12 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

These top live wallpaper apps will enable you to customize your Android phone or tablet. With the operating system’s extensive customization options, Android phones have always been designed with the user in mind. On your devices, you can utilize different launchers, themes, icons, and much more.

However, your phone’s lock screen and home screen wallpapers are the simplest personalization options you have. Additionally, you may go one step further by adding a live wallpaper, which is a moving image, to your background. See our top recommendations for the live wallpaper apps for Android that you’ll adore.


live wallpaper app

You may modify your live wallpaper using the space-themed ASTEROID App, including the backdrop color, the type of asteroid displayed, and the asteroid’s color. In addition to being a standard live background program, it offers a static image option that updates a picture every ten seconds.

This is helpful for individuals who still want to enjoy their lock screen while minimizing power consumption. You can upgrade to the premium edition of this app to have access to additional intriguing features and new asteroid designs.

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2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

live wallpaper app

A dynamic wallpaper software called Muzei offers a variety of artwork with the ability to show a fresh image every day. It’s easy to use, programmable, and accessible on both your home screen and lock screen. Additionally, you can change the blur, darkness, and gray of your wallpaper to suit your tastes.

The program includes some works of art, like Starry Night by Van Gogh and The Seine at Vetheuil by Claude Monet. The app performs without consuming a lot of battery life. Its user interface is uncomplicated and clear.

The fact that Muzei is an open-source application is one of its noteworthy features. If you know a little programming, you can actually access its source code and modify it to add features. The code is available at code.muzei.co.

3. Forest Live Wallpaper

live wallpaper app

One of the live wallpaper apps for Android that can instantly sync your location and weather with the wallpaper’s environment is Forest Live Wallpaper. By default, you are presented with a sparse forest landscape that features swaying trees and shifting clouds. By altering the scene’s colors, multisampling, manually controlling the weather, and themes, and enabling the 3D parallax effect, you can see various animations as you tilt your device.

The software has a drawback in that not all smartphones can use it, so if you’re interested in installing it, you can do so to see if it works properly with your phone. The Pro edition of Forest Live Wallpaper has additional humorous themes and occasions, such as New Year’s fireworks.

4. Rainpaper

live wallpaper app

The top Reddit live wallpapers are collected by Rainpaper. You can use this software to customize the weather effects in your background, such as rain and fog. In accordance with your choices, you can also pick the rain’s frequency, color, and type of drops.

Through its local weather synchronization feature, Rainpaper also enables you to sync your current weather with the app. In addition to the live background, you can choose any picture from your device to act as the background image.

5. 4D Live Wallpaper

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The best AMOLED live wallpapers can be found in the 4D Live Wallpaper app. It offers a wide variety of possibilities for different people with diverse interests, including dynamic backgrounds with a fantastic 3D depth effect.

Another fantastic feature of this is how little battery power it consumes despite having a ton of fantastic wallpaper options. The coolest part for tech enthusiasts is that you can get wallpaper that can be controlled by the sensors on your smartphone.

6. Paperland Live Wallpaper

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Despite not receiving any updates in a while, the Paperland Live Wallpaper app is still worthwhile. It has amusing paper cutout sceneries that scurry across the phone’s display. Through connection with AccuWeather, you can configure the dawn and sunset times as well as the weather right inside the app. Three wallpaper themes are available in this app’s free version: desert migration, grassland, and peaceful night. If you want more, you can upgrade.

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7. Borderlight Live Wallpaper

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A straightforward yet excellent concept is Borderlight Live Wallpaper. This dynamic wallpaper program shows a colorful moving border all the way around your screen. Without any issues, it can be changed to accommodate any screen size.

You can choose to match it with a regular background image to enhance the edge lighting effect. In addition, the software gives users the option to customize the notch’s size and position, which will make the background of your device appear more refined and composed.

8. Wave Live Wallpapers

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For live backgrounds, keyboards, and call screens, Wave Live Wallpapers has a selection of colorful and realistic themes. You can select a wallpaper that matches your aesthetic preferences from their gallery and hashtags, which act as categories.

You can pick from a variety of categories, including those related to sports, the arts, nature, and animals. In the My Studio area, you may also design your own wallpaper. There are video wallpapers, touch-sensitive animation backdrops, and both 2D and 3D parallax wallpapers. The home screen and lock screen can both use the designs you select.

You must purchase diamonds in order to access other wallpapers. To get gems, you may either buy them or watch advertisements. You receive 30 diamonds for each ad. Additionally, you can earn gems through their daily awards. Additionally, some wallpapers are unlockable with just one advertisement.

The user interface of the app is simple to use and functions well. The live wallpaper battery use was excellently optimized by the software creators. When another app is open or the screen is closed, the app pauses video rendering.

9. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

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You may experience the tranquility of having a garden pond on your phone with the Water Garden Live Wallpaper app. With the help of this dynamic and soothing app, you can change the appearance of your pond and feed koi of various sizes.

A single tap on your screen will cause the water to display a lovely ripple effect. To feed the fish, a double tap would enable you to dump fish food in the pond. There is little to no lag when using the live wallpaper, despite the high definition and lifelike animations.

10. ZENTALED Live Wallpaper

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Maxelus.net developed the ZENTALED Live Wallpaper app, which is best suited for smartphones with OLED displays. Their live wallpapers are created to resemble artworks created with light projection on a dark background. Various models, including “Lion” and “Fanart Darth Plegius,” are also available.

Their wallpapers may also be activated by tilting your screen and are touch-sensitive. Watching advertisements might also net you additional wallpapers. For those who prefer a hip and modern aesthetic for their home screens, this app is ideal. In addition to keeping a striking look, its dark-themed wallpapers aid in optimizing battery usage.

11. W. Engine

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Live wallpapers can be used as your home screen and lock screen on W. Engine. Additionally, a live background rotater that automatically changes wallpaper is included. You can pick anything that appeals to you because there are many possibilities available. In addition, to live wallpapers, this program also offers ringtones, which are a perfect complement to your changing background.

12. Cartogram

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A map might be used as your desktop background if you travel frequently. Cartogram tracks your location and sets a wallpaper that matches the background of where you are.

The app’s settings make it simple to edit the wallpaper it flashes to your preferences, so if you want to make changes, you may do so. You don’t need to worry about this either because the app has a ton of excellent live wallpapers that won’t let you down.

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You may more easily explore your artistic individuality on your smartphone by using live wallpapers. You can select from a variety of live backdrops that match your taste using the top Android live wallpaper applications are the list. The best part is that they are all free to download, allowing you to take your time and switch between them as you choose in order to view all of their designs.

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