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From Carriker’s youtube channels, you can tell how much he loves to take care of animals and provide for them a safe place to live. This gracious act has put him in the heart of many people around the world, and they try to support him through his numerous donations, so he can do more. Who is Matt Carriker? Why does he love to help animals? What is Matt Carriker net worth? Continue reading to find out.

Matt Carriker net worth
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Mathew Lee Carriker popularly known as Matt Carriker is an American YouTuber, and Veterinarian, who has three popular youtube channels; DemolitionRanch, OfftheRanch. And VetRanch.

His videos cover a lot of things, from his life to guns, to animals. In this article, you will find out all about Matt Carriker’s marital status, Matt Carriker’s youtube videos, Matt Carriker’s net worth, and a lot more.

Matt Carriker’s Early Life

He was born on October 23, 1986, in Boerne Texas, United States. He is 6ft tall and was born into a family of six. Although there is no public information about his family, he has three siblings, Andrew Carriker, Mark Carriker who died of cancer, and Ali Carriker. He went to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Matt Carriker Wife, Meredith Atkinson

Matt Carriker is married to Meredith Atkinson, and together they have three children; Lincoln Carriker, Anne Carriker and Adalyn Carriker. They have been high school sweethearts, who also went to the same college.

Meredith Atkinson studied civil engineering at Texas A&M University and was in a relationship with someone else, when she started having feelings for Matt Carriker, who also was in a relationship with someone else. They broke up with their partners to be together, and got engaged in 2007. Despite studying civil engineering she is now a famous blogger, with her own blog, ‘Mere Carriker.’ Her blogs are based on fashion, beauty and family. She has an online shop, ‘The Linc Boutique,’ which was launched in 2020, with her own line of athletic shorts.  She currently has a net worth of $2million.

Matt Carriker net worth
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Matt Carriker as a YouTuber

He started his first channel, ‘Offtheranch,’ in 2007. The channel has videos based on his daily activities, and he constantly features his family members and friends. The channel currently has over 4 million subscribers, and his videos have gathered over 800 million views. 

Matt Carriker net worth began to grow when he started his second channel, ‘Demolition Ranch,’ in 2011, with videos based on guns. Was Matt Carriker once in the military? In his videos, he compares guns, tests them, and gives reviews on every gun he can get his hands on. This channel earned him the unique name, ‘Demo Ranch Carriker.’ 

The idea of his third channel, ‘Vet Ranch,’ in 2014 came from a very sad experience. Matt Carriker came across a street dog, who had been hit by a car, and was badly injured, he decided on taking the dog to his clinic, to treat the dog and care for it. While taking care of the dog, he made videos of every moment; before treatment, during the treatment, and after the treatment. Matt Carriker then decided on sharing it to the world, after realizing the shocking high rate of homeless, injured animals there is.

Matt Carriker net worth
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This was motivation enough to begin a new channel, fully based on treating a lot of animals, and using social media as a source of support, since he could not handle all the medical expenses himself. Matt Carriker saves and treats animals on funds, gotten from people around the world who make donations, covering the medical expenses on these animals; dogs, hedgehogs, horses, and a lot more. After treating them, he sends them to, ‘Abandoned Pet Project,’ where these animals are adopted and taken to a safe home. 

Matt Carriker Earnings?

Matt Carriker net worth grows from advertisements on his channels, donations, and from the monthly fee paid by his viewers to watch premium content on his channels. The longer his viewers watch his content, the more he earns. He is also the owner of, ‘Bunker Branding Co.’ which sells several products for social media content creators. 

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What is the Youtuber’s Net Worth?

Matt Carriker net worth is currently $5 million, gotten from his earnings on youtube and his company. He lives in Texas Castle, located in hidden hills, California, purchased at over $19 million.

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