11 Best Mobile Apps to Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

These apps will assist you in maintaining the spark in your Long Distance Relationship if you are one. They assert that time apart makes hearts grow closer. Unfortunately, a lot of couples who are in long-distance relationships would disagree. People can sometimes become forgetful when they are far away.

long distance relationship
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Many people have discovered that their soul mate may actually reside thousands of miles away thanks to the growth of online dating. Nevertheless, whatever the cause, maintaining the fire can be difficult but rewarding. Thankfully, we’re no longer restricted to sentimental letters and deteriorating pictures. These days, apps on your iPhone or Android device make it possible to stay in touch. Let’s look at a couple of them.

1. Lovedays

long distance relationship

Even while Lovedays is a countdown app, it does much more than just display the number of days before your next date or anniversary. D-Day Counter, which keeps track of and remembers significant anniversaries for you and your partner, is one of the app’s functions.

It contains a widget that conveniently and attractively verifies your D-Day. precisely as seen in the picture! Finally, there is the D-Day Calculator, which assists you in calculating significant events and allows you to add the names and images of you and your companion to the main screen. The countdowns and images are also quite aesthetically pleasing, and you can change the font size, color, and other elements.

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2. Love Nudge

long distance relationship

Do you know about the five different love languages? The five love languages include physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts, according to Dr. Gary Chapman. These “love languages” provide information on how we express and accept love.

You and your spouse can use the official Love Nudge app to take a quiz about each other to find out your unique love languages. After that, Love Nudge will set goals and alerts to help you express affection in ways that both of you will find most heartfelt. For instance, if verbal affirmation is your partner’s preferred method of receiving love, Love Nudge will periodically prompt you to do so. It’s a fantastic approach to expressing your feelings in the greatest way possible.

3. Koya

long distance relationship

Have you ever sent a message that said, “I wish I was there with you”? With the help of the location-based giving and video messaging app Koya, you may surprise a special someone with a message or gift that has been filmed.

Think about entering your favorite coffee shop, getting a nice note, and then magically obtaining a gift card that covers your entire day’s supply of coffee. When visiting, you can pre-record messages, or you can send one from a distance. In the event that you are unable to attend in person, Koya enables you to share an experience.

4. Nujj

long distance relationship

Maintain communication with your partner as if you were never apart! Does it sound okay? I’ll try everything that will bring my boyfriend and myself closer together. With the help of the software Nujj, you can shake your phone to ‘nudge’ your lover. It’s quite easy! Your partner’s phone will vibrate if you shake yours. The best method to let your sweetheart know you’re thinking of them is using Nujj!

This software includes more features as well. You may add a timeline, mark important dates, make reminders, communicate your location, and send messages with images and music. You can add a task that your significant other needs to do from anywhere.

5. Lovebox

long distance relationship

Are you attempting to help your partner cut back on social media? You can send short love letters and images to a real box with Lovebox. Without requiring customers to open their phones, Lovebox displays messages on its screen.

The only person who needs to download it, as opposed to other apps on our list, is you so that they can enjoy its benefits. Your significant other doesn’t have to comb through a ton of notifications to hear from their favorite person thanks to this ideal companion for workstations or bedside counters.

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6. Rave

long distance relationship

It is really difficult to simultaneously play a stream. Many couples will go out of sync when things are done incorrectly. The good news is that there is an app called Rave that can help play a stream for both of you at the same time.

Couples may watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other streaming services together using the app Rave. The best part is that it just requires one of you to have a subscription for it to function. You won’t ever have to be concerned about screen-sharing delays again. Even practically all OS systems are supported by Rave.

7. Between

long distance relationship

It takes a lot of work to try and simultaneously play a stream. When done incorrectly, many couples experience communication issues. Thankfully, there is an app called Rave that can assist in playing a stream for both of you at the same time.

Couples may watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other content together using the stream-syncing app Rave. What’s best is that just one of you needs to have a subscription for it to function. Never again will you have to be concerned about screen-sharing lags. Even the majority of operating systems are compatible with Rave.

8. iPassion

long distance relationship
Couple Game

The questions in Passion are very explicit and intimate, giving it a twist on the typical trivia game. Sexual preferences, likes and dislikes, turn-ons, and other topics are covered in the multiple-choice questions. This works well as a seductive prelude to a video chat date.

Intimacy is difficult to achieve in a long-distance relationship. So, giving this a shot is a terrific idea! With the use of personalized tests, you can learn more about your partner’s preferences and how to make him or her feel good. To begin, it’s pretty simple! You must first respond to two questions about your personal preferences, likes, dislikes, etc.; afterward, your partner must estimate your responses and determine whether he or she was correct.

9. Twig

long distance relationship

You don’t use social media much but yet want to know what your partner is doing, right? The collaborative notebook app Twig is ideal for long-distance relationships. Every date night counts for couples who only see each other a few weeks out of the year. Twig assists in keeping track of each one. Twig is like a living scrapbook that helps you keep track of all your memories, from old pictures from your favorite vacations to significant events like anniversaries. Twig allows you to stay in touch discreetly.

10. TouchNote

long distance relationship

For the old-fashioned romantics out there, receiving something in the mail is much more romantic than sending a simple text. Use TouchNote to send a genuine postcard to your partner’s home as a surprise. Send personalized postcards to any location in the world using TouchNote. Your personal images, stickers, and messages are welcome. Each postcard costs $2 to $4, however, postage is always totally free.

11. Gyft

long distance relationship

In relation to gifting, Gyft enables you to send vouchers and gift cards for almost everything. Gyft lets them choose what they want for themselves if they find it difficult to get their partner the ideal present. It is simple to identify brands that your partner would adore with over 200 store partners. If you’re unsure, the universal Gyft card will function with all of its affiliates.

Another excellent option to contribute in more useful ways is with gift cards. Your significant other can use gift cards from Gyft to purchase things like their weekly groceries at Whole Foods or repair supplies at The Home Depot. which is best? Since Gyft does not impose transaction fees, it is equivalent to cash.

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Every connection requires work to maintain, but those with oceans in the middle require extra effort. Long-distance relationships might be difficult to maintain, but it does not imply it is impossible. Long-distance relationships can be just as enjoyable even though they may have an additional layer of complexity.

Fortunately, there are already a ton of apps accessible for users of both iPhone and Android to remain in touch in every way. Long-distance couples have an increasing number of choices available to them, from time zone trackers to private journals to stream-syncing apps, as they develop.

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