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Indeed Kate Upton is an exceptionally gorgeous woman, but her feet are what makes people gush over her the most. So what’s peculiar about Kate Upton’s feet that fans can’t stop talking about?

Kate Upton’s feet are 100% perfect. She has active-looking long toenails and toes. Her foot sole has zero trauma signs, breakages, scar tissue, or cracks. Also, she has no discoloured nails. The amazing fact about the star’s feet is that she never underwent surgery to improve her legs.

Although Kate’s salary has been a topic of discussion among fans, others still love to learn all the amazing facts about her feet. If you’d love to know more, then you’re reading the right article!

More Unique Facts as Regards Kate Upton Feet

Kate Upton feet
Source: Wiki Feet

According to WikiFeet, fans awarded Kate Upton’s feet a 5-star rating. WikiFeet is a website that displays celebrities’ feet, and fans get to vote and comment on the good and ugly feet, 

The celebrity’s feet are without any form of blemish, and it isn’t because she did foot improvement surgery. However, Kate’s feet are 100% certified natural. 

It’s not easy to be in the entertainment industry, especially as an actress and model. You’re expected to be perfect all through. This is one of the primary reasons why most celebrities resort to plastic surgery.

A large percentage of these plastic surgeries don’t end well. You’ll hear most of them saying they regretted it. But Kate Upton, she didn’t have to go through that stress.

Asides from Kate Upton’s feet being natural, the celebrity isn’t a fan of nail polish or fixing artificial nails. Instead, she allows her nails to grow long enough such that they’ll look like normal fingernails, even when painted, so you’ll always see her feet in their natural state.

Kate Upton’s Personal Life

Kate Upton feet
Source: Wiki Feet

Kate Upton, full name Katherine Elizabeth, came out of her mother’s womb on the 10th of June, 1992. The names of her parents are Shelley and Jeff Upton. Fred Upton, her uncle, is a member of the House of Representatives. Frederick Upton, Upton’s great-grandfather, was a co-founder and early employee of Whirlpool Corporation, which he later joined as a marketing partner.

Another interesting fact you must keep in mind about this gorgeous celebrity is that she’s a die-hard lover of horses.

In 1999, Upton and her family relocated to Melbourne, Florida, and she attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. She participated in the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) for many years as a young equestrian. 

She earned three APHA Reserve World Championships with her horse Roanie, in Western Riding for 13 and Under, Horsemanship for 13 and Under, and Western Riding for 14–18. A total of four reserve titles were awarded to her, making her the 13 and under All-Around Champion (2nd place). On top of that, Upton finished third on the APHA’s youth Top 20 list. 

When she added Colby to her stable in 2009, she won 14–18 Western Riding and was a top 5 finisher in Horsemanship and Western Place.

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Katherine Upton’s Collection of Shoes

After Kate started her career as a model, Wikifeet reported that her shoe size was 8.5 (United States). Despite little detail regarding her actual shoe size and the amount of money she spends on her awesome shoes, her appearance in red carpets is enough to explain that the model has got several expensive shoes in her closet.

You’ll see the 29-year-old woman rocking knee-high and over-knee boots, pumps and peep-toe pumps, loafers, strappy and platform sandals, evening sandals, wedges, and mid-calf boots. Kate Upton not only knows how to flaunt her elegant feet, but she’s also so good with picking the right varieties of shoes.

A Glimpse of Kate Upton Achievements as a Model and Actress

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Source: Wiki Feet

Katherine Upton is the best answer if you’re looking for someone described as Beauty and Brains. She worked hard in a career as a model and as an actress. A few of her outstanding achievements are as follows;

  • In 2019, she took the third position in “AskMen web portal’s top 99 most desirable famous women. Then, as if that was enough, she became the fifth sexiest model in Models.com.
  • When Kate’s photoshoots for “Sport illustrated” hit the public, she featured in the Hot 100 list Maxim magazine.
  • She became first in the people magazine award for the “People’s sexiest woman of the year.” 
  • Regarding her movie career, TV award and MTV movie nominated her for the “Best shirtless feat.” Also, Teen choice awards nominated her for the teen choice movie titled “Chemistry category.”

Aside from the fact that Kate Upton’s feet are an incredible sight to behold, She’s also a hardworking actress and model. She is also married and blessed with a baby girl named Genevieve.

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