Kenny Smith Net Worth, Biography, Career and Awards

With such an impressive basketball career, it’s not out of place to wonder what Kenny Smith net worth is as of 2021. Kenny Smith was nicknamed “The Jet” as a result of his great basketball skills. Upon retirement, he remained in the sporting world as a commentator. So, just how much is Kenny Smith net worth?

Kenny Smith Net Worth is $20 million. He accumulated this handsome net worth mainly from his career as a basketball player and sports commentator.

Continue reading to learn more about Kenny Smith’s success as a basketball player and commentator. 

Kenny Smith Biography

kenny smith net worth

The 56-year-old was born on the 8th of March 1965 in Queens, New York, and raised by Kenny Smith Sr. and Annie Mae Smith, his parents. He also has a brother named Vincent Smith. 

Kenny grew up in LeFrak city and attended Archbishop Molloy high school where his amazing journey as a basketball player started. 

The youngster played the game so well under the tutorship of Jack Curran, the most successful coach in the whole of New York City. He won the McDonald’s All-American award for the school which resulted in the nickname “The Jet.”

After high school, Kenny went to the University of North Carolina and became friends with another basketball star, Michael Jordan.

After years under Dean Smith’s careful tutelage and perseverance, Kenny Smith reached an average of 9.1 points and 5 assists per game in 2016. Impressive right?

Bleacher Report declared Kenny Smith as number 40 among the top 50 Tar Heel of All Time. This is as a result of his incredible basketball skills during his stay at the University of North Carolina Basketball team.

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Kenny Smith Successful Career as a Basketball Player

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Sacramento Kings picked Kenny Smith as the sixth overall pick of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the year 1987. He played well for the team until 1989 when he transferred to Atlanta Hawks.

Having joined the Houston Rockets in 1990, the rising basketball star remained loyal to the team and played well for them, until he left in 1996.

After that, he joined the Detroit Pistons and after 9 consecutive games, the Detroit Pistons retired him.

It wasn’t long after this that he joined the Orlando Magic, basketball team. He performed well with the team, but he moved to Denver Nuggets in 1997, and finally retired in 1998.

The Basketball Teams Kenny Smith played 

The legend played for six different teams which ended well and lasted a decade. The names of these teams include:

  • Denver Nuggets (1997)
  • Orlando Magic (1996-1997)
  • Detroit Pistons (1996)
  • Houston Rockets (1990-1996)
  • Atlanta Hawks (1990).

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Kenny Smith Honourary Awards

kenny smith net worth

Besides the fact that his net worth now amounts to $20 million, Ken Smith has also been recognized for his numerous awards and they include the following:

  • 2× NBA championship awards (1994 and 1995).
  • First-Time All-ACC (1987).
  • McDonald’s All-American (1983).
  • Second-team Parade All-American (1983).
  • Outstanding Studio Show, Sports, Amy Award (1985).
  • Number 30 honor by North Carolina Tar Heels.
  • Consensus first-time All-American (1987).
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (1988).
  • 2× second-team All ACC (1986 and 1985).

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Kenny Smith – Personal Life

While Kenny Smith’s career as a basketball player yielded great success, the 56-year-old’s marital life isn’t all that smooth and successful. He’s married twice and is separated from his two wives.

Dawn Reavis was his first wife. They married on the 7th of July 1990 and had a divorce in 2005. The marriage resulted in two children; Kayla Brianna Smith, an R&B singer with lots of song hits, and Kenneth Jr Smith who’s following his dad’s footsteps as a basketball player.

He married Gwendolyn Osborne on the 2nd of September 2006, a year after he divorced his first wife. Two children grace the union and after 12 years of marriage in 2018, Kenny Smith separated from his second wife. 

The names of their two children are London, a female, and Malloy, a male child. Kenny also has a stepdaughter with his second wife named Monique.

During his days as a basketball player, he made a cool sum of $13 million. Kenny now works as a sports commentator alongside Ernie Johnson Jr., Charles Bakery, and Shaquille O’Neal where he earns $4 million yearly.

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