The 15 Best Low Fade Haircuts For Men

A low fade haircut is adorable, what’s not to love? The fade is probably one of the nicest cuts available right now because of its chicly tapered appearance and capacity to give your appearance a sleek refinement. Additionally, you can customize it to fit your personal style. You can choose any top-down style because the fade focuses on the sides of your head.

low fade haircut

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of fade cuts, including low fade haircuts. These simple but totally sleek hairstyles are ideal for men who prefer their hair to have a slight edge. Therefore, look no further than these excellent low fade haircuts for men if you want a simple appearance with maximum appeal.

1. Thick Curls + Low Fade

low fade haircut

A style that is gaining popularity is the low fade with thick curls. Keep them tight and tidy by maintaining a very modest fade almost even a skin taper around the edges. To prevent frizz, you’ll need to care for and style your curls, and using a decent styling product like curling moose or cream will be quite beneficial. Because a proper low fade will grow out nicely, the beauty of this cut is that you can decide how frequently you want it done.

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2. Low Fade Slicked Back

low fade haircut

Both short and medium-length hair on top looks fantastic with the low fade haircut. To finish your look if you choose a medium length, think about wearing your hair back in a slicked-back manner. The delicate yet elegant tiny fade works wonderfully with the classy but not overly serious design. To balance off the longer length on top, you might also think about adding a beard style to your appearance.

3. Low Fade Blowout

low fade haircut

A low fade blowout can be an exceptionally cool hairdo option if you don’t mind trying something a little unusual. Because of its short sides, which quickly transition from barely there to a large explosion of hair on top, the unconventional style works well. This elongating hairstyle may also be exactly what you require if you have a broad or round face to slim the look of your face in vogue.

4. Low Fade Faux Hawk

low fade haircut

Combining a low fade with a fake hawk is one of the best ways to wear one. A faux hawk, sometimes known as a “fake mohawk,” is a less striking variation of the traditional hairdo. The hair is still worn spiked up in a strip from the front to the back of the head, but the sides are not detached or shaven. Instead of using a dramatic appearance, tapered cuts like a fade are employed to mimic the shape of a mohawk.

5. Low fade with hair design

low fade haircut

Your mop will become a work of art with low fade haircuts and a hair design cut. While you keep your top hair unruly, the barber will use a ‘0’ on the clippers to cut a smooth pattern in your fade. Move over, awful tattoos; we’re all about temporary hair art.

6. Low Fade French Crop

low fade haircut

Different hair types and textures can wear the French crop because of its adaptability. It is distinguished by short hair on the sides and back and a thin fringe. Combining the traditional French crop hairstyle with a low fade is a fantastic option if you enjoy the idea of it but want it to feel more contemporary. The low fade haircut is not abrupt; rather, it tapers off gradually, highlighting the bottom inch of the hair. Your face may benefit from this framing. Hair with a natural texture can contrast and create fascinating proportions. The hair will be simpler to style thanks to your fade.

7. Low Drop Fade

low fade haircut

Your haircut will have an edgy, contemporary look thanks to the drop fade. It has a prominent fade that appears arc-shaped by descending low and behind the ear. It works well for highlighting the hair on top of the head and can give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair at the crown.

Any texture of hair can have the drop fade applied to it, and it can be customized to your tastes. This includes choosing to combine the fade with a low fade haircut for a more understated effect. The low fade will give you a style that is new and contemporary while producing a more graded finish and less harshness.

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8. Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair

low fade haircut

All haircuts and hair textures look excellent with the low fade because it is a flexible fade. The top of the head is kept longer and a subtle contrast is created by the low taper fade, which progressively shortens the hair on the sides of the head. This may produce an effortlessly sophisticated and manly finish while providing hair structure. A fade can help curly hair lose some of its thickness and weight, making it simpler to style. The curls also offer a softer appearance, which the sharpness of the fade can enhance.

9. Low Top Fade

low fade haircut

Choose a low-top fade if you want to use your fade to make a unique combination. Because it reduces contrast as it fades lower on the head, the low fade is more subdued than many other fades. Any hairdo, even one as daring as the flat top, would benefit greatly from having this feature.

The flat top comes in a variety of styles, from the 80s method with a distinctly flat cut on the top of the head to the more contemporary and comfortable variations. Whatever variation of the flat top you choose, a winning combination includes the contrast between the volume and fullness on the top of the head and a modest fade.

10. Low Fade With Curly Fringe

low fade haircut

A low fade haircut is one of the many styling options for curly hair, which provides a great texture. Since it begins lower on the head, a low fade is a subtle and discreet approach to faded hairstyles. From about the bottom inch, the hair will progressively disappear. It is a fantastic method to let your curls stand out and give your hair a tidy, structured appearance.

It might draw attention to your curl pattern and make it the centerpiece of your outfit. Additionally, doing so will give the top of the hair a fuller, thicker appearance, which may be quite attractive. The weight and mass of the hair can be reduced with a fade, making it simpler to style and take care of your curls.

11. Long quiff high fade

low fade haircut

The ideal merger of two of our favorite trends, the long quiff fade, emphasizes a high forehead. This hairstyle retains a long top that can be quiffed, combed over, or blow-dried as desired and a short back and sides.

12. Low Bald Fade

low fade haircut

For a man who wishes to stand out from the crowd, the bald fade is one of the most distinctive fades. In order to create contrast and play with proportions, the hair is left longer on top of the head and shaved short on the back and sides.

By beginning the bald fade lower on the head, you can choose a more discreet style. Less contrast is produced as a result, but your haircut still has structure. You may style it in a variety of ways, such as a sleek, brushed-back look for a vintage or classic look. Alternatively, add volume to the front of the head for a fresh, expressive appearance.

13. Low Skin Fade

low fade haircut

The fade haircut may be customized to fit your personality and sense of style and is excellent for giving your hairstyle structure. This can be the best method for those who seek a delicate approach to skin fading. The hair on the sides that disappears to reveal the skin defines the skin fade.

This is a more dramatic fade since the contrast between the top-of-the-head hair is more obvious. It will seem more natural, though, if you start it low on the head, near the bottom inch of the hair. A traditional haircut can be worn with a low skin fade for a classy look, or you can go for something new and bold if you wish to make a statement.

14. Low Fade Afro

low fade haircut

It’s a wise decision to embrace your natural hair and wear it in an afro. Your Afro hairstyle can be worn in a variety of ways, such as keeping it at different lengths and wearing it with a fade for an edgy and cool look. A low fade that tapers lower on the head and down the sides can add fascinating proportions and draw attention to your curls.

The combination creates a tidy and fashionable male appearance. Additionally, it can create structure and highlight your features. Because of the adaptability of this fade, you can experiment with long or short hair on top. For a balanced look, try combining your short fade and afro with facial hair.

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15. Low Fade With Textured Waves

low fade haircut

Not every low fade haircut looks its best when worn neatly and professionally. Many look their finest when they are rocking an attitude and a youthful vibe. As a result, a short taper can look fantastic when combined with wavy, textured hair. This fashionable combo, which is totally in style and makes for the ideal hairdo, is edgy without being out of control.

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