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Jacqie Campos is the daughter of the famous late musician Jenni Rivera and convicts Jose Trinidad Marin. For Jacquie, being born to a celebrity meant only one thing; the media’s focus would also be on her. The spotlight will always shine on her and her siblings and anything they do. It is just the way it is.

While many of her siblings have followed her mother’s path, Campos, on the other hand, has chosen to follow a different direction. 

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With Jacqie’s mother’s legacy, the pressure sometimes can be on the children to follow suit. There have been cases where the children of famous people tried to live in the shadow of their parents and one thing we can tell you is, it doesn’t always turn out well. In this article, we will be looking at facts you probably didn’t know of Jacqie Campos. 

Who is Jacqie Campos?

She was born Jacqie Rivera to Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin on November 20, 1989. She grew up in Long Beach, California. As the daughter of a famous musician, the spotlight was usually on her and her siblings, who have created a future for themselves. Unfortunately, Jacqie’s education history is not out there in the media. But, indeed, she is educated. 

Let’s look at some facts about the American actress. 

1 Jacqie is A Fitness Enthusiast

Growing up, Jacqie gained a lot of weight and vowed to shed them off. To achieve this, she was off the grid for a while after gaining an unwanted amount of weight. In 2018, we were shocked to see that she had lost 70 pounds in weight – stunning. She had to find a way to shed the weight and no other way than to turn to fitness exercises that she religiously adhered to. The results are there for all to see. She still does her training to keep fit. Jacqie said the weight loss was needed to get her life back on track. 

2. Jacqie’s Father Assaulted Her 

Usually, the story is step-fathers sexually assault their step-children. But with Jacqie and her biological father, the story is different. Jackie’s father, Jose Trinidad Marin, had sexual encounters with his three daughters. This became a significant dent in Jacqie’s life. We cannot imagine the pain she had to go through and the healing she must attain. Not only did her father assault her and her sisters, but he also sexually assaulted his sister-in-law, Rosie. It must have been a rollercoaster of emotions for Jacqie and her siblings. 

3. She is the Second Child of Her Parents

The legendary Jenni Rivera had to divorce her sexual predator husband, Marin. Jenni would later try out marriage twice. Unfortunately, they all failed, although they produced children. After her divorce from Jose Marin, Jenni married Juan Lopez Pardo in 1997. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for six years. Jenni would later try again, and this time, she fell in love with Esteban Loaiza and married him in 2010.

Furthermore, the marriage failed. From the wedding, she had Johnny Lopez and Jenica Lopez. Altogether, Jacqie is the first of three children– Michael Marin and Chiquis Rivera, the other two – her mother had with Jose Marin. 

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4. Her Father is Serving A Prison Sentence

After being found guilty of sexual assault, Jose Marin, Jacqie’s father, was sentenced to 31 years in jail in 2006. Marin was found guilty of sexually assaulting his daughters and his sister-in-law. 

5. Is Jacquie Campos Still Married?

Jacqie Campos is married to Mike Campos. The lovers walked down the aisle in November 2012. The marriage ceremony was aired on NBC Universitario. There were rumours in 2017 of a divorce after some media outlets believed that their marriage was facing issues. But, recent news shows that the two are doing fine and look like they have trashed whatever problems they may get. 

6. She Has Four Kids

Today, Jacqie Campos has four children. However, not all the kids were with Mike Campos. Her first child, Jaylah Yanez, born on November 18, 2009, was with a former lover, Danny Yanez. After her marriage to Mike Campos, she has had three more children; Jenavieve Campos, born March 21, 2014; Jordan Campos, born April 6, 2016; and Julian Campos, born April 27, 2020. Jacqie is fond of her children as she wastes no time flaunting them on her social media platform. 

You can also check facts about Jacqie Campos’ brother Michael Marin Rivera here

7. Jacqie is A Professional Singer and Actress.

Jacqie took after her mother in music. She is a pretty good singer. Some of her songs include; La Bendicion, La Razon, Exusti Yo, and Consequences. However, she is more prominent as an actress. She has featured on TV shows like The Real, The Riveras, Good Day in Los Angeles. Perhaps there are still shows she will feature in the coming years; we don’t know. But, Jacqie wants to create a legacy for herself. 

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Many people struggle to get away from their celebrity parents’ shadows. But not Jacqie Campos. However, she is constantly building herself to improve what she does. Contrary to the news, she is not yet divorced. 

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