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Do you remember the “coconut oil” trend on TikTok sometime in 2021? Well, Jay Alvarrez is behind it. Recently, fans turned on him because of several allegations against him by his exes.

This isn’t new as Instagram influencers like Alvarez usually have scandals every here and there. In this article, we will be looking into the life of the exotic model and how he got to where he is today. 

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Jay Alvarrez is known for his Instagram posts that show exotic lifestyles and everything about his life, from relationships to offline. While a leaked sex tape should have dented his rise as a top model, it looks like what it has done is to give him even more popularity. If you are unimpressed about Instagram influencers and TikTok icons, then you may be right about Jay Alvarrez, as he isn’t your ideal persona to want to model after. Yet, somehow, Alvarrez has great followership with over 6.7 million followers on Instagram. 

Who is Jay Alvarrez?

The dirty blonde model was born in Oahu, Hawaii, on July 5, 1995. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about who his parents are. However, we know he lost his mother when he was 15. Jay always wanted to be the center of attention, and there was one way to actualize this dream – social media. So, he dropped out of school in his seventh grade to focus on pushing out his image on social media. From then, his career began to rise. 

Jay Alvarrez’s Career

Alvarrez started as a photographer on Tumblr. He documented pictures on the app, and people bought them while he got his commission. After a while, he decided to try out Instagram. Kay knew he had an advantage of a fine face, and boom, his stocks started to rise. After seeing thousands of likes on his pictures, he moved to YouTube. Over the years, he has had almost two million subscribers. 

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Alvarrez’s style of content was to document all the activities he does. The model travels to make music, so he makes sure that all of these activities are posted on his Instagram page and YouTube channel.

One video that he posted on his YouTube page is doing the numbers. The video captioned I jumped off a 4500ft cliff in Norway is getting a lot of views. The Instagram star travels around the world and makes sure that his fans see everything. 

Is Alexis Ren Still With Jay Alvarrez?

Alexis Ren is a supermodel with millions of followers on Instagram. She and Jay fell in love and got into a relationship in 2014. It was a merge of two super hot models in a relationship. However, they broke up in 2016 after the case of one of them was unfaithful. The two had a go at each other on Twitter. It got so bad that fans had to call them out for their immaturity. 

Why Are Fans Turning on Jay?

Jay wouldn’t apologize for his tantrums over the years, and fans aren’t having any of it. Even after undeniable evidence showed that Jay cheated on Ren, he didn’t apologize, and it irked a section of fans. So when the private video of Jay Alvarrez and Russian model Svetlana Bilyalova went viral, sparking the “coconut oil” trend, fans expected an apologetic Jay. But, of course, Jay isn’t that guy, which made some fans turn on him. 

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Alexis called Alvarrez a f***boy, which many fans agreed to, considering his antecedents.

 Another reason why fans agreed is, Jay in an interview with Logan Paul, disclosed how he slides into different girls’ DMs. 

Svetlana, the Russian girl in the leaked sex video, also had strong words to say about Jay. According to her, Jay released the private video, which has led to her being s***shamed in her home country of Russia. 

Is Jay Still in A Relationship? Who is His Girlfriend?

Jay is in a relationship with Italian fashion blogger Valentina Fradegrada. They have been together since 2019. 

What is Jay Alvarrez’s Net Worth?

Reports say Alvarrez has a net worth of $2 million. He is one of the most sought-after personalities on social media. 

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With millions of fans worldwide, Jay Alvarrez has become a form of entertainment to many. His controversies even make him more famous, and he will not hesitate to embroil himself in one for all it is worth. 

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