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The talk around town is Travis Barker’s proposed marriage with Kourtney Kardashian. While this is the first time the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star is marrying, it will be the third time Travis Barker is tying the knot. The star has been previously married to Melissa Kennedy and Shanna Moakley; both marriages collapsed for reasons best known to the former lovers. Kennedy is Barker’s first wife, and we have carefully brought information about her that you need to know in this article. There is a lot to unravel about the former lovers, but one thing, however, is they were pretty secretive about their relationship till they called off the marriage. 

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Travis Barker, a renowned drummer, announced his engagement to Kourtney Kardashian on October 17, 2021, and fans of the reality TV show have gone haywire. But, the question is, what happened in Travis Barker’s previous relationships? Where did they fail? These are some of the questions fans want answers to.

The truth is, when you are a celebrity, or you become a celebrity because of your relationship with an established star, you are bound to face all kinds of scrutiny. People want to know where you are coming from. Fans become desperate to have something on you, and the cycle goes like when you have children with the said celebrity.

While some celebrities have found a way to keep mum about their private lives, some live their lives on the gram, working for them. 

Who is Travis Barker First Wife, Melissa Kennedy?

Melissa was born as Melissa Lynne Kennedy on July 27, 1982, in Fontana, California, United States. Little is known about her background. One of the reasons we are talking about here today is her marriage to Travis Barker. 

Here are some facts you should know about Travis Barker’s first wife, Melissa Kennedy. 

1. Melissa Kennedy Featured on Documentaries About Travis

Melissa Kennedy may have tried all her possible best to keep a low profile all these years. But, many may not know that she was featured in documentaries surrounding the career of Travis’ bands. The documentaries were released for Blink-182 l, the band’s name, titled The Urethra Chronicles and The Urethra Chronicles II. Both were released in 1999 and 2002, respectively. 

2. Melissa Helped Manage Travis Clothing Brand

As the first wife of the famous drummer, Melissa Kennedy made it her responsibility to take charge of her ex-husband’s business. Travis is known for his extravagant fashion lifestyle. Seeing that his style became fashionable, he opened up his clothing line, Famous Stars and Straps. The clothing line became very popular in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. The Hip-hop themed fashion line received a lot of patronage and was relatively successful. So how did we know Melissa managed the clothing brand? Melissa’s LinkedIn page showed that she was the vice president of the brand between 1999 and May 2002, which coincided with the duo’s relationship as partners. 

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3. Travis and Melissa Kennedy’s Marriage Lasted For a Few Months

Nobody knows how the pair met. Travis joined the band Blink-182 in 1998 as the official drummer. Shortly after, he met Melissa. After then, the band became hugely popular with hit albums like Enema of the State. After the release of the second album, he and Melissa walked down the aisle in the presence of friends and family in 2001.

Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t proceed with their marriage and eventually ended everything in August 2002. It was such a short-lived marriage. We are not sure if infidelity is the reason for the unforeseen breakup. Neither of the couples has come out to refute or confirm the claims surrounding their short-lived marriage. 

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4. Melissa Kennedy is Into Real Estate Business

Her marriage to the Blink-182 drummer may have made her famous, but Kennedy has also made a career for herself. Kennedy’s LinkedIn profile page shows that she was the vice president of the clothing brand, Famous, for a while before the unfortunate turn of events with her marriage meant she had to step down from her position as VP in her ex-husband’s company. 

Melissa will later change her career to real estate. Today, she works as a real estate broker. But, before she got to this position, she worked as a salesperson for Pacific Sands Mortgage and Realty Inc. between June 2003 and March 2006. Later, she got a better job as a real estate broker for Lifestyle Estates Realty and Funding Inc.

There isn’t too much information on what she currently does, and that’s because Melissa has found a way to keep herself low-profile. 

5. Does Travis Barker Have a Tattoo of Melissa Kennedy On His Body? 

Travis Barker has a lot of tattoos on his body. You wouldn’t probably find anyone who has more tattoos than Barker. One time, Travis had Melissa’s name tattooed across his neck. The tattoo is still there, only that somehow, Travis has found a way to cover the name with a giant rose tattoo.

However, in April 2021, the Blink-182 drummer has tattooed Kourtney’s name on his body. Indeed, Barker has a thing for tattooing his lovers on his body. 

6. Is Melissa Kennedy An Author?

Many have confused the ex-wife of Travis Barker for the author K. Melissa Kennedy. However, this Kennedy is never a writer and should not be mistaken for the author of the successful The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight, released in 2017. 

7. Did Melissa and Travis Have Any Child Together?

The marriage was short-lived, and they didn’t have any children together. Although, Travis later had kids, Landon Asher Barker and Alabam Luella Barker, with his second wife Shanna Moakley, the former Miss USA. 


Melissa Kennedy is today behind the lenses of the camera. She prefers not to be in the spotlight, and we respect that. However, we do not know if she has remarried or is in a relationship, as everything about her private life remains private. 

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