Kris Jenner: Amazing Facts About Her

Kris Jenner is an American reality television star, producer, manager of the entertainment industry, writer, and entrepreneur. Her appearance in the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is what made her most famous. She is also well known for appearing on “The Talk” and “America’s Next Top Model.”

She has a complex personality and started out working as a flight attendant before creating her own business. She eventually became a reality TV star and achieved widespread popularity. In addition, Jenner has written a number of books, including the cookbook “In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites” and her autobiography “Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian”.

The American reality television actress has married twice and has two daughters, Kendall and Kylie, from her second marriage in addition to her four children from her previous marriage, Kim, Khloé, Rob, and Kourtney. Jenner is a socialite who oversees the professional lives of her kids. She works as a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the moment and is connected to several humanitarian organizations.

kris jenner
Kris Jenner

Early Life

On November 5, 1955, Kristen Mary Houghton gave birth to Jenner in San Diego, California. Robert Houghton, her father, was a mechanical engineer. Karen is the name of Jenner’s younger sister.

The family house in San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood was sold by Jenner’s mother following her parents’ divorce in 1962. Jenner later relocated to Clairemont, California, with her mother and sister, where she attended Longfellow Elementary School.

Jenner’s malignant bone tumor appeared a year after her parent’s divorce. Thankfully, cancer did not grow. Jenner underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and she was given the all-clear.

Jenner’s mother remarried businessman Harry Shannon a few years later. Shannon’s business partner stole the whole company’s funds three months after moving to Oxnard, California. The family consequently relocated to San Diego.

When Jenner left Clairemont High School, becoming a wife and mother was much more important to her than attending college.

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Kris Jenner’s Career

The reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which features Jenner and her family living the unconventional daily life of famous entrepreneurs, was created as a consequence of a meeting between Jenner and producer Ryan Seacrest in 2007.

Several spin-offs of the show have subsequently been produced, including Khloé and Lamar, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami which was later renamed “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami“, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Similar offshoots also occurred with Jenner’s youngest daughters.

Jenner calls herself a “momager” and takes charge of her biological children’s business endeavors and public appearances. She also claims to have invented the phrase. The family’s business interests range from clothes, skincare, and fragrance lines to the candid autobiographies of Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian and Kardashian Konfidential.

Jenner launched her own daytime TV discussion show in 2013. But there wasn’t a big enough audience for the show to be renewed.

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Kris Jenner’s Personal Life

Jenner wed Robert Kardashian, a successful, high-powered attorney whose close friend was the sportsman and actor O.J. Simpson, on July 8, 1978. Nicole Brown Simpson, Simpson’s wife, and Jenner grew close friends.

Four children, a son named Robert and three girls named Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé were born to Jenner and Kardashian. 1991 saw the couple’s divorce. Jenner wed Bruce, a former decathlete who won a gold medal at the Olympics, just after her divorce from Kardashian became complete.

Bruce’s children from his two prior marriages, Burt, Casey, Brandon, and Brody Jenner, now have her as their stepmother. Kendall and Kylie, Jenner and Bruce’s own daughters, were also born.

Jenner became Bruce’s manager when she wed him, in addition to being his wife. Soon after taking over the family business, Jenner was also managing his endorsement contracts and promoting his racing career.

However, it was evident from watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Jenner and Bruce were experiencing problems in their marriage. The couple split up in June 2013, and shortly after that, in December 2014, they got divorced.

When Bruce came out as transgender in April 2015, it became even more apparent that their relationship was over. He began identifying as a woman that fell and legally changed his name to Caitlyn. Caitlyn had a spinoff series from the E! Network titled “I Am Cait,” which followed her gender transition. Jenner has been dating Corey Gamble, a 25-year-old businessman in the entertainment industry, since 2014.

Business executive and talent manager Corey Gamble is probably best known for dating Kris Jenner for about eight years when they first met and fell in love in 2014. He frequently makes appearances on KUWTK episodes and red carpets alongside Kris.

Corey is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and now resides in Los Angeles with Kris. He previously attended Morehouse College in Atlanta to study business marketing.

He shares the exact same age as Kris Jenner’s second-eldest daughter, Kim Kardashian, who was born on November 10, 1980, and is 42 years old. Additionally, it indicates that Corey and Kris are 25 years apart in age but are both Scorpios because their birthdays are only five days apart (which is important, obviously). Kris was born on November 5, 1955, when she was 66 years old.

kris jenner
Kris And Corey

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Who is Robert Kardashian?

In the late 1960s, Robert Kardashian began his career as a lawyer. He immediately got involved in a number of commercial endeavors, including those in the 1970s and 1980s with his pal, the football legend and well-known figure O.J. Simpson.

Robert Kardashian was born on February 22, 1944, to Armenian-American parents who ran a prosperous meat-packing business. Kardashian was raised in Los Angeles and went to Dorsey High. Later, in 1966, he received a business administration degree from the University of Southern California. Later, Kardashian graduated from the University of San Diego with a law degree.

Kardashian practiced law for almost a decade. He quickly shifted his attention to business. In 1973, Kardashian founded the trade journal Radio & Records with the help of his brother and an additional investor. Around this time, he made friends with O.J. Simpson, a famous football player. Together, the two established a frozen yogurt shop and eventually a business making music videos. They have good ties to their families.

After being married to his first wife Kris in 1978, Kardashian welcomed daughters Kourtney and Kimberly into the world shortly after. Simpson and his previous girlfriend Nicole Brown enjoyed time with the Kardashians (the pair later married in 1985). Robert Jr. and Khloe Kardashian joined the Kardashian family soon after.

After Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were killed in 1994, Kardashian stepped in to help Simpson. After Simpson was accused of the murders, Kardashian joined his legal team. He supported Simpson during his 1995 trial, but following Simpson’s acquittal, the two grew estranged from one another. In 2003, Kardashian passed away.

kris jenner
Robert And Kris

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Kris Jenner’s Net Worth

Whether it’s modeling, licensing deals, or their respected separate beauty and fashion firms, the mogul is renowned for taking 10% from each of her clients (her children). The family enjoys making light of Kris’ mothering duties.

The youngest Jenner child, Kylie, even depicted her mother in a cartoon wearing large, black sunglasses with the word “10%” scrawled across the lenses for her Kris Jenner line for Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner’s net worth is predicted to be $170 million after taking into account all of the managing fees and revenues from her own businesses.

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