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Matthew Patrick, also known as Matpat, is one of the most prominent YouTubers in the world. Rightly so. It is only fitting that you are revered when you have about 3.8 billion views of your videos and over 14 million subscribers. With videos mostly on educational videos on video games, it is safe to ask if this makes up for MatPat net worth. If you have heard of the Game Theorists, then the face behind it is MatPat.

Growing up, everything pointed to the fact that MatPat would be an academic; this time, however, no one saw it coming that he would be one of those entertainment academics. Having a double major in Psychology and Theatre just about sets him on the right path to being an educational entertainer.

Matpat net worth
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Since the emergence of the Game Theorists, the YouTube channel has grown with more and more subscribers. One thing that will always get people’s attention is value. People always tend to go to where there is value. Game Theory became so popular that a similar channel was created called the Film Theory.

Who is MatPat?

MatPat was born Matthew Robert Patrick on November 15, 1986, in Medina County, Ohio. As a child, Patrick was interested in the fine arts. He was so good with his grade that he was made the valedictorian of his high school. His academic excellence saw him get a scholarship to Duke University, where he studied Psychology and Theatre. Not strange that he graduated summa cum laude while also becoming a member of the Phi Beta Kappa. Seeing all the abilities, Patrick has decided to move to New York to pursue a career.

Of course, everyone would want to find acting jobs and gigs in NYC because of the many opportunities. But, things don’t always go as planned, even for extraordinary graduates. Patrick waited for two years before he decided to try something out for himself. So, he uploaded a trailer for what he called Game Theory back then. The trailer was to foretell the scientific explanation behind the SNES game Chrono Trigger.

How Did MatPat Start His Career?

Before the idea of the Game Theory ever came up, Patrick created a YouTube account under the name “MatthewPatrick13” in 2009. The idea was to upload videos of his performances for the musical theatres. He did this for a while, and he got little traction. With no job, Patrick thought of something else.

On April 18, 2011, he uploaded the first episode of Game Theory, where he explained the interconnectedness of reality and gaming in terms of science and culture. He would later upload videos explaining Nintendo characters and reviewing many other popular games like Minecraft, and Five Nights at Freddy’s, among many other games. Videos of him commenting on the gaming market saw him get the attention of big companies. The Game Theorists reached one million subscribers in less than two years on December 17, 2013. Five years later, it hit ten million subscribers. Today, the YouTube channel has about 15.5 million subscribers. Unequivocally, this show has increased MatPat net worth.

What is the Most Viewed MatPat’s Video?

MatPat’s videos have become the template for gamers to understand the nitty-gritty of the gaming industry. But the video that has been viewed the most with over 95.5 million views is titled “Can Gamers Survive The Real Mirror’s Edge? – Game Lab.” The video was about Patrick and some other gaming analysts on YouTube trying to complete parkour challenges in real life.

Does MatPat Own Game Theory?

Yes, MatPat owns Game Theory. He started it on YouTube in 2013. While the channel has grown to accommodate different gaming experts, it still doesn’t take away the fact that Patrick started the idea.

Matpat net worth
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When Did The Film Theorists Start?

The Film Theorists is the second YouTube channel created by Matthew Patrick in 2015. The first episode focused on the prophecy of the chosen ones in the critically acclaimed Harry Potter film series. The film theorists prefer films and series in the film industry instead of games. Today, the Film Theorists have 10.6 million subscribers with over 2 billion views. The video with the most views is the episode, How To Kill Deadpool, which has over 23 million views.
MatPat net worth is influenced by the many YouTube channels he has created, bringing in millions of dollars.

What is The Food Theorists About?

The Food Theorists is the third channel created by Patrick. It was created in 2020. The Food Theorists channel shares videos that relate to food. Although the channel had already started functioning in 2018, it was launched in 2020.

What is MatPat IQ?

Albert Einstein, who many believe is a genius, has an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 160. According to MatPat, he said he has an IQ of 140 – that’s genius level. Little wonder the creator has several ideas for entertainment.

Does MatPat Have A Wife?

MatPat is married to Stephanie Patrick. The duo met at Duke University, where MatPat had his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theatre. They became closer after making videos together. After years of friendship and dating, they finally walked down the aisle on May 19, 2012. They have a son together, Oliver Patrick, born six years later.

What is MatPat Height?

Mathew Patrick is said to be 1.8meters tall.

Matpat net worth
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What is MatPat Net Worth?

MatPat is quite a wealthy man. MatPat net worth is estimated to be $18 million. Yes! That’s correct. He got his wealth from YouTube. With about three channels and combined subscribers of almost 30 million, revenues flowed in.

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