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You cannot be the son of the NFL football legend Tom Brady and a famous actress without the spotlight shining on you. So it is almost inevitable for John Edward Thomas Moynahan, who also goes by Jack Moyhanan. Bridget Moyhanan is probably one of the prettiest women in the acting world; at least, some will argue this.

With several roles in some of the biggest films in recent years – Serendipity, Blue Bloods, Coyote Ugly, John Wick I & II. John Edward Thomas Moynahan surely is born into fame. But what about him that makes his name very popular these days? Well, that’s what we intend to tell as you read through this article. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan
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It will be interesting for you to know that his parents had separated before Jack Moynahan was born. After they officially called it quits, Bridget found out she was three months pregnant for Tom Brady.

Brady, who at the time had moved on with his new girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian model, who would later become his wife. 

Who is John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

Young Moyhanan was born in Santa Monica, California, on August 22, 2007. He is the only son of Tom Brady’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moyhanan. Both Tom and Bridget fell in love with each other in 2004, and the whole world knew about it.

However, the relationship fell off in December 2006, after they realized that they might not be a good fit for each other. Well, life happened, and the duo had to move on. 

However, after separation, they realized they would have to parent a child together. So, even though they weren’t a couple, they agreed to share the responsibility of parenting. Since then, not-so-little John Edward Thomas Moynahan has lived with his mother and father at intervals. Also, the three leave out sentiments when it is family time. Bundchen, on the other hand, the current wife of the sixth super bowls winner, Tom Brady, has learned to accept Jack Moyhanan as her child. 

Let’s examine some facts about Tom Brady’s Son.

1. His Mother Was Pregnant When Brady Started Dating Gisele

After the breakup with Bridget, Tom Brady found love with Brazilian model Gisele. Reports say that they started dating in early 2007Gisele had also just broken up with Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio. Bridget then announced that she was pregnant with John, a few months after her breakup with Brady. 

2. John Edward Thomas Moynahan Does Not Eat Like Every Other Kid

There is a diet regime in Tom Brady’s house. Perhaps, his training as a sportsman made him expose his children to a good diet. Well, in Tom’s house, the kids eat 80% vegetables. In other words, John is not exposed to junk and carbonated foods like other kids. The rule in the house is, if it is not organic, it is not allowed. This rule is strictly followed by Gisele and be husband, Brady. 

3. John Edward Thomas Moynahan Has a Striking Semblance With His Father

You see, some kids look nothing like their parents, which sometimes makes the parents doubt if they did give birth to them. However, there is also that one child who looks like a spitting image of one of his parents. In this case, that child is Jack Moyhanan. The young man is now 13-years-old, but a look at him shows that that is the younger version of Tom Brady.

4. He Wants To Be An Athlete Like His Father

Well, it looks like we will be having a reincarnation of Tom Brady in the future. We all know how Brady is good at football, and then having his son who is following his footsteps and praised Brady himself for his football intelligence? We may have a streak of brilliance from Brady’s loins.

When you have a father who is regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time tell you, you are good enough, then you better believe it. Jack Moyhanan’s mother, Bridget, has also quipped that her son wants to be an athlete. Guess what? Nobody says no to a child who works the talk. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan
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5. John May Not Follow After His Father Footsteps in Football

Bridget once disclosed that her son wants to become a global sportsman and has mentioned that he considers being a professional swimmer or soccer player. We believe that whatever sports young Jack decides to venture into, he has his parents’ support. 

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6. John’s Father Tom Brady is the Oldest To Win a Super Bowl

The excellence of Tom Brady is already documented. However, winning the super bowl at that age is an incredible feat. This again cements his name in the hall of fame. He is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback back in the NFL’s long history. Rightly so, the awards and trophies are there to back up the tag. Jack must be proud of his father’s achievements. 

7. He Has Two Siblings

John Edward Thomas Moynahan has two younger half-siblings. Both are from his father’s marriage with the Brazilian model, Gisele. He also has step-sister Vivian Lake Brady and step-brother Benjamin Rein Brady. He shares an excellent relationship with all his siblings. 

8. John is Not Active on Social Media

You may have come across his pictures online, but John is still too young to manage a social media account. He has a few years more before he can be called an adult. Tom, his father, on the other hand, has over 7 million followers on his Instagram page alone. 

9. His Mother is Married to a Business Mogul

Bridget is married to Andrew Frankel, a business mogul. After the failed relationship Bridget had with Joseph McGhinty Nichol, they both married each other. So far, Bridget and Frankel haven’t had kids yet. 

10. John’s Favourite Actor is Robert Downey Jr.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan must be a fan of the marvel cinematic universe. His favourite actor is Ironman, who Robert Downey Jr played. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan
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Tom Brady must be proud that his son will look after his legacy, and that’s not a bad thing to pray for. John Edward Thomas Moynahan is fast becoming an internet sensation, and hopefully, he is not negatively influenced along the line. 

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