Marcus Lemonis Wife, Business, Net Worth and Gists

Marcus Lemonis is a leading television sensation, especially as the star behind the TV reality show – The Profit. His huge success is crowned with his marriage to his wife, who we know little about. Marcus Lemonis wife is also famous as she is one of the driving forces behind the Lebanese star’s colossal success

Marcus Lemonis’s wife is Roberta Bobbi Raffel. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who struggled to keep the growth of her business for so long. Her marriage to the public figure has proven to be a breakthrough for her.

Marcus Lemonis wife

Marcus Lemonis Wife – Roberta Bobbi Raffel

There is little information about Roberta Raffel and personal information. For instance, her early life and career are not public. However, Roberta was born on September 21, 1953. 

She is presently 68 years old and is older than her husband by almost twenty years.

She is obviously a private woman and is outgoing in no way as her education, parents, and background still remain a personal issue. Additionally, her career before meeting Lemonis is not clear to the media. However, she does have a taste for fashion.

There are talks of her working as a sales manager in a fashion house, and she was in charge of logistics in the fashion scene. During this time, she met Marcus in a business rendezvous, after which he bought her business. She has since then become a woman in the spotlight.

Marcus Lemonis Wife Business and Net Worth

After her entanglement with Marcus, Raffel stands presently as one of Marcus’ biggest business partners. Many believe that she has also invested heavily in her husband’s business to keep her fashion merchandise running.

Together, the duo has amassed a large amount of wealth, though it is presumed that Raffel’s worth is nothing when you compare it to her husband’s. Marcus Lemonis has impressively amassed a tremendous amount of wealth, amounting to an estimate of $900 million.

Though his wife’s net worth is not also public, it has an estimate of $50 million. Today, Raffel is the chief executive officer of the ML fashion group, from where she makes her wealth.

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Other Information On Marcus Lemonis Mystery Woman

Roberta is an American and of Caucasian ethnicity, though she spent most of her time in the states. She is five feet six inches and weighs approximately 60 kilograms. She is a natural blonde lady with dark brown eyes.

Meet The Millionaire, Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Anthony Lemonis is the figure behind Roberta’s spotlight. Aside from him being a television personality, he is also a businessman, politician, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, and Gander Outdoors.

Lemonis was born in Lebanon on November 16, 1973. During the civil war crisis, his original family abandoned him in an orphanage four days after his birth. He was then adopted by his new family, who brought him up.

As he grew, he had exposure to automobiles and began his career in this field. As he advanced in his automobile business, he also fell in love with racing. During this time, he sponsored some NASCAR racers.

Lemonis was the CEO of Camping World when he rose to the spotlight in his career. In 2008, Ernst and Young named him ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year.’ As the years progressed, his brand kept on developing, introducing new outdoor products to the market.

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Other Endeavors

Marcus became the star of the CNBC reality show, The Profit, in 2013. The show was a success and featured him investing his money for part ownership in businesses. The show later faced negative accusations for entailing harmful business practices.

Marcus also appeared in episodes of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. In 2012, he appeared on an episode of ABC’s Secret Millionaire. In 2012, he co-produced the CNBC program known as The Partner.

He is also a philanthropist and has donated to his hometown. He founded the Lemon-AID foundation in 2020 for the support of women and small businesses.

Marcus Lemonis wife

Marcus and Roberta’s Marriage Gists

There are several rumors and gists on the marriage of both parties. Some state Roberta had made the first move at her husband the night they met. Some facts also prove that Roberta was successful in her business before her marriage.

Roberta and her husband had a private wedding. She is a mother and grandmother and the second wife of Marcus Lemonis.

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