Logic Puzzles and Word Games: 5 Best Sites To Create Yours

Using these free websites, you can make your own word games and logic puzzles to test friends, students, and random people.

What is more enjoyable than solving logic problems and playing word games? Developing your own games on these free websites to test friends and complete strangers.

Science has established that solving puzzles is helpful for your brain in a variety of ways, including mood improvement, memory improvement, and improvement of problem-solving abilities. Making your own games and tests is the following phase in the process. And it’s now simpler than ever thanks to a number of free websites that let you make your own unique puzzle.

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1. ProProfs (Web)

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ProProfs is a simple website where you can easily make word games that everyone may play. ProProfs doesn’t place a cap on the number of puzzles you can create at once or the number of users who can use it, unlike a few other free online puzzle creators that do.

Currently, you can build seven types of puzzles on ProProfs:

  • Word Find: For the participants to start their word search, provide a description, all the words you desire, and a time restriction.
  • Crossword: Just provide the term that was intended as well as the clue. ProProfs will decide how to arrange the tiles.
  • Sliding Puzzle: The gamers of ProProfs’ online slide puzzle must unjumble the scrambled piece after adding an image and selecting the number of pieces to divide the image into.
  • Jigsaw:  A typical jigsaw puzzle creator that allows you to include the source image.
  • Hangman:  For a game of Hangman with five chances, add a list of words.
    Word Reversal: Give players a word and a tip to help them decipher an anagram and identify the original.
  • Brain Teasers: A multimedia quiz that allows you to upload questions with both text and images (along with hints), followed by answers with both text and images.

ProProfs doesn’t provide much game customization, despite the enormous variety. Instead of having adults compete against each other, it’s generally best for teachers to create games for their students.

2. My Word Search and Crossword Hobbyist (Web)

word games logical puzzlesword games logical puzzles

ProProfs does allow you to create your own word search or crossword puzzle, but it’s a very basic version with limited customization. My Word Search (MWS) and Crossword Hobbyist (CH), both from the same developers, are the top word game producers on the internet. After 30 days, you must purchase a premium version (although there is a discount if you purchase both at once).

With MWS, you can select from a variety of puzzle shapes, such as a flower, snowman, spiral, and other shapes outside the standard square. Both the size of the puzzle and the word order can be customized. Once that is established, you only need to add your list of terms to get started.

Crosswords are created in two ways by Crossword Hobbyists. You may either set a grid and type directly in it, or you can type your words and clues in and have it automatically organize them for you. Crossword enthusiasts must have the ability to save their progress in any crossword, to which registered users have access. Additionally, you will be able to preview and make changes to your crossword as you go.

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3. My Wordle (Web)

word games logical puzzles

Who would have thought the internet would go crazy over a simple 5-letter word guessing game? However, Wordle has become extremely popular, with users displaying their daily results as emojis on all major social networking platforms. You may now use this straightforward program to create your own Wordle to quiz your pals.

When you enter a 5- or 6-letter word when you visit the website, a unique URL that you can share with friends is created. The remaining guidelines are actually the same as Wordles.

The recipient has five tries to guess the right word (or six in the case of a six-letter word). Correct letters turn yellow if they are on the wrong tile, green if they are on the right tile, and incorrect letters turn grey.

The software creates shareable emoticons of your winning turn just like the original. If you consistently use the same browser, you can view your solution percentage statistics at any time. And nobody has to register to utilize the website.

4. Maze Generator (Web)

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Anyone can enjoy working through a maze puzzle. One of those things you can start doing as a child and keep doing as an adult. But you naturally want it to be harder. You can design a custom maze that is as large and challenging as you like using the Maze Generator.

The size and difficulty of your maze are mostly determined by four criteria. How broad and tall the maze will be is determined by its columns and rows. Adults typically find a 20×20 grid to be relatively difficult, but if you really want to challenge yourself, try a 50×50 grid. Next, decide where you’ll enter and leave (corners, left and right, or top and bottom).

The bias that determines how the maze walls will be constructed is the fourth difficulty level. Therefore, you could select top and bottom entries, a horizontal bias, and really crank up the columns if you wanted a challenging game. In addition, you can change the background color, maze color, and wall thickness. And yes, it is free to download and print.

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5. PuzzleScript (Web)

word games logical puzzles

One of the first and most well-known puzzle video games in Japan is Sokoban. Pushing containers to their proper spots in a warehouse is a simple puzzle, but each level makes this more challenging. Anyone with little to no coding experience can create their own tile-based puzzle game in the style of Sokoban using PuzzleScript.

To discover the fundamental commands for all the possible interactions your player can have with the tile, visit the PuzzleScript How To section. Crates can be moved by pushing or pulling, and you can utilize this method in the PuzzleScript editor.

A few additional game features are also added by the engine, including an eyeball, a block, a sumo wrestler, a sprite, a cat, and a fruit. You can use them however you choose to make a unique game.

You can get ideas from the gallery of games created using the PuzzleScript engine and even import their code to use as the foundation for your own game. It’s among the simplest ways to make a free puzzle video game.

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It’s tempting to attempt to create the hardest logic puzzle possible in order to push your players, whether you’re creating a crossword puzzle or a maze. However, avoid doing this and pick a difficulty level that is lower than what you believe your gamers will find fun. Making a puzzle that is both challenging and ultimately solved is the secret to creating a great one.

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