Joseph Sikora Wife, Tania Ribalow Bio, Career, Net Worth

Joseph Sikora Wife

Joseph Sikora Wife tania ribalow

Joseph Sikora wife, Tania Ribalow, is a makeup artist, and is well-recognized for her work on movies like The Irishman (2019). Joseph Sikora’s partner is Tania Ribalow, and the two have supposedly been wed for eight years. According to numerous sources, they got married following a long courtship. She has a reputation as a makeup artist.

Tania Ribalow has made appearances in a number of honorable films and TV shows. She has long served as the primary makeup artist for numerous films, including Joker, The Irishman, The Greatest Showman, Notes From The Fields, Broadwalk Empire.

Tania Ribalow has also received two Emmy Award nominations. Both are for VINYL and The Knick, respectively. She also received the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards each year.

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Who is Tania Ribalow?

tania ribalow Joseph Sikora Wife

Makeup artist Tania Ribalow is widely recognized for her work on movies like The Irishman (2019). Joseph Sikora’s partner is Tania Ribalow, and the two have supposedly been wed for eight years.

Best Time or Potentially Character Makeup in a Feature Film went to Tania Ribalow, Nikki Lederman, and Sunday Englis for the movie Joker. Tania Ribalow’s precise date of birth is unknown, but based on how she seems, we may estimate that she is in her late 30s or mid-40s.

It’s unclear who Tania Ribalow’s real wife is because Joseph Sikora’s marriage to Tania Ribalow is a well-kept secret. Because Martina Sykes and the power star’s true wife, Tania Ribalow, share several characteristics, it was widely assumed that they were married.

Tania Ribalow’s career is the only aspect of her that is now known to the general public; otherwise, she appears to be a very private individual. As a result, we are unknowing of her parents, early years, education, siblings (if any), or previous relationships.

There is no doubt that Tania Ribalow has significantly contributed to the American film industry, even if her career as a makeup artist has largely been performed behind the camera. She has worked in the makeup department for more than 45 films and TV shows, according to her IMDb website.

She made her debut as a makeup artist in 1991 while working as Montell Williams’ makeup artist on The Montell Williams Show. This was followed by Tricks, her debut movie, which she worked on as both a cosmetics and hair assistant in 1999.

Tania Ribalow has made significant contributions to numerous television shows and motion pictures since she began her career in 1999, including Hamlet (2000), The Secret Life of the Dentist (2002), Strip Search (2004), American Candidate (2004), Baxter (2005), and Trust the Man. We have advanced steadily. Every Day (2005), What Happens in Vegas.

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How did she meet Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow met at work on the Boardwalk Empire set, much like any other Hollywood couple. As Joseph admits, he and Tania used to work together without recognizing it, but as soon as they established eye contact and recognized they were looking at each other, everything changed.

Despite the fact that Tania’s employer had very strong policies prohibiting its staff from socializing with artists and actresses, it wasn’t easy for Joseph to win the attention of the woman he had fallen in love with. For Joseph, it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t easy to win her over.

In order to accomplish his goal, Joseph first spent time identifying Tania’s closest friends and acquaintances. He then made friends with them and was able to persuade them to differ from Tania’s perception that all performers were excessively egotistical.

Her friends accept her arguments and agree to assist Joseph in completing his quest. In front of Tania, they began to speak for him. After some time, Tania started to be intrigued by him, but she was hesitant to call. Nicky Lederman, Tania’s boss, intervened at this moment and scheduled a date with the possible couple.

The actor made a concerted effort to win Tania over since he realized that this was his moment to show her that he was unique from the other performers she was familiar with.

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They have been married for how long?

According to reports, Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow have been wed for eight years. Several sources claim that they secretly wed in 2014 after courting for several years. Some claim that he attended an audition for his most well-known part, Tommy Egan, around the time he was getting ready to perform at the wedding.

They kept their union a secret, so Joseph’s admirers were unaware of his marriage until he made it public four years later. On August 23, 2018, he revealed it in a Twitter post.

Because Joseph Sikora and Tania Ribalow keep their relationship off social media even after being married, this explains why some of his admirers think his wife is someone else.

Do they have kids?

It would be typical for Joseph Sikora and his wife Tania to have children after eight years of marriage, but there is no information about them having children, leading us to conclude that they have not yet given birth.

If Joseph and his wife Tania don’t have any children, they may be waiting for a time to start a family or they may be experiencing fertility issues.

Tania Ribalow Net Worth

Joseph Sikora wife, Tania Ribalow, is thought to have a net worth of about $13 million as of 2022. Her employment as a make-up artist is her primary source of income.

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Who is Joseph Sikora?

Joseph Sikora Wife

American actor Joseph Sikora (born June 27, 1976) is best known for playing Tommy Egan, the main character, in the Starz series Power and its following spin-offs and sequels, Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book IV: Force.

Joseph Sikora has a net worth of $3 million and works as an actor in the United States.

Early Life

In June 1976, Joseph Sikora was born in Chicago, Illinois. Sikora was one of three sons born to Barbara and Albin in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the Norwood Park and Jefferson Park areas. He is of Dutch and Polish ancestry. In 1994, Sikora completed his studies at Notre Dame College Prep. He received his MA in drama from Columbia College Chicago, where he studied acting.


He played the Sheriff on the TV show The Heart, She Holler from 2011 to 2013.

In 2014, he debuted in the television series Power as Tommy Egan. Rudy, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Watcher, Ghost World, Night Skies, Charlie Wilson’s War, Shutter Island, Safe, Jack Reacher, The Intruder, and other movies feature Sikora.


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