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Amidst the hustle and bustle of our day to day activities, we all want to relax and have a good rest. While many people have different ways of relaxing there is a large number who relax by laughing, and going to the clubs. Irrespective of race, stand-up comedy and their clubhouses are a form of relaxation and entertainment where people go to laugh and forget their worries.

Jeffery Ross was popularly known by his nickname “Roastmaster General” is a household name in the comedy world. He is a stand-up comedian who majors in roasting and insultive comedy.

Ross started his career in his early 20s and has risen to fame through hard work. He is also an actor, writer and voice-over artist. Ross has appeared in quite a number of movies.

Who is the Roastmaster General of stand-up comedy and how did he earn this title? When and where was he born? Who is his wife? How much is his Net Worth? This and many more are some of the questions that must be running through your mind. 

Here is a detailed article on the life, net worth, age, and biography of Jeffery Ross. Grab a cone of popcorn and let’s get started.

Jeffery Ross Net Worth

Jeffery Ross has an estimated Net Worth of about $4 million. His career in comedy and acting is his source of income.

There is no public information about Ross having other sources of income aside from acting, stand-up comedy, writing and doing voiceovers. 

Jeffery Ross Personal Life

Ross had a tough upbringing which he attributes to his talent for roast and insult comedy. He reported that he developed a coping mechanism as all his family were good at roasting so he had to learn how to give back a joke and not be the one receiving all the time.

Jeffery Ross Biography

He goes by the birth name Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz. Ross is an American stand-up comedian and actor born on 13th September 1965. He started his career I’m 1994. Having the popular name Roastmaster General, Ross’s genre of comedy is insultive, black, cringe, satire and observational comedy.

Ross had his early life in Newark, New Jersey and later moved with his family to Union, New Jersey after his 2nd grade. The family later moved to Springfield, where Ross attended the Jonathan Dayton High School.

He has a Jewish Heritage. He lost his mum Marsha at the age of 14 to Leukemia and at the age of 19, he lost his dad as a result of drug abuse. He has a sister named Robyn. When his dad died, he was in College while his sister Rohyn was in high school.

Ross’s father died leaving them with the catering business he ran called the Clinton Manor Catering which was started by his grandmother. Ross graduated from the Boston College Community in 1987 majoring in film and broadcasting and a minor in political science.

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Jeffery Ross Career

Ross started his career in 1994, performing stand-up at Boston Comedy Club which is today’s New York Defunct Comedy Venue. He also began performing at Comedy Cellar and Stand Up NY in 1995.

In the same year, he got an invitation from New York Friars Club where he participated in a roast with Steven Seagal. After that day he became a regular at the Friars which earned him the popular Nickname Roastmaster General. In 1999, the Friars Club had their first TV event where Ross made a joke at Bea Arthur and Sandra Bernhardt which he attributes the joke to being one great stepping stone for his career.

Later that year, he was hired by Jimmy Kimmel to write for him on The Man Show. In 2000, he wrote some of Billy Crystal’s monologue punchlines for the Oscars.

Comedy Central began producing their roast celebrity roast in 2003. Since his 2005 roast on Pamela Anderson, Ross has been a roaster at Comedy Central roast. During his time at Comedy Central, he was known for his signature edgy dress/costumes which causes controversies sometimes.

He had participated in about 15 Comedy Central Roasts Including  William Shatner 2006, Donald Trump 2011, Justin Bieber 2015, Bruce Willis 2018 among others.

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Jeffery Ross TV Appearance

His first role was in the 1996 comedy film Celtic pride. He has appeared in other movies like Stuck on You (2003), and Along Came Polly (2004) among others. He was the co-creator of the series Where My Dogs At? Which was broadcasted in 2006 by MTV. He voiced a character in the animated series Future-Worm for two episodes, and a single episode of the series Happy. 

He appeared in The Aristocrats, a 2005 documentary. The documentary was a life-changing experience for Ross as it was about his experience in the U.S troops base in Iraq, it also featured other actors and comedians like Drew Carey, Kathy Kinney and Blade Clark.

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Jeffery Ross Age

Jeffrey Ross is currently 57 years old as of 2022. He was born on 13th September 1965 in Newark, New Jersey.

Jeffery Ross Height and Weight

He is 1.79m tall and has a weight of 85kg

Jeffery Ross Wife

There has never been any record of Jeffery Ross getting married or ever being married in the past. He was reported to have dated Georgina, a waitress in 1992.

Ever since then there has not been any woman’s name attributed to dating Ross. Since the 2000s Ross Hass has been single and no media has ever had even a rumour of him having a wife.

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Jeffery Ross Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In 2020, Jessica Radtke alleged Ross of having a sexual relationship with her when she was 15 years and he was 34 years of age. Although Six unnamed people have confirmed that they were aware of the relationship through a Culture article, Ross denied the allegations.

Radtke’s father also said he personally approved of the relationship at the time. In August of the same year, Ross filed a defamation suit in New York. Her allegations were refuted by the witnesses including her father.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here you have your answers to common questions on the life and career of David Goggins right from his military service days.

Who is Jeffery Ross?

Jeffery Ross is an American, Stand-up comedian, actor, writer and voice-over artist. His skill in roast comedy got him the title Roastmaster General. Ha has had different TV appearances and directed a documentary.

What genre of comedy does Jeffery Ross does?

Jeffery Ross’s genres of comedy are insultive, black, cringe, satire and observational comedy.

How old is Jeffery Ross?

Jeffery Ross is 57 years old as of 2022, he was born on 13th September 1965.

What documentary did Jeffery Ross appear in?

Jeffery Ross appeared in the 2015 documentary The Aristocrats.

Who is popularly called The Roastmaster General?

Jeffery Ross is popularly called the Roastmaster General.

What is Jeffery Ross’s Net worth?

Jeffery Ross has an estimated Net worth of over $4 million with acting and stand-up comedy as his primary source of income.

How tall is Jeffery Ross?

Jeffery Ross stands at 1.79m tall.

What is Jeffery Ross’s weight?

Jeffery Ross’s weight is 83kg

Is Jeffery Ross Married?

No, there is no record of Jeffery Ross ever being married, although he was rumoured to have dated a waitress with the name Georgina in 1992.

Where does Jeffery Ross Reside?

Jeffery Ross lives in Los Angeles, California, the United States in his 3 bedroom home which he purchased for $999k in 2015.

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Jeffery Ross rose to fame through hard work and consistency. Instead of allowing his family roasting and insultive jokes to get to him, he developed a coping mechanism by learning to roast and say insultive comedy as well.

When you give him a joke, he gives you back. From just being a coping mechanism, Ross has made a career out of it for himself. All thanks to his family. He is also an actor who has appeared in various comedy films and series. As a voiceover actor, he voiced some characters in different animations. 

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