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Fame comes to people in different forms, and for Jaelynn Blakey, it came through a power relationship. To date, very little is known about Jaelyn besides that she dated one of the greatest American football players of the decade. So who is Jaelynn Blakey, and how did she become so famous?

Jaelynn Blakey is Aaron Donald’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama. Aaron is an American football defensive attacker who is generally recognized as one of the finest defensive players of all time. Blakey’s ride to fame is a result of her relationship with Aaron.

Now that we have that covered let’s dig deeper into their relationship. So, where is Jaelynn Blakey now that she is no longer Donald’s girlfriend? We’ll be looking at this and other aspects of Jaelynn Blakey’s life as we go along. 

So, who is Jaelynn Blakey?

jaelynn blakey and child

Blakey was Aaron Donald’s ex-girlfriend, an American football defensive back with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams (NFL). Blakey was raised in a Catholic household in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was born. She hasn’t spoken about her upbringing recently, so we don’t know how it went.

You’d expect her to be a practicing Christian, given her history as a devout person. However, even though her parents were churchgoers, very little is known about her upbringing.

Blakey graduated from Penn High School in 2010 after completing her schooling there. She and her ex-boyfriend met in high school, and they struck up a friendship that lasted through college.

Even though they developed feelings for one other and even had children together, their relationship was not strong enough to last until now.

Who is Aaron Donald, and what is his background?

Aaron Donald was born into a working-class household in Pittsburgh on May 23, 1991. Donald owes most of his success to his father, Archie, as far as his early workouts go. In high school, he was a member of Penn Hills High School’s football team.

The head coach, Ron Graham, took a particular interest in him. He had a natural ability for the sport at an early age, and he was also quite enthusiastic about it. In his last two seasons, he was named first-team All-State Class AAAA.

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The NFL star Aaron Donald dated Jaelyn Blakey

jaelynn blakey and aaron donald

Aaron Donald had a long-term relationship with Jaelyn, as we all know. Jaelynn and Aaron were classmates at Penn Hills High School in Pennsylvania. Well, as it turns out, their friendship from high school quickly developed into a romantic one. Aaron’s career as a footballer took off during the early days of their relationship.

Jaelynn Blakey and her ex-boyfriend have two children together.

Throughout her relationship with Donald, Jaelynn gave birth to two children, a boy, and a girl. April 2013 saw the birth of her first child, a girl named Jaeda. Aaron Jr., the second kid, was born on April 6, 2016.

Although they dated for a long time, the couple never tied the knot. They’ve also recently seemed to have parted. The NFL athlete has a new girlfriend as of 2020. Their breakup has not been made public, and they haven’t said anything about why they broke up.

It seems that Aaron has custody of the children, and Blakey has access to them as well. In addition, they have an incredible bond as a family. Both of the children often appear on their father’s YouTube channel.

Is Jaelynn Blakey currently dating anyone?

There’s no sign yet that Blakey has fully recovered from the wounds from her previous relationship with Aaron Donald. Why? Her social media postings have not indicated that she has a new boyfriend. Even though she and her ex-boyfriend are still friends, Donald has moved on.

Jaelynn Blakey’s ex-boyfriend has found a new girlfriend.

Aaron is said to be seeing someone new after splitting with Jaelynn in 2019. Aaron has been linked to Louisiana State University alumna Erica Sherman, according to the latest rumors. The two have already announced their engagement.

In July 2020, Aaron announced on his YouTube channel that he had engaged Erica. The video is about his surprise birthday present for Erica.

The new pair, on the other hand, seems to be smitten. In addition, Erica and her stepchildren have a warm and loving connection.

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