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Fans are thrilled over the Netflix hit movie Lucifer Morning Star and the charming actor who played the role. However, those familiar with the movie EastEnders will also be unable to ignore the character of Mel Owen in the soap opera. The coming together of these individuals produced the beautiful Marnie Mae Ellis.

Marnie Mae Ellis is the daughter of star actor Tom Ellis and actress Tamzin Outhwaite. Marnie Mae Ellis was naturally born into fame, with both her parents being stars in the American movie industry. The nine-year-old is gradually becoming an internet sensation, with numerous pictures of her spread over the net. 

About Marnie Mae Ellis

Marnie Mae Ellis
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Interestingly, Tom’s marriage to Tamzin is one in the industry which lasted a good while. Eight years of marriage resulted in their two daughters before their split up in 2014. The younger of both of them is Marnie Mae Ellis.

The couple welcomed Marnie Mae Ellis on August 1, 2012. Shortly after her birth, her parents divorced in 2014. She lives with her mother and sister – Florence Elsie Ellis, in London.

Though the actor is now with his new wife, he still creates time with his daughter.

Tom has proven to be an excellent father to her as numerous sightings of him with his daughter. Tom respects his daughters and showers them with his love and care.

Marnie Mae is the one who receives most of her parent’s attention, and she grew to know love despite her parent’s separation. 

Marnie Mae Ellis’s zodiac sign is Leo. She is vibrant, active, social, and despises small spaces. As a result, she spends most of her spare time outdoors. She is also a very talented child and has proven she can be as good as her father and mother in the industry.

Marnie has brown eyes with long brown hair. She is currently 4 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 25kg.

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Marnie Mae – School, Career, Hobbies, and More

Tamzin Outhwaite raised Marnie and her elder sister. However, in her current school program, she is known to be a member of her elementary school’s drama club.

This proves the young girl’s love for acting and her passion for the screen. Viewers and fans have also spotted Marnie Mae several times on set as her mother took her to her movies and TV series. Marnie’s passion for acting has grown so much that she has begun grooming her acting skills at a local theatre.

Tamzin has further stated she will want her daughter to follow her passions in life. The actress has given consent for her daughter to pursue her dreams regardless of what they are. She also mentioned she would like it very much if Marnie focused on getting a college degree.

Marnie is a sight on social media, and though she doesn’t have a profile yet, her mother posts her now and then. She has shown interest in ballet dancing and has even begun to practice independently. She also has a passion for singing and is skilled in hip-hop dancing.

Marnie is a big fan of Disney, and her favorite songs and music come from their movies. Like many children, she enjoys cartoons and is particular about contemporary Disney adaptations. She loves Despicable Me, Wall-E, and the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy.

The relationship status of Tom and Tamzin doesn’t seem to affect the little girl. Though the actor and actress have since moved on, both sides still care very much about her and her sister. Even the spouses of both parties are on good terms with both girls.

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About Marnie Mae Ellis’s Parents

Tom Ellis
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Tom Ellis

Thomas Ellis began his career in 2000 and is still excelling in it. Tom was born on November 17, 1978, in Cardiff as a twin. He is the son of Christopher and Marilyn Ellis.

Tom grew up with his sisters in a religious home in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, receiving a BA in Dramatic Studies.

Tamzin Outhwaite

Tamzin is a sexy English actress, narrator, and presenter. She is famous for her role in Eastenders and a couple of other TV productions. She is an award-winning actress, celebrated for her roles in Red Cap and the drama New Tricks.

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