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Some people get famous because of their association with an already famous person. For example, Juana Ahumada is popular because of her relationship with the popular Mexican singer and actor Pedro Rivera. Rivera may not be famous on social media platforms, but his music is doing the numbers in his country and parts of the Latino culture. Not only is Rivera a good singer with relative success, but he is also an established actor with appearances in films like Escape Sangriento, Inocente, Clave Privada, among many other films.

Juana Ahumada
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There have been some relationships that have moved from the workplace. For instance, some people fall in love with their secretaries or nannies. However, in Juana Ahumada, her boss falls in love with her. Ahumada was a personal assistant to Pedro Rivera for almost eight years. But, as fate will have it, she became a favorite of Rivera for years before he decided to make her his wife.

A Look At Juana Ahumada

Juana’s background information is not available. But we know she was born on August 7, 1980, in the United States of America. Aside from this information, nothing points us to Juana Ahumada’s life before she met Rivera. For instance, there is no information on her family or the details of her siblings. However, after her education, Ahumada went to Mexico City to look for a job. She later got a job as a personal assistant to Pedro. However, as time went on, they would develop a romantic relationship. Even though Rivera is double her age, the brunette didn’t mind being in love with her boss.

Juana Ahumada is Rivera’s Second Wife

Some people don’t mind marrying someone who has a large family already. For Ahumada, she didn’t have a problem with being the second wife of Pedro Rivera. Before his marriage to her, Pedro already has six children and 14 grandchildren. Yes! Remember that he is in his eighties.

Is Ahumada on Social Media?

Well, while she may be popular because of her affiliation with Pedro Rivera, she doesn’t seem to have a presence on social media. We scoured through the three major social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we couldn’t find a trace of her. So either Ahumada doesn’t like public display, or she is actually on social media but not with her popular name. Either way, there is no Juana Ahumada profile anywhere on social media.

Juana Loves Animals

From all indications, it looks like Ahumada loves animals a lot, and pictures that have surfaced of her show that she is an avid lover of animals and loves to have them around when she is free.

Juana Ahumada
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She Was A Former Pennsylvania Education Secretary

Not many know that Juana Ahumada was the former Pennsylvania secretary of education. She was nominated by the then governor, Tom Wolff, who confirmed her appointment. She was the secretary from June 2015. This is all the information gathered about her on the internet as regards her work experience.

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What’s Juana Ahumada Net Worth?

Married to a wealthy and respected musician means that some portion of his wealth will belong to you. For Juana, it is the same story. There are speculations that Ahumada’s net worth is between $300k and $500k. If this is true, it remains to be found out. However, it is clear that Ahumada is quite rich.

Juana Ahumada
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If not for her marriage to Pedro Rivera, Juana Ahumada maybe not have received this worldwide fame. Unfortunately, where Ahumada is now is a question that we cannot answer as at this time. Hopefully, when new information happens, we will update this article.

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