Judge Milian Age, Parents, Net Worth, Salary and Career

Seeing how vibrant and outspoken Judge Milian is on The People’s Court, it’s almost difficult to predict her age.

Marilyn Milian, also known as Judge Milian, is a former state court judge in Florida, America. She bears the distinction of becoming the first Latina judge in a courtroom drama. You may have probably heard about Judge Milian, but do you know her current age?

Judge Milian’s current age is 60 years old. She was born on May 1st, 1961, in New York City

In this article, you’ll learn about Judge Marilyn Milian’s early life, age, career, salary and net worth, and other exciting information.

Judge Milian’s Parents Are From Cuba

judge milian age

Judge Milian’s parents, Jorge and Georgina Millan were Cuban immigrants. They moved to the U.S. and settled in Astoria, New York, before giving birth to Marilyn. Judge Milian was eight years of age when they moved from Astoria to Miami. 

After graduating from St Brendan High School, she got a psychology degree at the University of Miami. Then, she enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center, where she obtained her J.D. cum, Laude. 

Later, She worked at Harvard Law School for a while. She was the director in charge of training for the Guatemala project and the prosecution and defense courts when she was there.

She is married to a former United States attorney, John Schlesinger. They live in Coral Gables, Florida, with their three children, Alexandra, Sofia, and Christina. In addition, she frequently spends three days in Stamford, Connecticut. 

Judge Milian has been a voiced opponent of domestic violence. She has also been able to contribute to a large number of charitable organizations.

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Judge Milian’s career

Judge Millan commenced her legal career as an assistant state attorney for Florida’s Dade County. Janet Reno gave her the appointment. In 1999, She was assigned to the Miami Circuit Court by the former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. 

She worked in the Domestic Violence Court, Criminal and Civil Divisions of the Miami County Court before being nominated to the Criminal division. 

In 2001, she took over from Jerry Sheindlin as a judge at The People’s Court after his retirement. She is also a professor in the School of Law at the University of Miami

Presently, she works as the presiding judge on a television drama known as “The People’s Court.” Judge Milian also delivers seminars to a variety of audiences.

Judge Milian Salary and net worth

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Judge Marilyn Milian earns $8 million as a yearly income. In her first year of hosting The People’s Court, Judge Milian earned $500,000. Subsequently, the organizers increased it to $1 million. 

The show organizers boosted Marilyn Milian’s payment to $5 million after The People’s Court saw a massive turn up in the show’s viewership. This was four years after she hosted the show. In the year 2018, her annual payment upgraded to $8 million.

Marilyn Milian’s primary source of income comes from her occupation as a tutor and a television host. She’s expected to have a net worth of $30 million by 2021. This comprises her property, funds, and total earnings.

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Judge Milian The People’s Court

In 2001, Judge Milian became a judge replacing Jerry Sheindlin on The People’s Court. She was the first Latina to preside over a courtroom show as a judge. The show is the world’s first arbitration-based reality courtroom show. It is also the world’s second-longest-running court show. 

Judge Milian is far enthusiastic in her role compared to the previous judges of The People’s Court. She’s loud and clear and interacts freely with a flurry of gestures.

Judge Milian frequently vacates the court to communicate with and criticize the opposing counsel. Fans know her for always being calm, practical, and rational in her observations and case administration. She won’t put up with any disrespect from the litigants for the most part. 

Outside of The People’s Court tapings, Marilyn engages in casual and straightforward conversations with the audience. She answers their numerous inquiries. When addressing complainants, she often makes use of lines from her Cuban grandmother.

She concludes small-claims court cases on the show. Before the show begins, the complainant and defendant agree to relinquish their lawsuit. Then, the show settles their lawsuit by arbitration. The losers of the cases do not have to pay back because the organizers pay the winners from the show’s funds. The losing team gets a reward for their appearance as well.

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