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Apart from being the husband of the late singer and actress Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad Marin is in jail for the molestation of his daughters and sister-in-law. In other climes, this is considered taboo, and perhaps the consequences may have been worse than what he is getting here.

So the question is, is Trini Marin in prison? For how long is he going to be in prison? These are the questions we have provided answers to in this article.

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The thought of a father molesting his daughters will always be horrible to the ears, no matter how stale the news is. It is even worse that this man cannot control his libido and still forcefully assaults his sister-in-law. This has to be some mental and moral derangement of some sort. It is bewildering that a man would even consider this at all. But it is a mad world, and all manner of evils fly, some even getting affirmative responses. It is obscene.

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin?

Popularly known as Trini Marin, the convict was born in California on February 15, 1964. Ironically he claims to be a Christian. However, there isn’t so much information regarding who his immediate family is. We don’t know who his siblings are, who his parents are. The background of Jose is sketchy. Although, we know that he fell in love with Jenni Rivera when he was in high school.

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera: Their Love Story

After meeting up in high school, the duo fell in love and began a love journey. Jenni got pregnant when she was only 15 years old. Her first daughter was named Janney Chiquis in 1985. They tied the knot when Jenni was 29 years old. As a young man, Marin worked a couple of jobs. He was employed as a manager at a restaurant. He had Jenni and the kids at home.

Jose Trinidad Marin Was Violent

In the early stage of their relationship, he tried to stop Jenni from fulfilling her dreams of being a global singer and actress. However, Jenni wouldn’t listen, and this triggered violent outbursts from Marin. This resulted in Jenni filing for a divorce in 1992.

With three children, Chiquis, Jacqueline, Michael, it became a brawl to have custody of the children. However, after court proceedings, Rivera was granted custody of the children, much to the dismay of Marin.

Jose Trinidad marin
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Marin’s Sexual Assault of His Children

Jenni Rivera became famous because of her music and acting skills. Unfortunately, this also means that she wasn’t going to be around at all times. After thorough investigations, the police discovered that Jose sexually assaulted Jacqueline and Chiquis.

This made Marin sentenced to jail for nine years. In 2006, after a series of investigations and proof of rape and assault, Marin was sentenced to a further 31 years in prison with no parole. While this may have broken Chiquis, his daughter, she declared that she had forgiven her father. She said: “I have forgiven my father, and I still love him. He may think that I despise him. But the truth will never change that he is my father.”

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Where is Jenni Rivera Now?

Unfortunately, Jennie Rivera, whose real name is Dolores Saavedra, died in an air crash on December 9, 2012. It was a Learjet 25. She and six other passengers died after a malfunction with the plane’s engine. The aircraft crashed in Monterrey, Mexico. What even made the death more painful was, Rivera was on her way to perform at a musical show. It is such a sad story.

Where is Jose Trinidad Marin Now?

Jose is currently serving time in jail. There were rumours that Jose might be coming out of prison due to his good behaviour, but one of his brothers debunked it. Some people signed petitions that he shouldn’t be released. Apparently, the assault is still fresh in their minds.

Jose Trinidad marin
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Jose Trinidad Marin is currently in jail, serving time for his brutal molestation of his daughters and sister-in-law. He is expected to be in prison for 31 years. Even though his daughter has come out publicly to forgive her father, the stigma of sexually assaulting his daughters would forever be on his head even when he gets out of jail, that’s if he ever gets out.

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