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Lexi Rivera net worth is estimated at $2 million. She is the younger sister of YouTuber Brent Rivera. Brice and Brent, her older brothers, are both well-known on social media. Brent’s older brother, Brice, is also popular on Instagram. On Instagram, Lexi has more than 8 million followers.

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Many of her brothers’ YouTube videos with Lexi in them have earned millions of views. Brent had previously set up a YouTube profile for Lexi Rivera when she was a young child and uploaded a few of her gymnastics videos. Brent and Lexi have traveled together to many destinations, including Paris, on occasion. Additionally, she has millions of subscribers to her Alexa Rivera YouTube channel.

Lexi Rivera Age

Lexi Rivera age is 21 years old as of 2022.

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 Early Life

On June 7, 2001, Lexi Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California. She is the youngest of the four siblings. A well-known hockey player who has played at the national championship with the Jr. Ducks Hockey Team is her older brother, Blake Rivera. Brice, a younger brother of Blake, who is her other older brother. Brent, who is a year younger than Brice, is the third born. Being the only girl in the family, Lexi enjoys a lot of love and attention from her brothers. Her father is John, and her mother is of Mexican origin.

Despite the fact that Lexi spends the majority of her time with Brent, she claims not to have a favorite brother. They’re all equally loved by her. In the video Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother?, she said: “I don’t have a favorite, I love all of them equally… I post pictures of my brothers and everyone is like, ‘Oh my Gosh! You are so lucky. You get along so well.’ I really am lucky. I’m really lucky. They all love me very much and I love them all very much.”

Lexi believes that her mother is her main influence despite being very close to her brothers. She admitted to admiring her mother to A-list Nation; “She is the most selfless person ever, and she has taught me the importance of a positive attitude and hard work. Most importantly, she has always stressed how important it is to treat others with respect and embrace their differences.”

Lexi Rivera Career

For Lexi, Brent started a YouTube channel called Lexiloulouu in August 2010. In order to highlight Lexi’s skill as a gymnast, Brent established the channel. However, as Brent’s following on YouTube rose, he began to concentrate more on his channel and less on Lexi’s. The account eventually went dormant in 2012. However, Lexi’s YouTube career was far from over. She frequently appeared on Brent’s YouTube channel, and she quickly gained a following on social media. Additionally, Lexi was a guest on Brice Rivera’s YouTube channel.

As Lexi’s following on Instagram expanded, she eventually made the decision to restart her YouTube career. On July 1st, 2018, she published her debut YouTube video in which she responded to inquiries from her Instagram followers. The fashion and beauty videos on Rivera’s YouTube channel have a comic bent.

Lexi also publishes videos of challenges and jokes. Rivera is currently extremely well-known on YouTube, and it appears that her activities on social media bring in a sizable number of money. Lexi claimed that she would have wanted to become a physician’s assistant if she hadn’t been a YouTube sensation.

When Lexi was younger, she began training in gymnastics and excelled at it right away. She used to compete in school events, and she took home the top honor at an interschool contest. Her followers can now view her gymnastic prowess on social media. She recently shared a gymnastics performance on Instagram in a video. At the conclusion of the video, she hit herself in the head, but it demonstrated that she has kept her skills. To stay fit, Lexi adheres to a tight workout schedule. She also dances a lot, and her Tik Tok account features some of her routines.

Any youngster would be astounded by their accomplishment when it was reflected in that of their older siblings. This isn’t the case, though, for Lexi Rivera, who maintains her independence and believes in leading a regular life. The intensity of Lexi Rivera’s desire for gymnastics has propelled her to success. She has helped her older brothers, Brent and Brice, as well as herself through hard effort to become a well-known social media star.

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Lexi Rivera Personal Life

lexi rivera net worth
Ben And Lexi

Professional skateboarder Ben Azelart was born and raised primarily in Hawaii. Three years ago, he started a YouTube channel, where he mainly showcased his skateboarding prowess and some of his crazy adventures in Hawaii. The channel now, however, focuses primarily on practical jokes and challenges.

Fans had long suspected that Lexi and Ben were dating because of their friendship with one another. The couple did not publicly acknowledge their connection, though. When they posted their breakup video on November 22, 2020, we first learned that the two were dating.

Before the couple praised one another, Rivera said the video was “very overdue.” They described the relationship as being confusingly on and off. Ben mentioned that a relationship that started online couldn’t last since they occasionally got back together to appease fans. Ben left open the possibility of reconciling with Lexi. Ben said, “This isn’t just a forever thing, I’d say.”

Lexi’s mother expressed her approval of Lexi and Ben’s relationship in a later video when she assessed her rumored and genuine lovers. Laura remarked, “Ben holds a special place in my heart because you guys did date for a long time.” Ben received a 9.5 rating from Laura.

No matter who Lexi chose to date, Azelart promised to be there for her. According to gossip, Andrew Davila, a friend of Ben, and Lexi are dating. Lexi introduced Davila to Ben as her new lover in the video “My ex meets my new boyfriend,” which starred Andrew. She did, however, add that they are “really good friends.”

Lexi keeps insisting that she is not dating Andrew. On March 28, 2021, she posted a couple of Instagram pictures of herself standing close to Andrew with the comment, “Bestie Vibes Only.” When she co-starred with her brother in the YouTube series Brobot, Lexi made her acting debut. Max was played by Lexi, and Gil was played by Brent.

Lexi Rivera Height And Weight

The Lexi Rivera height is 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimetres). How much does Lexi Rivera weigh? She weighs 55 kilos, or 121 pounds. 32-24-33 inches are her body dimensions in inches (81-60-83 centimetres

Lexi Rivera Social Media

Lexi Rivera is extremely well-known on YouTube and Instagram, but she prefers to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight. On TikTok, she has more than 24 million fans. On her Alexa Rivera channel, she has amassed more than 10 million subscribers.

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Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Lexi Rivera net worth is estimated at $2 million. Her activities on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok account for the majority of her wealth.

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