Jennifer Pan: The Interesting Tragic Case Of Her

Jennifer Pan was a focused and resilient adolescent. She was raised by Vietnamese refugees who kept a rigorous household and was a straight-A student at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Markham, Ontario. Pan followed orders at all times of the day and night, winning admission and a scholarship to Ryerson University in Toronto.

Huei Hann and Bich Ha Pan, her father, and mother, supervised her daily activities and emphasized accomplishment. She was compelled to learn piano, figure skating, and martial arts because she couldn’t go to school dances or parties. Pan transferred to the University of Toronto and earned a solid career as a result of following the rules.

Those exploits were, in fact, sophisticated fabrications. Pan never finished high school or college. She cheated on her parents for nearly a decade by falsifying report cards and university transcripts. Daniel Wong was her long-time secret boyfriend.

And Daniel Wong and Jennifer Pan collaborated on a hit to assassinate her parents, only to be caught by the cops.

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Who is Jennifer Pan?

Jennifer Pan was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada on June 17, 1986. Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan, her parents, had fled Vietnam in 1979 and worked hard to provide their children with possibilities they had never had. Jennifer Pan’s father and mother were both employees at Magna International, an auto parts manufacturing.

They eventually saved $200,000 and bought a spacious house, a Lexus, and a Mercedes. They began piano lessons at the age of four and figure skating classes in elementary school to discipline their daughter. She seemed to do well in both academics and social situations in high school.

Any ambitions she had of becoming a professional skater were crushed when she tore a ligament in her knee. Jennifer began cutting herself as early as eighth grade.

She found relief in dating senior Daniel Wong in 11th grade until he was forced to transfer after authorities discovered drugs in his car.

Pan’s grades began to fall from As to Bs, yet she was accepted early into Ryerson University – until she failed mathematics in her senior year, at which point the college revoked their offer.

Pan began falsifying her transcripts and claimed to be starting Ryerson in the fall of 2004. She informed her father that after two years at Ryerson, she would transfer to the University of Toronto and that she had received a $3,000 scholarship. Huei Hann Pan was happy to present her with a laptop.

Pan pretended to attend class in the fall by going to cafés or Wong’s dorm. She even stated that she had completed her transfer to the University of Toronto on time in 2006.

Pan stated that the university only gave her one ticket per student for her 2008 graduation ceremony and that she had given hers to a friend so that one of her parents would not be excluded.

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Bich Ha Pan was killed by three hitmen

Pan, an allegedly recent graduate, claimed to be assisting at a Toronto children’s hospital. Jennifer Pan’s father and mother followed her to work because she wore no uniform or ID badge. When she was finally caught, her phone and laptop were taken, and she was barred from seeing Wong.

Over the next two years, she earned their trust again and was given back her phone privileges. She had never gotten drunk or gone dancing before she was 24 years old.

But Jennifer Pan and Daniel Wong reunited, and Wong even gave her a spare phone, which she used to urge him to assist her in staging a robbery to kill her parents.

Lenford Crawford, a friend from the underground, was introduced to her by Wong. Pan agreed to pay him $10,000 from her inheritance over the course of a series of texts.

Crawford began her preparations on Halloween 2010 when she scouted her neighborhood. “After work ok will be game time,” Crawford texted her on November 8.

Jennifer said goodnight to her mother and unlocked the front door, with Huei Hann in bed and Bich Ha downstairs reading. The lights in the upstairs study were turned on at 10:02 p.m. Crawford, along with David Mylvaganam and Eric Carty, entered the house three minutes later.

Pan’s hands were bound behind her back and a shoelace was attached to the upstairs banister. Her parents were carried to the basement and blanketed. Bich Ha Pan was shot in the head three times, while her husband was hit in the face and shoulder.

What happened to Jennifer Pan?

Pan dialed 911 as the gunmen departed. That’s when her father emerged from the cellar, strangely unscathed. Despite the fact that police believed Pan during her questioning that night, they were dubious of her ability to use her phone while shackled. When they asked her to imitate how she did so in a second interview on Nov. 10, their doubt deepened.

Jennifer Pan’s father said he saw his daughter chatting to one of the gunmen “like a buddy” when he awoke on Nov. 12. The jig was up when Pan was questioned again by Detective William Goetz on November 22, 2010. Pan cracked when he claimed to know everything. “But what happens to me?” Pan inquired, his eyes welling up with tears.

Jennifer Pan was detained on the same night as Daniel Wong. In the spring of 2011, Wong and the hitmen arrived. Jennifer, Wong, Carty, Crawford, and Mylvaganam were charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder on December 13, 2014.

They were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, as well as additional life terms to be served consecutively. Carty received an 18-year sentence after being convicted of murder conspiracy in 2015.

Jennifer was found guilty and condemned to life in jail with no chance of release for a period of 25 years. Jennifer is scheduled to be released in 2039.

She has plenty of time to consider the implications of her conduct until then. At the end of his victim impact statement, Hann stated, “I hope my daughter Jennifer thinks about what has occurred to her family and can eventually become a nice honest person.”

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Jennifer’s father is depressed since he is unable to work and is troubled by nightmares. Hann wrote, “When I lost my wife, I also lost my daughter.”

“I no longer consider myself to be a member of a family.” Some people say I should be grateful to be alive, yet I also fell dead.” Following Jennifer’s conviction, Hann and his son Felix terminated all ties with her.

Hann managed to survive the attack, but it had a lasting impact on him. He can’t work and has panic attacks and nightmares. Hann is in excruciating pain, and nothing he does makes him happy. He is unable to reside in his own home and must rely on his family. Hann has tried unsuccessfully to sell the property, but no one is interested.

Felix relocated to the East Coast in order to distance himself from Jennifer Pan’s reputation. He is still depressed and shut down. Jennifer wished to be free of her parents’ bonds, but her actions resulted in significantly more suffering for a much larger number of people.

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