Maisie Williams: Amazing Facts About The Legend Behind Arya Stark

English actress Margaret Constance “Maisie” Williams was born on April 15, 1997. Maisie Williams made her acting debut in 2011 as the series’ star, Arya Stark, in the HBO epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones (2011–2019). She received critical acclaim for her performance on the show, two nominations for Emmy Awards, and widespread acclaim.

Maisie Williams has made other television appearances in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who (2015), the British docudrama Cyberbully (2015), and the British science fiction teen thriller movie iBoy. She has also starred in several films, including the British docudrama television film The Last Exorcism (2015).

Maisie Williams portrayed punk rock legend Jordan (Pamela Rooke) in the biopic Pistol (2022), which was based on the trailblazing band the Sex Pistols, and she portrayed Kim Noakes, the main character in the comic action drama series Two Weeks to Live (2020). Williams has also lent her voice to the American animated online series Gen: Lock as Cammie MacCloud (2019–present).

Maisie Williams

Early Life

On April 15, 1997, Hilary Frances (née Pitt), a university course administrator who later left her profession to promote her daughter’s acting career, gave birth to Margaret Constance Williams in Bristol. When Williams was just four months old, her parents got divorced. Williams, the youngest of three children—James, Beth, and Ted—was raised by her mother and stepfather in the Somerset village of Clutton in a three-bedroom municipal house.

Maisie Williams was given the nickname “Maisie” at a young age because of what was thought to be a resemblance to the cartoon character from the UK newspaper comic strip The Perishers.

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Maisie Williams attended Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton as well as Clutton Primary School. Later, to become a professional dancer, she proceeded to Bath Dance College to study Performing Arts. There, she received training in musical theatre, ballet, pointe, tap, street, freestyle, gymnastics, and trampoline.

Maisie Williams dropped out of school at the age of 14, partially as a result of the popularity of her acting career but also as a result of the challenges she encountered trying to balance school and her role as a star in a well-liked television show. She was schooled at home at the time but did not pass any educational tests.


When Maisie Williams was cast as Arya Stark in the first season of “Game of Thrones,” her acting career officially got underway at the age of 12. She later made a name for herself as a gifted young actor by portraying one of the series’ most intriguing characters. Throughout the length of the show, Williams performed the majority of her own fight scenes and stunts. She also had a key role in the episode “The Long Night,” which included the longest fighting scene in movie and television history. Williams finally made an appearance in all eight “Game of Thrones” seasons.

Arya Stark was portrayed by Maisie to a great deal of acclaim. She received numerous nominations and won a lot of accolades. Critics were quick to point out that she had little to no acting experience when she first entered the entertainment industry and that her success was a product of her remarkable abilities and unquestionable acting intuition. Arya rose to the top of the list of American baby names in 2012.

Williams was looking at additional acting chances when she was a part of “Game of Thrones.” She began making appearances in British shows including “The Secret of Crickley Hall” as early as 2012. She made a significant feature appearance in “The Falling” in 2014, garnering a lot of attention in the process. The following year saw “Gold,” another film role, as well as cameos in four “Dr. Who” episodes.

Through her performances in the Netflix films “iBoy” and “Mary Shelley,” Maisie continued her acting career in 2017. She provided a character’s voice in Nick Park’s stop-motion movie “Early Man” the following year. She performed in the play “I and You” the same year as well. She gets a new movie part in “Then Came You” in 2019. With a part in the animated online series “gen: LOCK” that same year, she began her voice acting career.

Maisie Williams
LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 01: Maisie Williams attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2021 at Tate Modern on September 1, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Maisie Williams made an appearance in Disney’s “The New Mutants,” which debuted in 2020 after being continually postponed since 2018. Unfortunately, the majority of the reviews for this movie were unfavorable.

An adaptation of Anthony Delano’s “Joyce McKinney and the Case of the Manacled Mormon,” a “over the top” true story about an eccentric American who was accused of kidnapping and raping the object of her sexual obsession, a Mormon missionary named Kirk Anderson, in England in the 1970s, was the subject of a report that Williams had been cast in May 2022.

Williams was cast in the upcoming Apple drama series The New Look during the same month that the news was made public. She plays Catherine Dior, the younger sister of fashion designer Christian Dior, whose style at the time eclipsed that of Coco Chanel, in a scene set against the backdrop of a World War II-occupied Paris. Catherine Dior was awarded the Legion of Honor for her participation in the French resistance.

Brand Endorsements

Williams gave what The Daily Telegraph called a “feminist speech” in 2015 at the “Like a girl” campaign launch for Always in New York. Williams, a member of Generation Z, was the target audience for the speech. Williams performed “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen in an Audi ad that aired during the broadcast of Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020.

She appeared in the “Made in the UK” promotional ad for the Apple MacBook in July 2020 together with actors and screenwriters Michaela Coel, Grayson Perry, and Jenn Nkiru, the animation studio Aardman, printmaker Gabriella Marcella, rapper Dave, and singer Labrinth. She was also chosen to represent Cartier’s new Pasha de Cartier watch as an ambassador in the summer of 2020.

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Williams was named the company’s global sustainability ambassador by H&M in April 2021. This came after H&M’s foundation said in December that it will invest $100 million (£72 million) in green projects. The goal was to encourage H&M to transition to a circular fashion model where consumers recycle unwanted clothing to reduce waste and environmental damage. Williams and H&M, on the other hand, came under fire from some fair fashion and sustainability groups who accused them of “greenwashing.”

The recycling program for the fast-fashion company was criticized for not going far enough, for not starting with sustainable materials, for what was thought to be the bad treatment of its employees, and for falling short of the Living Wage goals they set for themselves. The business vehemently maintained its position. Williams received criticism for using her notoriety to endorse the business and for making money from it.


In order to develop and produce UK-originated short films, theatrical features, and high-end television dramas with a focus on opportunities for youth and the development of talent in the UK, Williams founded Daisy Chain Productions with Dom Santry and Bill Milner at the beginning of 2016. The three of them first met while working on the film iBoy. The company’s debut offering was the 19.54-minute short film Stealing Silver, which Williams executive produced and also starred in with Ronald Pickup.

Salvation Has No Name is a 15-minute stop motion animation short that was co-produced by the UK and the Czech Republic and executive produced by Williams and Lowri Roberts through their production business Rapt and independent studio Delaval Film. Filming began in 2020 at Aardman Studios under the direction of Joseph Wallace, and a 2022 festival release is planned.

A strange performance by a group of circus clowns blurs the line between fantasy and reality in the film “Salvation Has No Name,” which addresses the problem of xenophobia and faith in relation to the refugee crisis.

Itziar Ituo, Yasmine Al Massri, Anna Savva, Barbara Sotelsek, Katrina Kleve, and Elisabetta Spaggiari are among the film’s all-female international voice cast. The movie’s Tim Allen and Jody Meredith animation teams. The BFI and the Czech Film Commission have provided funding for the movie, and festivals are scheduled to play it in 2022.

Personal Life

Maisie Williams has “cultivated a quirky, youthful style,” according to Janelle Okwodu of Vogue, despite having been quoted as saying “No dress in the world is worth giving up sword fighting,” while Emily Cronin, senior fashion editor of The Daily Telegraph, referred to Williams’ “Street style” and noted that the fashion industry has courted her as a celebrity. Williams and Reuben Selby, her partner, began to show up together on the fashion scene in 2019 and frequently wore synchronized outfits.

Maisie Williams and Selby both have a passion for design. Williams’ asymmetrical Emmys dress for 2019 was co-designed by fashion designer Selby, who is also the founder of a modeling agency, co-founder of a creative firm, and the former director of communications for Williams’ social media site Daisie. She worked with Selby beginning in 2020 to create his own sustainable, gender-neutral clothing collection, which he unveiled in the Ritz Paris garden during Paris Fashion Week. South-east England’s rural area is home to Williams and Selby.

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Maisie Williams was named the first global ambassador for climate and nature by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in April 2021. Williams will support the organization’s “global mission to turn around the climate and nature crisis by 2030, ensuring a future where people and wildlife thrive,” according to the charity.

Maisie Williams (in her capacity as the WWF Global Ambassador) gave the opening remarks at the Glasgow Imax premiere of Sir David Attenborough’s new television series The Green Planet on the eve of COP26 in November 2021. The BBC Studios Natural History Unit produced the five-part series, which was also co-produced by ZDF and The Open University for BBC One and PBS in the United States.

Maisie Williams’ Net Worth

$8 Million is Maisie Williams’ estimated net worth. In both England and the United States, Maisie Williams is the owner of a few properties. She has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. She has homes in Bristol and London. She owns a residence in New York as well. Even though Maisie is still very young, her success is pretty impressive.

Maisie Williams is a very popular personality and a very successful actress. She has a sizable collection of vehicles, including several Mini Coopers and Aston Martins. Maisie Williams adores driving, particularly in sporty cars.

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