Karis Jagger: Amazing Story About Mick Jagger’s First Child

Karis Jagger is the daughter of Mick Jagger, one of the greatest musicians of all time. Her father rose to fame as the lead singer and one of the founding members of the English rock band the Rolling Stones.

After his divorce from the baby’s mother, Mick Jagger first disputed paternity. Karis also has seven half-siblings from her father’s various marriages.

Meanwhile, when it comes to her professional life, Karis was previously interested in performing before deciding to pursue a career as a volunteer. Also, learn about her long-term relationship with Jonathan M. Watson. Is there a child between the two of them? Let’s learn everything we can about her.

Karis Jagger
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Early Life

Karis Hunt Jagger was born on November 4, 1970, in London, England. Karis’ nationality is British, and she comes from a mixed ethnical heritage. Karis was raised in a celebrity middle-class family. Mick Jagger, a well-known musician, and actor who was a founding member of the Rolling Stones is her father, and Marsha Hunt, an actress, singer, novelist, and former model is her mother.

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Karis Hunt Jagger went to Bedale, a prominent British boarding school. In 1992, she earned a bachelor’s degree in contemporary history from Yale University. Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia, Gabriel, Lucas Maurice Morad, and Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger are his seven half-siblings. The last one was born on December 8, 2016, two years after Mick’s great-grandchild Assisi was born on May 19, 2014, to Jade’s daughter.

Karis Jagger’s Career and Achievements

Karis is currently working as a volunteer teacher. She had worked on a few on-screen films during her previous career in the show industry.

In addition, the star child is a committed humanitarian who has volunteered with several charitable organizations. Her father, like Karis, volunteers for humanitarian organizations like the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Prince’s Trust.

Karis Jagger’s career in the entertainment industry has been diverse and impressive. Her film debut was as a production assistant in Patch Adams in 1998. Her exceptional performance left an impression on the industry.

Her amazing performance in her first film led to a number more film offers. Since her debut, she has starred in a variety of films, including Man on the Moon, Sweet November, Patch Adams, and The Rainmaker.

Patch Adams is a popular comedy-drama film starring Robin Williams and Monica Potter, among others.

She garnered fame and a significant following with her role in the 2001 film Sweet November. Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs, and others starred in the picture.

Karis Jagger

Karis Jagger’s Parents (Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt)

Her Father

Sir Michael Philip Jagger is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who rose to international prominence as the main vocalist and one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. He was born on July 26, 1943. One of the most successful songwriting collaborations in history is with Keith Richards.

Mick Jagger’s career lasted six decades, and he has been called “one of the most popular and important front men in rock & roll history.” Richards’ guitar approach, combined with his distinctive voice and passionate live performances, has been the Rolling Stones’ trademark throughout the band’s tenure. Jagger rose to prominence in the media as a result of his personal relationships and illicit drug usage, and he was frequently presented as a countercultural character.

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Jagger was born and raised in the Kent town of Dartford. He attended the London School of Economics before joining the Rolling Stones and quitting his studies. Jagger and Richards co-wrote the majority of the Rolling Stones’ songs, and they continue to work together musically. Jagger starred in the films Performance (1970) and Ned Kelly (1970) in the late 1960s, to mixed reviews.

He co-founded Jagged Films in the early 2000s, and the firm has since produced a series of feature films, beginning with the 2001 historical drama Enigma. In 1985, he began a solo recording career, releasing She’s the Boss, and in 2009, he joined the electric ensemble SuperHeavy.

During the 1980s, Jagger’s relationships with the Stones’ members, particularly Keith Richards, worsened, but he has always had more success with the band than with his solo and side projects. Jagger has been married and divorced once, and he has had multiple more partnerships with five different women, resulting in eight children.

In 1989, Jagger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Rolling Stones were admitted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004. As a member of the Rolling Stones and as a solo artist, he charted 13 singles at number one in the UK and US, 32 singles in the top ten, and 70 singles in the top 40. He was knighted in 2003 for his contributions to popular music.

Her Mother

Marsha Hunt was born in 1946 in Philadelphia and spent her first 13 years of life in North Philadelphia, between 23rd and Columbia, then Germantown and Mount Airy.

Marsha Hunt is an actress, novelist, singer, and former model from the United States who has spent much of her life in the United Kingdom and Ireland. She rose to national prominence when she played Dionne in the long-running rock musical Hair in London. Marc Bolan and Mick Jagger, the father of her only child Karis, were close friends of hers.

Hunt has authored three books and three volumes of autobiography, including a candid description of her experience as a breast cancer patient.

Their Relationship

When Karis was invited to appear in a Rolling Stones commercial for their song “Honky Tonk Woman,” she met her parents, Mick and Marsha. Despite her personal objections to appearing in the advertising, it was via it that she met Mick Jagger and their ten-month relationship began.

Their relationship was more or less private due to the dramatic disparities in their social groups. Karis Hunt was Marsha Hunt’s first and only child, born in November 1970. Mick and Marsha wanted to have Karis, but they didn’t want to live together as a couple.

Mick Jagger considered proposing to Marsha, according to Tony Sanchez but decided against it because he didn’t think his love for her at the time was strong enough for him to want to spend the rest of his life with her.

Marsha remarked that she did not believe the two of them were compatible enough to be in a long-term relationship, therefore he was not alone in his decision.

Marsha Hunt, Karis’ mother, went to the New York courts when Karis was two years old and filed an affiliation order against Mick Jagger. However, the dispute was eventually settled outside of court.

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Mick Jagger agreed to set up a trust fund for his daughter Karis despite dismissing the claim. Karis’ assistance was intended to cost him $17 each week until he turned 21.

Mick Jagger, on the other hand, was permitted to openly contest the child’s paternity, which he did. In 1978, Marsha Hunt filed a paternity suit in Los Angeles, seeking Mick Jagger to pay $580 per week in child support and to legally claim Karis.

In 1979, Marsha was successful in her paternity claim. After winning, she declared that all she wanted was to be able to provide for her daughter Karis when she became 21 and that she would not allow Mick to ignore his responsibilities as her father.

Throughout the years, Karis and her father, Mick Jagger, got closer. During her early adolescence, he accompanied her on a family vacation, and he also attended her Yale University graduation and wedding in 2000. He was also there when she gave birth to her son in 2004.

Karis Jagger has struggled to maintain a positive relationship with her biological mother and father, despite her best efforts. Marsha, Karis’ mother, once gained a lot of money by auctioning off love letters written by Mick Jagger himself.

Mick was visibly annoyed, and when asked about it, she just shrugged and generally noted how broke she was. The letters sold for £190,000 at their highest price.

On March 17, 2014, Karis was also present for her father when his lover, L’Wren Scot, was discovered dead and hung.

Her funeral was also heavily attended by her family. She read a poem at the funeral, while her children, Zak and Mazie, read psalms.

Karis Jagger has seven half-siblings from her father’s side: jewelry designer Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, model and actress Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger, musician, and actor James Leroy Augustin Jagger, model Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger, also a model, and student Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger.

karis hunt jagger

Karis Jagger’s Husband and Children

Karis Hunt Jagger is a volunteer and philanthropist. She and her husband Jonathan M. Watson married in the year 2000 after dating for two years. Zak Watson and Mazie Watson are the couple’s two children.

Karis Hunt Jagger’s previous relationships are unknown to the public because she has not made any public statements about them.

Karis Jagger is currently concentrating on her personal and professional life. With her husband and children, she currently resides in Scotland.

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Karis Jagger’s Net Worth

Karis has had a successful acting career and has amassed a sizable net worth over the years. Her net worth has apparently climbed significantly, and she is now worth around $12 million.
Her acting earnings have allowed her to build up her finances. Jonathan, her husband, is said to be worth $1 million. Because she is still working in the profession, her net worth will continue to rise as she achieves her objectives.

Karis Jagger is a fantastic actress with a fascinating past. Despite her father’s disapproval as a child, she has worked hard to establish herself as a respectable and well-known woman in the entertainment industry.

Karis Jagger Social Media

Karis Jagger, unlike her siblings and other children of legendary musician Mick Jagger, is known for leading a peaceful life away from the spotlight. She is yet to venture into the world of well-known social media.

She does, however, have a public Instagram account that she uses to keep her personal life private. @karisjagger is her Instagram handle.

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