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Lil Pump Net Worth

Following the swift release of his two excellent music albums, Lil Pump achieved overnight success. In 2017, Lil Pump net worth was $150,000. However, the sum has now reportedly surpassed $6 million. His record agreement with Warner Brothers Records was where he made the majority of his money.

Who is Lil Pump?

The smash song “Gucci Gang” by well-known American rapper and music producer Lil Pump is the most well-known of his works. Lil Pump was up in a troubled neighborhood in Miami, Florida, where he was born into a Mexican family. Despite having a strong academic record, he preferred rap music. He began rapping freestyle at the age of 15, and Chie Keef and a few other rappers served as his inspirations. He soon started a music career with his closest pal Smokepurpp.

Lil Pump would perform a freestyle over a Smokepurpp-produced rap rhythm, the producers determined. The song created in this way was called “Lil Pump,” and it made its premiere on SoundCloud in 2016. Lil and his pal produced further tracks as a result of their early popularity. They quickly rose to fame online. In August 2017, he released the song “Gucci Gang.” His first significant commercial breakthrough came from the song. Later that year, the self-titled album was published, and it was a huge hit. After that, he declared that “Harverd Dropout,” his upcoming album, would be published in 2018.

Early Life

lil pump

Lil Pump was given the name Gazzy Garcia on August 17, 2000, in Miami, Florida. His parents were Mexican and Cuban. He was raised in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, which may have contributed to his combative nature. He frequently got into fights at school and never received any sort of consequence.  Lil soon started using narcotics. He frequently smoked a lot of marijuana, which had an impact on his grades.

As a prankster, he was expelled from practically all of the high schools he attended. He once severely assaulted a girl. He also incited a disturbance at school, which resulted in his expulsion. He started a riot, which led to the closure of the school. To control the rioting, the police had to step in. He quickly began to sell drugs. Although rap music piqued his curiosity, he never dreamed that it would lead to a career. He listened to Chief Keef the most.

At the age of 13, he developed a friendship with a teenage music producer by the name of Smokepurpp. He was introduced to Smokepurpp by one of his cousins. They frequently become friends over drugs and other criminal activities. Lil Pump quickly became enamored with Smokepurpp’s songs. He stopped attending school by the time he was fifteen. He started going to recording studios more frequently because he was near to Smokepurpp.

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Lil Pump Career

Lil Pump teamed up with Smokepurpp and engaged in illicit acts including beating up people and breaking into homes as he became more involved in the music creation process. Lil eventually made the decision to teach himself how to compose music. He put a lot of effort into his beats, but he had problems getting artists to use them.
Lil Pump made the decision to write freestyle music after failing to locate appropriate artists and lyrics. Smokepurpp was impressed by what he heard and inspired Pump to produce his own raps. Pump first refrained from such advice but ultimately made up his mind to act.

The resultant tune, titled “Lil Pump,” was posted to SoundCloud and quickly became one of the most popular songs there. This inspired them both to create a number of further singles, including “Elementary,” “Ignorant,” “Gang Shit,” and “Drum$tick,” each of which amassed millions of “views” and gave them optimism for prosperous rap music career in the future.

Lil Pump gained notoriety in the South Florida underground rap scene as a result of his success. The moniker “SoundCloud Rap,” which was coined by listeners in response to the increasing number of rap artists uploading their work to the service, was well-suited to describe his music. Lil Pump was given the opportunity to take part in the “No Jumper” tour in 2016 as a result of his popularity on “SoundCloud.”

Additionally, he appeared at the “Rolling Loud Festival.” Pump began the year 2017 by releasing two singles, “D Rose” and “Boss,” which both shattered all of his prior records. On “SoundCloud,” they received more than 70 million hits collectively. Cole Bennett, a director located in Chicago, learned of their rising fame and offered to make free music videos for them.

Early in 2017, the music video for the song “D Rose” was made available. On “YouTube,” it received more than 140 million views in a year. At that point, Lil Pump had been receiving approaches from various record labels. He entered into a contract with Tha Lights Global and Warner Bros. Records.

The fact that he had signed the contract with “Warner Bros.” while still a child, however, was eventually made known. In January 2018, the agreement was ruled unlawful since the transaction was illegal. Prior to that, in the middle of 2017, Lil had disclosed that he was working on his first studio album, which was planned for release later that year.

There was a delay in the album’s release; it was originally scheduled for August. He put out a song called “Gucci Gang” in August, and it ended up being his first big breakthrough hit. Late in August, the song was made available on “SoundCloud,” and it quickly became his biggest success. On the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, it rose as high as third place.

Lil’s debut studio album, which bears the same name, was released in October 2017 and received a warm welcome right away. On the “Billboard 200” list, the album debuted at number two. Lil kept working with Chief Keef, who was his rap idol. The “Recording Industry Association of America” certified the album “gold” for sales of more than 500,000 copies in the US alone (RIAA).

Numerous top record labels sought to sign him after his deal with “Warner Bros.” expired. He did, however, choose to enter into another agreement with “Warner Bros.” He revealed in March that he was working on his upcoming album, “Harverd Dropout,” which was scheduled for release in August. Before the album came out, the singles “Drug Addicts” and “Esskeetit” were released.

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Lil Pump Personal Life


The young American rapper’s admirers are curious about his wife or girlfriend. Lil Pump is not yet married, but he has openly acknowledged his relationship with Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly. The young rapper is roughly seven years older than the attractive woman. Lil Pump is still in love with Miranda, though. Nothing regarding their engagement or nuptials has been confirmed. Both celebrities appear to prefer to concentrate on their jobs before beginning an official relationship.

lil pump

Lil Pump was taken into custody in February 2018 after someone shot at his home. His mother was also detained for putting a child in danger and possessing a potentially lethal weapon at home. He continues to refer to Miranda Cosgrove as his girlfriend even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation of their relationship.  Her name has appeared in several of his social media posts. He caused a stir in March 2018 when he posted a photo of a child and announced online that he and Miranda had a daughter.

Lil Pump has acknowledged on social media and in songs that he struggles to read because of dyslexia. He revealed on his Instagram page that his father passed away on April 8, 2022. He endorsed President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on October 26, 2020, citing Joe Biden’s tax proposal as his justification. He has posted pictures on social media while sporting a Make America Great Again baseball cap from the Trump campaign.

Lil Pump was invited to speak at Trump’s event in Michigan on November 2; Trump wrongly referred to him as “Little Pimp.” Garcia wasn’t a registered voter despite this endorsement, it was later discovered. It was uncovered that Garcia took down a “FUCK DONALD TRUMP” message he had posted in 2016 after it got popular on Twitter.

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Legal problems

Lil Pump’s mug image following his December 2018 arrest for unruly behavior. Garcia was detained on February 15, 2018, for using a firearm in a populated area. His manager claims that at around 4 o’clock, three individuals tried to break into his San Fernando Valley home before opening fire on the door.

When they returned with a search warrant later, they discovered an unloaded handgun beneath the balcony and ammo elsewhere in the house, concluding that the bullet may have originated inside the house. Garcia’s mother was then looked into for endangering a child and keeping an unlocked gun at home.

Lil Pump was detained on August 29, 2018, in Miami for operating a vehicle without a valid license. On September 3, he declared that a parole violation resulting from the arrest would land him in jail for “a few months.” On September 29, he did, however, make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, a live American television program. In October 2018, Garcia’s manager informed Billboard that the rapper had completed a prison term, but he did not provide any other information.

Lil Pump was charged with marijuana possession and fined between $700 and $800 on December 4, 2018, after being detained by Danish police following a performance in Vega, Copenhagen. Later, while being detained, he live-streamed himself giving the middle finger to a police officer. Following that, he was given a two-year entry-exit restriction.

He was detained for unruly conduct on December 13, 2018, at a Miami airport as he prepared to board a flight; security wanted to inspect Lil Pump’s luggage for cannabis, but Garcia insisted he did not have any. Although no narcotics were discovered, He grew enraged and started shouting at the security guards during the interaction with the police. After then, the police arrested him.

He was expelled from JetBlue in December 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic for refusing to wear a mask on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles. His Miami residence was subject to an IRS lien for $1.6 million in delinquent taxes in November 2021.

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