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Don’t you get envious of poets on some days? Their unique ability to express themselves in a creative, mind blowing way that just leaves you at awe. What about a novelist? They can whip up a story either true or total fiction, but still have you completely in love with their piece regardless. John Reed is an example of such an amazing group of novelists. Who is John Reed? What books has he written? What is John Reed net worth? 

John Reed net worth
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John Reed is an American  novelist who has written a few books, and also worked for New York press. He became very famous after publishing, ‘Snowball’s Chance’, in 2002. He has an amazing project birthed from the collection of love poems he previously wrote on Facebook. Continue reading, and find out all about John Reed’s past and present books, John Reed net worth, and more.

John Reed’s Early Life

He was born February 7, 1969, in New York City, into a family of excellent artists. His father, David Reed, is an American visual artist, and his mother, Judy Rifka, is a video artist, and painter, whose work of irregular polygons on a plywood is considered as one of the most important paintings of the decade. 

John Reed went to Hampshire college, and graduated from Columbia University, with a Masters in Fine Arts, in Creative Writing. He is currently teaching at a private research institute in New York City, The New School. 

John Reed net worth
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Personal Life and Relationship

John Reed is living a very private life, and there is no public information about whether he is married, has ever been married, or is in a relationship currently, not even his height or weight is known. Although, one can tell from his poems that he has had amazing lovers over the years. 

John Reed’s Career

His first job was an editor’s position in Open City magazine and books, a New York based magazine and book publisher. John Reed net worth began to have a positive influence when his works started appearing on New York press and Brooklyn Rail, where he used his essays, articles and poems to write on culture, humanities and politics. In 2000, he decided to take a bold step and spread his imagination and amazing writing skills into books that all got very positive responses.

John Reed net worth
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John Reed’s Famous Books

  • A Still Small Voice, in 2000, is one of John Reed’s famous book. It is an historical novel based on the life of a girl who grew up in Kentucky, from 1850-1870. His first book was published by Dell publishing. 
  • John Reed’s second book was in 2002, ‘Snowball’s Chance.’ This was the book that increased John Reed net worth and really pulled him into famous town. The book is a sequel of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It is based on the attack of Twin Mills, and has a striking resemblance to the 9/11 attack.
  • The third book, ‘The Whole,’ was published in 2005. It is based on Music Television (MTV) parodies, and was also released by MTV. 
  • All the World’s a Grave: A New Play by William Shakespeare, is the fourth book, published in 2008. The book was written from five Shakespeare tragedies and Shakespeare’s history. 
  • The fifth book, ‘Tales of Woe,’ was published in 2010. This book is a collection of 25 tragic but true stories.
  • His sixth work of art, ‘Free Boat,’ is also a collection of poems, but this time, it is a collection of lies and love poems from 2008-2015. John Reed probably got inspirations from his past lovers and relationships, because each poem is filled with intense fire and desire. In this book, he also did something extra special; after each poem, there is a semi-autobiographical letter to the reader. This letter is meant to be a guide for every reader, helping them understand each poem. The book was published in 2016. 
  • John Reed published another famous piece in 2019, ‘A Drama in Time: The New School. It is based on the history of the private institute, The New School. In an interview, he said  “I’d also love for people to know that it is; a reference book, with many pictures, and that it is designed to read through or to just peck at, reading now and then and going back to for information.”  

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What is the Novelist’s Net Worth?

John Reed net worth is currently $1.5 million, and has two new projects he is working on. One of the stories is laced with history, love, and sadness, and the other full of pain, it might just bring tears to the eyes of the reader.

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