The 15 Best Men’s Braided Hairstyles

Men’s braided hairstyles have replaced the men’s bun as the hippest new hairdo for males, taking its place. The edgy and adaptable style is ideal for achieving an appearance that is both current and unique. Man braids come in a variety of styles to suit any man, from big, courageous designs to modest, understated ones.

Therefore, you can flaunt braids anytime you’re ready, whether you think yourself to be a hipster, a rugged guy, or simply a modern man. To get inspired to try this trend, just read through to see the coolest guy braid hairstyles.

1. Mohawk Braids for Men

men's braided hairstyles

What if you have a tendency to rebel and, on the other hand, like braids? You shouldn’t be concerned, I suppose. By wearing braided hairstyles, you may still show off your rebellious nature without having a cause. Mohawk braids are the greatest option for you.

You can choose from a variety of unusual braids for men, but the braided Mohawk is at the top of our list. As long as it conveys what you want to tell the world, the style can be as original as you like. In order to create a Mohawk, you should first shave the sides as is customary, and then braid a few strands on top.

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2. Backcombed Hair with Side Braids

men's braided hairstyles

An edgy and cool appearance can be achieved with backcombed hair and side braids. Hair of different types and lengths can be backcombed in a beautiful way. If you have long hair, it can keep it out of your face because it is made by brushing the hair backward. You can experiment with your hair and represent your individuality and sense of style by pairing it with side braids.

Your face can be framed and your features brought out by side braids. Choose the braid that best suits your hair and appeals to you out of the many available styles. They can also be attractive, helping to hide a broad face or a huge forehead.

3. Cornrows Hair Design

men's braided hairstyles

One of the most well-liked braided hairstyles for guys is cornrows, which you can customize for your hair’s texture and length. You can be creative with the designs and add your own touches to them as well. This could take the form of a number of patterns, including zigzags, waves, spider braids, and vortex looks.

The best thing about hair design is that it lets you express yourself while collaborating with your stylist to achieve a style that best suits your personality and sense of style. It could be straightforward and uncomplicated or edgy and risky. For more impact and a spectacular finish, you can add colorful wire or beads to your hair.

4. Cornrows with Box Braids

men's braided hairstyles

To create a daring and distinctive appearance that complements the texture and length of your hair, you can combine many braids. Even while the majority of individuals stick to only one protective style, such as box braids or cornrows, you are free to mix and match different designs. Stick with side cornrows and a box of braided hair on top of the head for the simplest result.

Depending on the size of the box braids you choose to make, the contrast can be either mild or strong. This style is both expressive and statement-making while still being useful. Protective hairstyles will speed up natural hair development while minimizing breakage and cutting down on regular grooming time.

5. Blond Box Braids

men's braided hairstyles

Since they are simple to make and have so many different applications, box braids are a popular protective style. They can be tailored to fit different hair lengths and textures as well as your own style. Blond box braids are one option for doing this; the light tint can be attractive and draw attention to your braids.

Additionally, it is an excellent technique to highlight your facial characteristics and draw attention to your face. Blonde hair may provide a contrast when worn by men with darker skin, providing a striking and stylish look. You may have seen it on some of the hottest male celebrities and sports players. You can experiment with other hues, such as black and blond box braids, which will draw attention to you.

6. Crown Braid with Ponytail

men's braided hairstyles

A crown braid with a ponytail is a daring, eye-catching hairdo that will make you stand out. In recent years, many men have adopted longer hair, bucking the antiquated beliefs that shorter hair is associated with masculinity. Crown braids are sometimes thought of as a feminine accent to the hair, but this style demonstrates that, when worn with confidence, they can be worn by both men and women.

You can combine your hairstyle with a fade for a unique contrast. Additionally, this will give your appearance structure and emphasize the texture of your hair. The fact that a ponytail is so simple to style and requires little work or ability is one of its benefits. Sweeping the hair away from the face can also make your features stand out.

7. Faux Side Braid

men's braided hairstyles

It’s time to experiment with side braids if you enjoy the notion of braiding and want to give your hairstyle an edgier twist. A fake side braid is a great method to style your hair and will contrast the hair on top and in the back with the hair on the side of your head. This allows you to experiment with size and proportion and can be quite attractive.

It can frame your face and attract attention to your facial characteristics. The difference between the braids and the rest of your hair will be more obvious the longer and thicker your hair is, though this style can be done on hair of all different lengths and textures.

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8. Long Hair with Loose Side Braid

men's braided hairstyles

The idea that only women can have longer hair is outmoded and long hair for males is fantastic. Additionally, it is highly adaptable, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles. This includes wearing your hair up or adorning it with intriguing elements like braids or beads. You can wear braids loose or tight, depending on your desire.

The more relaxed appearance of loose braids makes them ideal for casual settings. You can play with proportions and create a good contrast by deciding to add many braids to your hair. Additionally, it enables you to express yourself and create a distinctive appearance.

9. Viking Cornrow Braids

men's braided hairstyles

Vikings were raiders and warriors whose prowess in combat and zeal to explore and conquer new places served as the inspiration for innumerable TV episodes. Tattoos and hairstyles have also drawn inspiration from them. Viking cornrow braids are the best if you want a trendy and edgy braided hairdo.

Although they are made in a manner similar to side braids, they are bold, macho, and distinctive. These braids can be done on all different lengths of hair, although longer hair will seem more striking. Additionally, it might be a good idea to structure and contrast your braids with an undercut or fade.

10. Purple and Fuschia Cornrows

men's braided hairstyles

Try out several cornrow styles, including those with contemporary accents and unorthodox partings. Nevertheless, experimenting with hair color is among the best methods to express oneself. A terrific method to bring attention to your hair and accentuate the texture and style is to choose bold, vibrant hair colors.

Additionally, it is an opportunity to have fun and demonstrate to others your willingness to take chances. Try two colors if you find it difficult to choose just one. The ombre coloring technique, which combines two colors, is the best approach to accomplish this. These could be complementing colors like purple and fuschia or they could be in stark contrast. You need a lot of self-assurance to pull this off, but it’s a terrific way to add some color to your appearance.

11. Cornrow Waves

men's braided hairstyles

A terrific protective style that can also be tailored to your hair’s length, texture, and preferences are cornrows. Cornrow waves are a great option for males who desire a new, fresh style. They distinguish themselves from conventional cornrows by having a wavy appearance and offer a fun alternative to their front-to-back pattern. With its attitude-filled short hairdo, you may have fun with your hair while yet maintaining it in a protective style that can lessen breakage and promote natural development.

12. Curly Hair with Side Dutch Braids

men's braided hairstyles

The best thing about curly hair is that it can provide texture and interest to even the most straightforward hairstyles. Consider wearing it in side Dutch braids and with shaved sides if you want to embrace the texture of your hair while adding structure.

Your head will appear bigger and thicker because of the shaved sides, which will draw attention to the top of your head. You can experiment with various thicknesses and your side braids don’t even need to be nice or straight to look good. Enjoy the attention your braids will attract by sporting them with confidence.

13. Triangle Box Braids

men's braided hairstyles

For the man who prefers box braids that are distinctive, triangle box braids are fantastic. These braids are made by cutting the hair into several sections, but rather than focusing on a boxy shape, it emphasizes a triangle one.

The outcome is a captivating finish that can highlight your sense of style. They have an angular shape that draws more attention to their artificial appearance. This is excellent for anyone seeking a contemporary twist. Additionally a protective style, these braids promote hair growth and lessen breakage. You can shorten the styling process.

14. Red Box Braids with Beads

men's braided hairstyles

Box braids are appealing due to their adaptability and ease of customization to fit your own style. This involves donning them with flashy clothing and ornaments for the hair. As one of the most striking colors, red draws attention to your braids right away, giving you a distinctive and intriguing finish.

Beads can also be worn as a means to respect your heritage, wear your hair with pride, and feel more connected to your ancestors. There are numerous bead options and ways to put them in your hair. Add a few to the ends of your braids for a striking effect. Although a lot of confidence is required, this look is not for the weak of the heart.

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15. Box Braids with Shaved Sides

men's braided hairstyles


Box braids can be either large or small; if you want a modest but stylish appearance, keeping them on the smaller end is a great choice. Small box braids are also excellent for fine or thin hair because they are lightweight and won’t stress or harm the scalp.

They are also adaptable and only require three to four inches of length when made from natural hair. Pair it with faded or shaved sides to create the structure to your style. The contrast between the top of the head’s hair and the sides that have been shaved is intriguing. It may also appear cleaner and more polished. This can provide you with an advantage depending on the styling you choose.

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