Jamie Yuccas: Amazing Facts About This Journalist

Jamie Yuccas is an American journalist who also specializes in investigative reporting. She is recognized for her work as a CBS news journalist. In August 2015, the CBS correspondent based in Los Angeles started working for the network. All of CBS’s news outlets have featured her.

The journalist is currently 39 years old and has been employed in this profession for more than 20 years. Soon after graduating, she started a career in journalism. Yuccas’s journalism career took off. But what about her career? Who is her husband, if any, and what is his name? All of these inquiries will be addressed today, I suppose.

jamie yuccas
Jamie Yuccas

Who is Jamie Yuccas?

Yuccas was born on August 3, 1982, as Jamie Ann Yuccas. She will be 39 years old as of 2021. If you didn’t know, her grandfather, James, served as the inspiration for her name. Even Yuccas admitted it in a post from August 2020.

Yuccas was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born. However, she hasn’t talked much about her early years, so we don’t know much about it. She frequently posts pictures of her mother, Karen Yuccas, on her Instagram account. Her stepfather Keith Pieper, who died in 2016, was also married to her mother.

But just now, nobody knows anything about her father. Furthermore, Yuccas only has one sibling. John Yuccas is his brother’s name. John studied geography at the Universities of Waikato and Minnesota Duluth despite being a photographer by trade. She also has a stepbrother by the name of Ben Pieper.

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Jamie Yuccas’s Career

In the year 2003, Jamie started her career in journalism. She began working for KTTC/KXLT TV as a reporter and weekend anchor. She oversaw the weekend newscast at the local TV station. She also served as a leading fill-in anchor for major newscasts broadcast around the world.

Jamie moved to WBBH in October 2004 after more than a year and a half of employment on this channel. She spent almost 7 years working for the network in this location. She served as the host of many newscasts and reported on both political and national news. The Gulf Oil Spill was one of her main news stories.

Jamie began working at CBS in June 2011. She was employed by WCCO-TV, a network affiliate in Minneapolis that was owned by CBS.
In the Greater Minneapolis- St. Paula Area, she worked as a news anchor for the following two years. Fast forward to September 2015, when she began working for the parent organization, CBS Network, directly. Even when working in Los Angeles, she joined the NY-based network.

She works as a reporter, producer, and even creator of news content and featured stories for the Network, where Yuccas are also employed. She has even covered numerous incidents at the CBS News station, including the shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. She also covered other high-profile events, including the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and the Rio Olympics.

Jamie has won two Emmys for her outstanding journalism career. She accepted the prize while working for WCCO-TV. Jamie worked as a general assignment reporter and morning anchor at WCCO-TV, a CBS-owned station. In 2012, Yuccas received her second Emmy Award for coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

Jamie Yuccas’s Personal Life

Jamie yuccas
John And Jamie

Jamie is not currently engaged. She did, however, previously wed John Sheehan. However, the couple already got a divorce. Before 2017, the two were wed for ten years. There are no claims that Jamie is the mother of the child. Sheehan has not yet made many disclosures about her marriage.

We first learned that Sheehan was going through a divorce in June of 2016. Jamie allegedly said that she was reporting an even greater catastrophe to downplay their problems, according to InStyle magazine.

John Sheehan, Jamie’s husband, works as a sales representative for Starkey Hearing Technologies in New York City. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been employed by the company for more than ten years. In fact, he began working for the organization in September 2011. In Eden Prairie, Minnesota, he held a position as a territory support manager.

John started as a community manager in August of 2015 and held that role for about five months before moving on to become a regional business manager in the NY branch. Sheehan started working as an account executive in NYC in November of last year.

Jamie made hints that she was also going through a divorce, though her sorrow was considerably less than that of the victims’ families. She was engaged in a gunfight at the time. At that time, a shooting occurred at Pulse nightclub. She claimed that while she was sad about the divorce, her suffering did not compare to the suffering experienced by the other victims that evening.

According to her social media posts, Jamie doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment. The CBS correspondent regularly posts on her social media accounts about her life. She has, as far as we are aware, been silent for a very long period regarding her connection. Jamie once shared her romantic moments on Instagram, but we can’t find any of them right now.

But prior to that, she was dating John, and following their divorce, she began seeing Bobby Maslar. They have also been discussed on numerous online forums. She and John have already moved on. She even removed the majority of the pictures she had of John. These days, she would just use Instagram to post a large number of pictures with her family.

Who is Bobby Maslar?

According to popular belief, Bobby Maslar is a white American citizen. Bobby hasn’t disclosed anything about his family or birthdays, thus there is still no information available about him. Jamie Yuccas, his boyfriend, was born in 1982, on the other hand. She is a citizen of the United States.

Bobby Maslar is a diligent individual. Sadly, he hasn’t provided any information regarding his academic history. However, we think Bobby finished high school in his hometown. He undoubtedly holds an aviation degree because he is a pilot.

Based on his physical characteristics, Bobby Maslar is most likely in his early 40s. Jamie Yuccas, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, is almost an inch shorter than him. Bobby appears to be tall and athletic-looking based on his photos. He has brown eyes and black hair. He has a straight sexual preference.

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Bobby Maslar’s Career

Bobby Maslar’s line of work is flying. Apart from that, there is no additional specific information. Jamie Yuccas, on the other hand, is a well-known journalist. She earned her four-year bachelor’s degree in three years from the University of Minnesota.

Her previous employers include WCCO-TV, WBBH, KTTC/KXLT, and CBS News. Jamie has come a long way since his days as a reporter and weekend anchor. Since 2015, Jamie has been a commentator for CBS News. She appears on CBSN as well as CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News.

Bobby Maslar’s Social Media and Net Worth

Jamie Yuccas
Jamie And Bobby

Bobby Maslar is a highly secretive individual. His girlfriend has attracted a lot of attention to him. Bobby has made preparations to shield himself from social and public scrutiny despite all the attention. While Jamie, his girlfriend, posted on Twitter and Instagram about how much she loved Bobby. On Instagram, Jamie, Bobby’s girlfriend, wrote a heartfelt message for him. She said, “Thank you for your love, Bobby Maslar! You always show up and stay by my side, even in the toughest of times. I appreciate all you do very much!”

Bobby Maslar’s net worth has not yet been calculated, if at all. But we are aware of his occupation. He earns an average salary of nearly $140,000 per year as a domestic pilot in the United States. Some of the pilots who work for the largest airlines still make over $700,000.

We can therefore estimate that as of 2021, Bobby must have made more than $1 million. We still don’t know much about his way of life. We think Bobby keeps a basic lifestyle while working hard in his career.

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Jamie Yuccas’s Net Worth

The media figure must have earned a good living in addition to popularity. According to Indeed, a correspondent makes an average salary of $48,874. Given her years of journalistic expertise, Yuccas’ pay must exceed the range provided.

Jamie Yuccas’ journalism job must have contributed significantly to her net wealth. Jacqui Heinrich, a correspondent for FOX News Channel, is another person who has amassed wealth and renown through her work in the media.

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