Latarian Milton: Where Is He? Dead Or In Prison?

Latarian Milton is well-known for being a juvenile delinquent. At the age of seven, Latarian Milton stole his grandmother’s truck. Then he proceeded on a rage-fueled road trip to Palm Beach, Florida. Along the route, it damaged a large number of properties. He is also known by the moniker Hood Rat Kid.

Latarian Milton

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Early Life

On September 30, 2000, Latarian was born in the United States of America, in the city of Palm Beach. Virgo is his astrological sign. He is a dual citizen of the United States and an African American. Sheneequa is his mom’s name.

She was 16 when she gave birth to him. His grandmother, Zikkita Stratford, raised him as an adult. He finished his secondary studies at Riviera Beach, Florida’s John F. Kennedy Middle School in June 2015.

Latarian Milton

He rose to prominence in April of 2008. He went on a ‘joyride’ around the streets of Palm Beach in his grandmother’s Dodge Durango with a friend. As a result, both of the seven-year-olds were riding in an SUV. A number of assets were severely damaged as the lads raced over two mailboxes. Two parked autos in a Costco parking lot were used in the attack. He also exhibited no remorse for his actions. This was a big factor in his going viral across all platforms.

During a post-accident broadcast by West Palm Beach News Station WPBF, Latarian Milton expressed his displeasure with his mother, who is a chain smoker. He desired to smoke cigarettes and engage in hood rat activities with a companion. He claimed he wanted to do it just because it’s fun to do bad things.

As a result of his singularity, it became increasingly difficult to explain and justify his actions. His video became really popular. Overnight, it became an internet sensation. It resulted in a slew of memes. It also inspired a slew of different mash-ups and remixes. This culminated in the inclusion of his now-famous phrase. It earned him the moniker “hood rat.”

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An Episode In The Boondocks

Latarian Milton

This entire endeavor inspired the episode Smokin’ with Cigarettes from The Boondocks, a TV adult animated action-comedy series. Lamilton Taeshawn, a parodic imaginary sociopath and nasty youngster, is the primary character. Previously, it was based on Latarian Milton.

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More Stories

He attracted the media’s attention again just two months after the accident in June 2008. The complaint this time was assaulting his grandma in a Lake Park Wal-Mart because she refused to buy him some chicken wings.’ He was taken to a hospital after being taken into prison and given a psychiatric evaluation and checkup.

Milton completed his education in 2015.  With all of his previous mishaps, it’s safe to presume he’s turned criminal. However, once he completed middle school, things began to change for him.
On his graduation day in 2015, the media covered him for a good reason. He graduated from the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Laterian Milton

He revealed his aspirations to play football at the national level during a media interview. He also claimed that he intends to finish his education. If professional football isn’t for him, he’ll enroll in an engineering school or join the US Navy.

After presuming that Latarian Milton has finally matured into a wise and ideal man, events occur that appear to have had little effect on him. He was charged with carjacking again after that road rampage incident in 2007. The vehicle was from the Lyft ride-sharing service in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He picked up a woman and four men, according to the Lyft driver. Milton was also among them. The males in the car told him to take them somewhere else after dropping the woman off at an apartment. The driver, however, refused to accept the request because it was not made through the app.

One of the four males, Joseph, threatened the driver with a rifle and forced him out of the car. His jacket, wallet, and iPhone were all wrapped up. Latarian then took over the steering wheel and drove away.

Latarian Milton was currently in prison until 2021. In Palm Beach County, he was charged as an adult. He has been charged with carjacking in Palm Beach County since November, according to arrest records.

When he began his secondary education with the goal of getting his life in order, it was thought that everything would work out. To play American football for his high school, then pursue his education by studying engineering or entering the US Navy. Everything was wrong with Latarian Milton. He scheduled a Lyft ride with a group of pals in August 2017 and then robbed the driver, pulling him out of the car and driving away.

Latarian Milton

He was caught and charged with carjacking and robbery after that. He was also transported to a juvenile jail center following many court appearances. He is incarcerated till 2019. He is still awaiting the final verdict, which will result in a 15-year prison sentence.

He is well-known for his violent actions in the past. Latarian Milton is currently 22 years old. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any information about his father thus far. His grandma Zikkita Stratford was his primary caregiver for the majority of his upbringing. However, by the age of seven, he had become addicted to smoking and other undesirable behaviors. He adopted criminal thinking and mentality. Milton began to like a crime when he was just seven years old. By the age of seven, Milton had developed a taste for crime. It has been nearly a decade since the unusual episode occurred as of 2022.

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About Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida Latarian Milton

Palm Beach is an incorporated town in Palm Beach County, Florida. The town is located on a barrier island in east-central Palm Beach County, separated from other nearby communities such as West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Beach to the west by the Intracoastal Waterway, but it shares a tiny piece of the latter’s southern boundary with South Palm Beach. Palm Beach has an estimated population of 8,816 in 2019 after expanding by about 25,000 individuals between November and April, according to the 2010 census.

Around 3,000 years ago, the Jaega came to the modern-day island of Palm Beach. White settlers arrived in the area in 1872, and a post office was established five years later. Palm Beach’s first hotel, the Cocoanut Grove House, was built by Elisha Newton “Cap” Dimick, later the town’s first mayor, in 1880, but Standard Oil mogul Henry Flagler was important in transforming the island of jungles and marshes into a winter vacation for the wealthy. In 1894, Flagler and his colleagues built the Royal Poinciana Hotel, The Breakers Hotel in 1896, and Whitehall Hotel in 1902; in 1894, they extended the Florida East Coast Railway southward to the area; and in 1894, they formed a separate community for hotel workers, which became West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach became a town on April 17, 1911. Between 1919 and 1924, Addison Mizner designed 67 structures in Fort Lauderdale, including El Mirasol, the Everglades Club, La Querida, the William Gray Warden House, and Via Mizner, which forms a portion of Worth Avenue.

According to Forbes in 2017, Palm Beach has at least 30 billionaires, with Bloomberg News placing the town as the 27th wealthiest in the United States in 2016. The town has been home to many famous and affluent people, including US presidents John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump. Worth Avenue, Royal Poinciana Plaza, and the Royal Poinciana Way Historic District are just a few of the premium shopping districts in Palm Beach.



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