may tow in the path of her father. 

Who is Jack Depp?

Born John Christopher Depp III on April 9, 2002, to Johnny Depp and French actress and model Vanessa Paradis. Before separating, Johnny Depp was married to Vanessa between 1998 and 2012 due to irreconcilable differences. Jack is the second child Johnny and Vanessa had, Lily-Rose Depp.

Unlike his father, Jack is private about his life, widely regarded as one of the greatest actors alive. For Jack, he preferred to stay away from the spotlight. Johnny told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that his son was talented at playing drafts. He also said Jack draws and plays music well but has no desire to be an actor. 

On the other hand, Jack Depp’s sister, Lily-Rose, has found her bearing in acting and has already featured in movies like Crisis, Voyagers, and The King. 

Jack Depp
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Jack Depp Doesn’t Like Public Attention.

The young Depp barely reveals pictures of himself. We only get to see his photographs online on his birthday. His sister and his girlfriend, French model Camille Jansen have been the ones who post his pictures to celebrate him on his birthday. The last time Jack was photographed before now was in London in August 2020. He and his girlfriend were on a trip to the UK for personal reasons. Also, he joined his mother in returning to the south of France in July 2020 – these were the times his pictures were taken and shared on the internet. 

Jack’s Father Was Removed From The Fantastic Beasts Franchise

Following suits against Johnny Depp by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Depp has been removed from the Fantastic Beasts franchise as Grindelwald. The charges against Depp were that he abused his ex-wife domestically even after evidence subtly suggested otherwise. But he didn’t get removed from the franchise until after losing a libel suit against him by The Sun. Depp lost out on the defamation of character suit, leaving him at risk of losing other roles in the future.

Depp has issued a $50m US libel case against Amber Heard. The case is delayed till April 2022. Hopefully, Jack Depp and his siblings do not get affected by all the suits flying up and down.

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Jack Depp
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There aren’t many things to talk about with Jack Depp. Indeed, he will not be an actor, as he has often stated to his father, but there is always talent in a scion from Johnny Depp. Whatever decision he will be taking, we are sure of one thing – his family will be rooting for him. 

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