Who is Jacob Pechenik? Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children and Family

The media was thrown into a frenzy about two years ago when the celebrity couple Jacob Pechenik and his ex-wife Zooey Deschanel announced the divorce. That was probably the first time some people got to know about the Texas State-born Hollywood producer.

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Jacob Pechenik is a known American Executive Producer and he is without a doubt one of the most private people in the American entertainment industry. Jacob is the founder of Lettuce Grow company; a company that provides unique ways to grow healthy and sustainable harvest in every home, he is also the CEO of Tech Trader.

There isn’t a lot about made public Jacob Pechenik but this article gives you a peek into the life of this creative and dynamic Hollywood movie producer.

Who is Jacob Pechenik?

Jacob Pechenik is a 49-year-old renowned American movie producer, businessman, and investor.  He was born on June 16, 1972, in San Antonio, Texas state, in the USA to Jacob and Ruth Pechenik. He belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity and has two siblings; a sister named Ana Pechenik and a brother named Tony Pechenik.

 Jacob earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after which he started working with a software company. Later, he began to work on business trading. He started his career as a movie producer in 2010 and has produced almost 20 movies so far. He has worked on movies like Kiss of the Damned, Devil’s Knot, Life of Crime, Black or white, the popular The Skeleton Twins, and many more.

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Right after Jacob Pechenik completed his higher studies, he went into Tech Trading. His first startup business was business-to-business enterprise software that provided trading exchanges catering for materials market for both public and private. He later began to invest in harvesting which eventually led him to start Lettuce Grow Company where he provides ideas and unique ways to grow lettuce at home. He also works as the co-founder of The Farm Project.

Jacob and Zooey’s Union and Divorce

Jacob is more popular as the husband of Zooey Deschanel, a famous Hollywood actress, model, musician, and songwriter. Zooey is well known for her role as the very optimistic Jess in the Fox sitcom, New Girl.

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The duo met on the set of Bill Murray’s comedy Rock the Kasbah where Zooey was a part of the cast and Jacob Pechenik was one of the producers. Their friendship boomed and they became a couple. Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel announced their engagement in January 2015, the same year the couple had their first baby together. They got married in June of the same year. Two years into their marriage, the couple welcomed their second child together and they had a happy union until 2019 when Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel suddenly separated.

Separation isn’t always final so fans hoped Jacob and Zooey would just work their way through things and come back together. The couple filed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences on June 1 2020 and their divorce was finalized on 24 June 2020.

A few months after their divorce was finalized, Jacob and Zooey announced the dissolution of their marriage to the public in a statement where they said that they were better off as friends, business partners, and co-parents rather than life partners.

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Jacob Pechenik Children

His union with Zooey Deschanel produced two children; Elsie Otter Pechenik who was born on 18 July 2015 and Charlie Wolf Pechenik who was born on 9 May 2017. Jacob’s love for nature found expression in his choice of names for his children as both children were named after wildlife species.

Upon divorce, Jacob Pechenik requested joint legal and physical custody of his children which was granted to him. Both Zooey and Jacob have been co-parenting their children and are involved, parents. They love their kids a lot and are doing everything possible to make life after their parents’ divorce smooth for them.

Is Jacob Pechenik Dating?

One week after the divorce news broke; Zooey Deschanel was reported to be dating the Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and ever since then, the two have been seen doing a lot of things together including social distancing together in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jacob Pechenik on the other hand has been said to be living a happy life along with his kids in Los Angeles since his divorce while focusing on work and business. As far as we know, Jacob Pechenik is single.

Random Facts about Jacob Pechenik.

If you think you still don’t know Jacob Pechenik enough, here are some facts about him to answer your questions. You might find some of these facts surprising or amusing but they are interesting information you would like to know about someone who would rather have everything about him kept private.

  • Jacob Pechenik is not just a movie producer, businessman, and investor; he is also a philanthropist who has partnered with several organizations and foundations to give to his community.
  • One charity cause Jacob stands for is to provide help for children living with childhood cancer.
  • Horse riding is a hobby for him. In his free time, Jacob enjoys horse riding.
  • Jacob Pechenik was not on Instagram until 2019. His first Instagram post was uploaded on 9 September 2019.
  • Jacob offers cooking and lettuce harvesting lessons through his YouTube videos.


Jacob Pechenik might not be on our screens but he is certainly influential and has a good life going for himself. He used to be famous for being Zooey Deschanel’s husband but now, he is famous as the founder of Lettuce Grow Company. Jacob does a lot so it is hard to tell which job pays him more; however, his net worth is currently about $5million US Dollars.

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