Long-Distance Relationship: 7 Best Ideas For Making It Work

It should come as no surprise to couples that maintaining a happy marriage is difficult and fraught with difficulties. Couples who must maintain a connection despite a long-distance marriage, on the other hand, win the prize for having to overcome one of the most challenging challenges in their relationship.
Long-Distance Relationship: 7 Best Ideas For Making It Work
According to a 2017 study conducted by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 3.75 million marriages are classified as long-distance relationships. According to the Center for the Study of Long-Distance Relationships, the number of long-distance marriages is increasing as a result of increased business travel and internet dating.

The fact of the matter is that, while a more recent study estimates a 58 percent success rate for long-distance marriages, this figure is comparable to the current success rate for regular weddings.

One of the most difficult challenges in a long-distance marriage is feeling connected. The loss of feeling linked to their partner’s everyday life, according to a survey, is the most difficult difficulty that long-distance marriages confront. This detachment causes a loss of intimacy, which can undermine a relationship over time.

When relationships either grow or die, this sense of disconnection must be handled on a daily basis, which can be difficult for couples separated by distance.

I’ve discovered that individuals who are successful at managing a long-distance marriage do things that ensure their success over the years of working with couples through the Couples Synergy technique. Here are some ideas for making your long-distance relationship work:

1. Intimacy in the virtual world

We now have the opportunity to communicate with individuals all around the world in real-time thanks to technological advancements. It’s also given lovers new ways to communicate their sexual wants and connection when they can’t be together in the same room.

Businesses Such as kiiroo.com have created applications and sexual toys to help couples who are separated by great distances communicate using technology to improve intimacy. Long-distance marriages often feel disconnected in their private lives, so getting creative with phone/virtual sex, intimate images, sexting, and virtual masturbation might help.

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2. Invest Quality Time in Creativity

Couples must spend quality time together in order to maintain their bond. According to John Gottman’s book, The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work, couples should spend 5 hours of uninterrupted time together. For long-distance couples, especially those who are new to the separation, this can be exceedingly challenging.

When it comes to spending quality time together, long-distance couples must be innovative, and technology may help. One couple with whom we work has a regular virtual “meeting” every Friday evening, despite the fact that they are physically separated.

They use this time to connect and express their shared vision, which is crucial when spending quality time with one another. Whatever a couple decides to do, this time should be free of distractions.

Long-Distance Relationship: 7 Best Ideas For Making It Work

3. Let’s all go to sleep together.

While a regular couple may take the act of falling asleep in the same bed for granted, a long-distance marriage can find it difficult to maintain this connection over time.

Several years ago, I had a client who was engaged and had to be separated from his fiance for six months owing to work obligations. He and his fiance developed a habit of falling asleep on facetime together. When he awoke to find his fiancee still sleeping on the screen, he said it gave him a sense of serenity and normalcy.

Long-distance couples can now share this personal time, even if snoring may be involved, thanks to technological advancements. Both people feel a sense of belonging, meaning, and connection after starting and completing the day together, even if just digitally.

4. Composing a letter

Couples separated by distance have been the subject of romantic films, with letters written to each other to keep their love alive. Receiving a letter in the mail has a different significance than receiving a text or email, and this is something that long-distance couples can emulate in their relationship.

Writing letters to your spouse can evoke feelings of love that no other form of communication can match, and they can be read at any moment to maintain a sense of connection even when their partner is unavailable.

5. Surprises

Surprising your lover is vital in any relationship, but it’s more critical in a long-distance relationship. This can be difficult for couples who are separated by distance, and it will require creativity and organization.

Since they are unexpected and uninvited, surprises send a message to your spouse that you are thinking of them and have taken the time to convey it. It is not necessary for these surprises to be costly or excessive. Smaller gestures, in fact, appear to be the most meaningful.

6. Transparency

As previously said, one of the most challenging issues long-distance couples endure is the daily feeling of being disconnected from their partner. Since they are not spending as much time together as typical couples, partners may be unaware of what their spouse is going through, which can lead to concern and misconceptions.

Long-distance couples, according to the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, are more concerned about infidelity than traditional marriages.

As a result, if honesty isn’t a priority in their relationship, it might lead to increased anxiety and detachment.

7. As many senses as possible should be stimulated

All of our senses appear to be aroused when we are in love. Our sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch senses come alive with every second we spend with our spouse, even if we are only granted the basic five senses.

These senses can be depleted when we are separated from our spouse, like in a long-distance marriage.

When separated, long-distance couples must be inventive in order to stimulate one other’s senses. Whether you send a photo, an audio file, food, or perfume delivered to your partner’s door, or something they can touch, these imaginative ideas that engage all of their senses can help you connect.

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Long-distance marriages, like other marriages, encounter unique problems that are unique to their situation. Couples must understand that marriage is a labor of love, and long-distance relationships endure challenges that typical marriages do not.

To continue strengthening their relationship, couples separated by distance must recognize their limitations and adapt to new means of engaging with each other. Long-distance couples can strengthen their bond with their spouse and reach out to each other across the difference in this way.

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