Lan Hecox Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Awards

At some point, every Smosh fan must have gotten curious as to what Lan Hecox’s net worth is. Ian Hecox is a well-known YouTuber, actor, director, and producer from the United States. He is one of the co-founders of the popular YouTube channel Smosh, which he co-founded with Anthony Padilla.

While you may have heard a few things about Ian Hecox, including his successful youtube career and whatnot, there’s still a lot of misinformation about his actual net worth and wealth. This brings us to the question of how much is Lan Hecox’s net worth.

Presently, Ian Hecox has a net worth of $18 million which he has accumulated through the revenue of his multiple YouTube channels, movies, and shows.

Now you might get curious about how he amassed such wealth and what he’s been up to lately.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the life, career, achievement, and awards of Ian Hecox that gave him such high figures.

Ian Hecox Age and Early Life

Lan Hecox Net Worth, Age, Early Life, and Awards

Ian Hecox was born Ian Andrew Hecox on the 30th day of November 1987, in the United States. Sharon Hecox and Stephan Andrew Hecox are Ian’s parents, both of which have appeared in Smosh Channel videos. Ian Hecox also has a sister, Melissa Hecox.

The Youtuber graduated from Del Campo High School where he met Anthony Padilla, his Smosh partner. They were both in the same science class during their sixth grade. 

Ian and Anthony started uploading funny films to YouTube, which led to the creation of the now-famous Smosh Channel.

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Upon graduation, Ian decided to further his education at American River College. However, he dropped out afterward to grow the Smosh channel and create new ones such as Smosh 2nd Channel and Smosh games.

Ian Hecox – Personal Life

Ian Hecox was in a relationship with a former YouTuber Melanie Moat who owns the channel ‘Mostly Melanie’. Following their breakup in 2014, Ian became involved with Pamela Horton, a model.

Ian Hecox – Career

Lan Hecox Net Worth, Age, Early Life, and Awards

During their teens, Ian Hecox and his friend Anthony Padilla created, where they posted funny videos to the platform. The platform became popular among their classmates and the entire school, getting thousands of shares and likes. 

The partners went on to create their YouTube channel, Smosh, which also gained an enormous following. To date, they’ve published hundreds of videos and amassed a massive 22 million-strong subscriber base. 

The channel’s success later facilitated the launch of Smosh games, Smosh Pit, Elsmosh, and Smosh France. Each channel has a laid-out program that it follows regularly.

Besides being a successful YouTuber, Ian has appeared in different films, including Smosh: The Movie and Ghostmates (released on YouTube). In addition, Ian voiced a character in the animated film “The Angry Birds” Movie. 

The Smosh team also developed an android app called iShut Up App and a separate app for accessing Smosh videos. After several years of partnership, Anthony Padilla left Smosh in 2017 to pursue a solo career on YouTube, making Ian the channel’s sole proprietor.

What is Ian Hecox’s Net Worth?

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At the time of writing, Ian Hecox has a net worth of $18 million which he has accumulated through the revenue of his multiple YouTube channels, movies, and shows.  Some of his movies and shows include:

  • Smosh
  • Smosh: The Movie
  • Ghostmates
  • Smosh Live
  • Part Timers
  • Game Bang
  • Angry Birds
  • The Angry Birds Movie 2
  • Smosh Babies
  • Agent of Secret Stuff
  • You Posted That?
  • Arctic Adventure: On Frozen Pond
  • Smosh Summer Games: Wild West
  • The big What If
  • Blastazoid
  • Smosh’s If It Were Real Saga
  • Ice Cream Man

Nominations, Awards, and Achievements

Ian Hecox and his Smosh team have gotten numerous awards. The team has been nominated for the Annual shorty awards, social star awards, Streamy Awards, Webby Awards, and Teen Choice awards.

The Smosh team received the Social Star award in 2013. They went ahead to bag two more awards the following year: the Streamy Award and the Shorty Award

Another great year for Ian and the team was 2016 when he won the YouTube award in the comedy category for the first time while the team won the Webby Award. 

They recently won two Streamy awards in the category of Live and Gaming.


Ian Hecox is a veteran YouTuber who has amassed a fortune by being in the right place at the right time. He has achieved success due to his consistent performances, stacking a colossal net worth of $18 million. The extraordinarily gifted artist continues to astonish and excite his admirers even after a decade on YouTube.

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