Mars Merkaba Thedford: Fascinating Story About Erykadu Badu’s Daughter

Mars Merkaba Thedford is a famous celebrity youngster in the United States. Mars Merkaba Thedford was born on February 1, 2009, to Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica, who used to be a celebrity couple. Erykah Badu, Mars Merkaba Thedord’s mother, is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress, while Jay Electronica, Mars Merkaba Thedord’s father, is a rapper and record producer.

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Who is Mars Merkaba Thedford?

Mars Merkaba Thedford, who was born on February 1, 2009, with a silver spoon in her mouth, had a childhood that most people can only imagine. Mars is Erykah Badu’s and Jay Electronica’s only child.

Jay electronica and Erykah Badu’s son Mars Merkaba Thedford is their only child. She does, however, have two half-siblings who are the result of her mother’s prior marriages.

On November 18, 1997, Erykah Badu gave birth to her first child with André 3000 of OutKast, whom she began dating in 1995. Seven Sirius Benjamin, their son, lives a quiet life away from the press.

On July 5, 2004, Puma Sabti Curry, Mars Merkaba’s half-sister, was born. Puma is a collaboration between Erykah Badu and The D.O.C., a rapper from Texas. Puma is a rising star in the fashion industry. In a 2017 picture shoot for Vogue Mexico, she posed beside her famous mother.

While most parents choose to send their children to school to receive an education, Erykah Badu takes a different approach. All of her children, including Mars Merkaba, are homeschooled, as the “Bag Lady” singer revealed on social media. In a 2009 interview with People magazine, she commented, “In a similar vein, “All my children have been thru Badu school.

They know the drill. The whole family gotta get involved.” she said, “I’ll handle the Physics, Math, Lit, Sociology, Health science, Astronomy, Astrology, Meditation, Religion, Economics, Art appreciation, Film making, Quantum Science, Molecular Physics… etc… ”

Jay Electronica is also a world/planetary history and geography teacher. Furthermore, Badu discussed how her daughter Mars is homeschooled and how her family helps her “view the world through her own lens,” as she put it. Mars “doesn’t need to become a mini Erykah or mini Jay,” the Queen of Neo-Soul stated.

Mars Merkaba Thedford’s Personal life

Although Mars Merkaba Thedford has never been involved in a scandal, her parents, Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica became embroiled in one in July 2018.

Jay Electronica posted a video of himself and his baby mama, Erykah Badu, driving about town while listening to Drake’s “Feel No Ways.” The rapper recorded himself lip-syncing to the song and occasionally pans the camera toward Badu.

Badu, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed by Jay’s antics. “Take this down,” Badu said when the Grammy Award-nominated rapper uploaded the footage on Instagram. I have a restraining order against this man. I’m not supposed to be in the same room with @jayelectronica.”

Fans were taken aback by Badu’s remark, and many couldn’t believe the once-infatuated couple’s relationship had deteriorated to the point that Badu needed to get a restraining order against Jay.

“Don’t make me come back out there,” Jay Electronica replied in response to Erica Badu’s comment. After their awkward interaction, people assumed the pair had put their differences behind them and were on much better terms.

Only a year later, during an Instagram live with his former lover, Jay Electronica made scandalous remarks regarding Erykah Badu. According to the rapper: “If Erykah been flirting with any of you n*ggas in your DM, it’s all coming to a cease today.”

He went on to say, “Erykah belongs to me. She’s my daughter… Fix your face don’t play with me on this Instagram with these people. She’s my first daughter, she’s my wife, she’s my baby mama, she’s my spiritual healer, and she’s my porn star. So all you n*ggas in this DM, get the f*ck out the DMs or you gonna have to deal with me.”

Several of their Instagram live attendees expressed their disgust with Jay Electronica’s possessive behavior. Erykah, on the other hand, was quick to respond to Electronica, saying, “I just called you ’bout some child support.”

Who is Jay Electronica?

mars merkaba thedford
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Timothy Elpadaro Thedford is the full name of this New Orleans-born American rapper and record producer. Jay Electronica is another name he goes by. He was born in the United States and holds the citizenship of the United States. New Orleans, Louisiana is where he was born and raised.

Jay Electronica, a famous rapper and record producer, is Mars Merkaba’s father. Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), Jay Electronica’s debut mixtape, came out in 2007. Jay Electronica was signed to Jay-record Z’s company, Roc Nation, in 2010. He is regarded as one of the greatest lyricists of his generation. A Written Testimony and Act II: The Patents of Nobility are the rapper’s two studio albums, respectively (The Turn).

Jay Electronica started rapping when he was 10 years old, inspired by LL Cool J. He went to St. Augustine High School, which was an all-boys Catholic school.

Electronica moved from New Orleans to New York City as a young adult in the late 1990s but stopped in Atlanta. “All the now hiring signs due to the Olympics,” Electronica was impressed by. He became a registered member of the Nation of Islam in Chicago after accepting Elijah Muhammad’s teachings through the Five-Percent Nation in Atlanta.

Jay Electronica’s Career

Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), Jay Electronica’s debut mixtape, was released on MySpace in 2007. Over 50,000 people downloaded it. Electronica joined the Rock the Bells Tour in 2008 as a result of his popularity and discography.

Later that year, Just Blaze and Jay Electronica chose tracks for Guitar Center’s GAIN project, Fresh Cuts Vol. 3, which includes “Exhibit A (Transformations),” a previously unknown song.

Just Blaze would eventually premiere “Exhibit C” on Tony Touch’s Sirius Radio program on October 27, 2009, and the song immediately gained traction, making its way to terrestrial radio stations like New York’s Hot 97 and spawning artist remixes from MCs AZ, N.O.R.E, Saigon, Joell Ortiz, and others.

After a bidding war, Jay ultimately agreed to join Roc Nation on November 12, 2010. Electronica’s output throughout the following decade consisted of many collaborations and non-album solo tracks, despite the fact that fans and critics had anticipated a full-length debut.

Jay Electronica announced the conclusion of his 40-day recording project, A Written Testimony, on February 7, 2020, via Twitter[10]. On March 13th, 2020, it was released.

After the album had leaked online two days prior, Jay Electronica declared via Twitter on October 5, 2020, that his previously unreleased album, Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn), was now accessible for streaming on Tidal. Jay Electronica made an appearance on Kanye West’s album Donda in August 2021, on the song “Jesus Lord.”

Who is Erykadu Badu?

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Erykah Badu was introduced to the arts at a young age and began performing in shows at the Dallas Theater Center. Kedar Entertainment later merged with Universal Motown, and Badu’s tape drew the eye of music producer Kedar Massenburg, who signed her and partnered her with D’Angelo to record “Your Precious Love.” Badu is best recognized now for her soulful music, which can be heard on albums like Baduizm, which won a Grammy, and Live, which she released in 1997.

Erica Abi Wright, better known as Erykah Badu, was born in Dallas, Texas on February 26, 1971. (Erykah Badu is an Egyptian phrase for one’s “inner self,” and “badu” is her favorite jazz-riff scat sound.) Badu was introduced to the arts at a young age by her actress mother, Kolleen Maria Gipson.

She began performing in plays at the local Dallas Theater Center when she was very young, dancing and singing for her mother. Badu went to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts when it was time for her to start high school. She excelled in singing and dance at the arts magnet school.

During this time, Badu was also active in the Dallas music scene, freestyling on a local Dallas radio station under the moniker DJ Apples. Badu went to Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana, after graduating from high school. She was a theater major with a quantum physics minor.

Badu dropped out of Grambling in 1993 to pursue a musical career. She returned to Dallas, where she taught theatre and worked as a waitress while recording a demo.

Badu’s tape got the attention of music producer Kedar Massenburg, who signed her and partnered her with D’Angelo to record “Your Precious Love” in 1996. Kedar Entertainment, which had been a modest start-up label at the time, was eventually acquired by Universal Motown.

Erykadu Badu’s Career

Baduizm, Badu’s debut album, was released in 1997 and featured soulful singles including “On & On,” “Next Lifetime,” and “Appletree.” The album signaled a transition in music at the time, ushering in a movement known as “neo-soul.” Baduizm was well-received by critics and earned Badu two Grammy Awards for best female R&B vocal performance and best R&B album.

Later that year, Badu dropped her second album, Live. Badu was expecting her first child, son Seven Sirius, whose father is Outkast’s André 3000, at the time of the recording. With the album’s blockbuster song, “Tyrone,” which was fully improvised on stage, Badu’s unrivaled talent was firmly established.

The song “You Got Me” was written by Badu and the Roots in 1999. With the song, Badu won a Grammy for best rap performance by a duet or group for the second year in a row. In the same year, she made her big-screen debut in The Cider House Rules, when she played the tragic and suffering Rose Rose.

In 2000, Badu released her third studio album, Mama’s Gun. She also contributed to Spike Lee’s film Bamboozled’s music. She went on tour with her “Frustrated Artist Tour” for the following several years, and in 2003, she released Worldwide Underground, a fairly experimental record with some best of hip-hop.

The song “Love of My Life Worldwide,” which features Angie Stone, Queen Latifah, and Bahamadia, earned Badu a Grammy nomination for best R&B song for the second time.

In 2003, Badu gave back to the Dallas community by converting the derelict Black Forest Plays into a venue for charitable events and theater. It would also house the offices of her organization, B.L.I.N.D. (Beautiful Love Incorporated Nonprofit Development), which she formed in 1997 with the goal of bringing culture and the arts to inner-city communities in order to foster transformation.

Badu’s second kid, Puma Sabti, was born to her in 2004. She also appeared in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party the same year, performing many songs alongside fellow R&B celebrities. Control FreaQ Records, Badu’s own record label, was founded the following year. The fundamental goal of the label is to provide creative freedom to its artists. Jay Electronica, with whom Badu would later fall in love, was the group’s first artist.

New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War was Badu’s fourth studio album, released in 2008. The album was voted one of the year’s best by Rolling Stone magazine. Mars Merkaba was born to Badu and Jay Electronica in 2009.

New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, Badu’s fifth studio album, was released in 2010 with a milder tone than the previous two. Badu continues to make music, art, and spirituality wherever she travels as the reigning queen of neo-soul.

Mars Merkaba Thedford’s Net Worth

Mars Merkaba Thedford has yet to begin her own career and earn a living, despite the fact that she is only thirteen years old. However, there are some advantages to being a celebrity child. Because of her renowned parents, Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica’s lovely baby has been living a luxury lifestyle.

Erykah Badu, her mother, has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. Jay Electronica, her father, has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Mars Merkaba Thedford’s Social Media

Many Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica followers seem to be intrigued about Mars Merkaba Thedford, their daughter. Despite the fact that social media appears to be the ideal method to keep up with celebrities’ hot and happening lives and their equally famous children, Mars Merkaba has chosen to avoid it. Erykah Badu, fortunately, keeps dedicated followers up to date on her youngest daughter’s whereabouts on a regular basis.

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