10 Best Manga Apps for Android and iOS

These manga applications for Android and iOS are the best option if you want to read some manga while on the go. Install a manga app on your phone, and all of your favorite comics will fit conveniently in your pocket.

As soon as new chapters are published, they are updated throughout. While many can be read for free, to get full access you must sign up as a member. However, for fellow aficionados, it’s only a few dollars a month to get access to more than ten thousand chapters, making it well worth the cost.

manga app

You can immediately pick up where you left off reading thanks to the user-friendly design. You can download comics to read offline, whenever you want, and bookmark your favorite parts of the story. Additionally, your subscription will function on all devices.

With the best manga, you can keep yourself engaged wherever you are and pick up reading where you left off. Naturally, you must have the appropriate manga reader. This list of the best manga applications for Android and iOS was created for that reason.

1. WebComics



You may access a wide variety of original works made for manga fans with the WebComics app. It’s also among the top websites for reading online webcomics. Numerous manga artists from across the world are included in the app. Additionally, you can join the WebComics library if you’ve ever fantasized about creating and publishing your own manga or comics.

From action series to true-life horror tales, you may find manga and comics in every imaginable genre. The best thing is being able to communicate with and interact with so many other manga enthusiasts. If you have the skills to create anime and manga comics, it’s one of the best places to locate the manga you never knew you wanted and even publish your own work. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact with a sizable community.

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2. Crunchyroll Manga

manga app

You have undoubtedly heard of Crunchyroll if you enjoy anime. Even when you contrast Crunchyroll to another well-known anime streaming service, Funimation, it’s only one of the greatest options available. Unbelievably, the platform also includes another app solely focused on manga.

You can read a few manga chapters for free, much like the main Crunchyroll app. Unfortunately, you’ll need a Crunchyroll premium account if you want to read all the chapters. Strangely, you cannot subscribe to Crunchyroll through the manga app; you must do so through the main Crunchyroll animation app or by going to the Crunchyroll website.

You will adore Crunchyroll Manga if you already have a subscription. You’ll have access to a sizable collection of the top manga titles currently on the market. The comic is still excellent, but the app probably needs a fresh coat of paint.

3. VIZ Manga

manga app

A top manga reading app with a huge library and practical features is available here. Every day, new chapters from your favorite and most popular manga series are added. Additionally, you can download comics to read them at a later time. The simple UI of this software, which makes it easy to browse through the vast title catalog, is my favorite feature.

With helpful filters and powerful search functions, it’s simple to locate exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, based on your previous searches and the categories of the manga you’ve bookmarked, it recommends new manga and comics.

4. ComiXology

manga app

ComiXology is an app that is much more than just a manga reader. On this, you may read any kind of comic book, including Marvel, DC, graphic novels, and digital comics. Additionally, you can get Kindle comics by logging in with your Amazon account.

You can experience immersive and dramatic reading alternatives with the guided view. To ensure you never run out of possibilities, read conveniently offline and add books to your wish list. Additionally, you may read all of your purchased books on any device. But only US users can purchase a ComiXology Unlimited subscription.

5. INKR Comics

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INKR comics is one of the top manga readers that you should check out whether you’re looking for the original manga, an eccentric webtoon, comics, manhua, or something else. The old-fashioned vibe of actual comic books is evoked by the black-and-white comics.

Additionally, the software adjusts to all comic book formats for hassle-free viewing on any device. The app maintains track of newly published chapters and notifies you when necessary. The best part is that your reading progress and other data sync for ease when you use the same INKR account across devices. Additionally, earnings are divided between publishers and content creators to support them.

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6. MangaToon

manga app 

Enjoy tens of thousands of manga and comics in genres like action, romance, science fiction, aliens, and fantasy. Each week, a large number of new comics are uploaded; you can read them for free or for a fee.

The abundance of editing and customization options that guarantee a comfortable reading experience even during extended reading sessions make this one of the best manga apps for the iPhone. Additionally, writing your own stories and comics has a certain quality that might result in accolades and awards. It all comes together in a global readership.

7. Shonen Jump Manga and Comics

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The most well-known series, like Naruto, Dr. Stone, and One Piece, are all included in this free manga app, along with some brand-new and original ones. Every chapter is updated as soon as a new one is published.

While many are available for free reading, you must sign up as a member to obtain full access. For fellow enthusiasts, it’s definitely worth the cost because access to more than ten thousand chapters costs just a few bucks every month.

You can pick up reading just where you left off thanks to the user-friendly UI. You can download comics to read offline, whenever and wherever you like, and save your favorite moments. Your subscription will also function on all devices.

You may now enjoy 2-page spreads in landscape mode, which improve the reading experience and make it feel more like reading a real book. You have free access to up to 100 chapters each day through the app. You’ll be enthralled, I’m certain. Put it to the test.

8. MANGA Plus

manga app

The most recent chapters of some of the most well-known manga are available for free on MANGA Plus, a manga app that isn’t your normal one. The fact that MANGA Plus was created by Shueisha, the company responsible for the Shonen Jump series like Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Bleach, makes it unique.

There is both positive and bad news regarding Manga Plus. The good news is that you get free access to all of its libraries and may read the newest manga chapters as soon as they are published. Unfortunately, MANGA Plus only offers the first and final three episodes of each manga, which is fantastic if you only want to read the most recent chapters.

You’ll have to go somewhere else, though, if you’re not up to speed on the series. However, since MANGA Plus is a totally free app, it’s a terrific option for fans who want to read the most recent issue as soon as it’s available.

9. Mangamo

manga app

A subscription fee must be paid after downloading the Mangamo app, and then you can start using it. You have access to a collection of more than a thousand licensed games, such as Fire Force, Attack on Titan, and The Seven Deadly Sins. All of it will be available to you with the subscription, without any restrictions, and new chapters are uploaded every day.

Another unique feature of Mangamo is that, if you’re unsure whether to subscribe, you can access one chapter for free for a period of 24 hours. You might become engrossed in the content this way before deciding to subscribe. If you decide against paying, you can return the following day and read another chapter for free. Additionally, one of the best-designed apps on this list is offered by Mangamo, which is always a plus.

10. Manga Dogs

manga app

You can choose from tens of thousands of manga in six different languages from more than 20 sources. The ensuing chapters are smoothly downloaded in the background as you read. Additionally, night mode and landscape and portrait views are supported. Additionally, you can see what others are reading and the hottest comics.

Despite certain areas that may be improved, it is simple to use and understand. It requires, for example, more customization of favored genres and an improved notification system that enables you to keep track of the titles that have been downloaded. The excessive amount of adverts is also a bother and makes reading difficult.

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Here we go. You can read your favorite manga or find a hidden gem thanks to the abundance of options available to you; all that’s left to do is get started. You can even start using free options to explore the digital manga world. And after you’re done, you can always watch some anime to continue the fun.

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