Men’s Denim Guide: The Best Jeans For Men

Every modern man needs a good pair of jeans in his closet since they are timeless, easy to wear, and always stylish. It pays to show a little regard for these hard-working guys because they bridge all social and economic boundaries and are the ideal choice for casual Friday. We’ve put together a denim dictionary with styles, kinds, and care instructions to help you in your search for the next perfect pair.

Men's Denim Guide: The Best Jeans For Men

Which Jeans Style Should I Wear?

Unfortunately, the enormous popularity of denim doesn’t make it much simpler to select the ideal pair; in fact, the cluttered environment might make it fairly challenging to see the forest for the trees. To begin with, knowing fit and cut is crucial to figuring out what is appropriate for your body type.

Denim should always fit your body and display signs of personal flair while remaining as comfy as possible without compromising style or silhouette. Here is our summary of the key reductions to take into account.

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Types of Skinny Jeans

Slim Leg Jeans

The narrow-leg jean, which may be the most flexible style, flatters larger thighs because of how the tapering ankle lengthens and slims the figure. When purchasing narrow-leg jeans, it’s also advised to err on the side of a true fit, with a snug waistband fit being essential to provide long-term comfort when you start to notice some flexibility in the fabric.

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  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Super flex denim: 30% stretch
  • Slim through seat and thigh, slim leg opening
  • Premium 5-pocket denim

Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny-fit jeans are best suited to lithe model types with slim legs and height since they are closely cut, have a good amount of stretch, and are narrowly cut. We’re trying for a rockstar style here, not body paint, so thin-fit jeans shouldn’t be entirely skin-tight regardless of your build.

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  • 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Sits below waist
  • Slim through seat and thigh
  • Extremely skinny leg

Straight Leg Jeans

The straight leg is essentially the original denim style and a traditional All-American favorite. Straight-leg jeans look best on athletic guys since they are typically cut straight from the hips down the legs with little tapering, and the wide shoulder-to-hip ratio helps to balance off the bagginess of the cut. Slim men can also pull off the straight leg in a laid-back situation, albeit in a more relaxed, bohemian way.

  • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Officially Licensed Chaps
  • Comfort Fit
  • Versatile
  • Durable Denim Pants

Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans offer exactly what their name implies: they straddle the line between straight-leg and slim-leg jeans for a gentler take on the straight-leg style. What you want is a small taper that skims the leg and fits, especially around the thighs and calves. Tapered-leg jeans attain a “footballer” style with a comfy seat and streamlined calves and ankles. They are more flattering than the narrow fit but more sculpted than the straight leg.

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  • 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Sits below waist
  • Regular through seat and thigh
  • Slightly tapered leg

Types of Denim

One must take into account the type of denim that is best for them in addition to cutting. There are numerous different methods to handle denim, from waxed types to thicker selvage and eye-catching acid wash, and a discriminating gentleman will have more than one variety in his collection. Fabric and rinse are important factors to take into account depending on your lifestyle and current outfit, from high-fashion styles to denim that can carry you from the office to the bar.


Selvedge, also known as raw denim, is heavier, stiffer, and darker in color than standard denim and has been embraced by the fashion elite as a genuine, high-quality alternative to traditional stonewashed denim. Modern selvedge denim is still made the same way it was in the early 1800s: woven on a conventional shuttle loom. It has a special edge at the hem that prevents the cloth from unraveling during manufacture.

As a result of its exclusive and illustrious manufacturing technique, it is regarded as superior quality denim to the popular stonewash. Selvedge denim has a charming, clean appearance when it is brand new, but as it ages, it develops a distinctive protagonist quality.

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Stonewashed denim is what quickly comes to mind when you think of jeans, making it a mainstay in every modern gent’s collection. Stone washing results in a worn-out, faded appearance. This is done by either employing chemicals to generate the effect without the use of a revolving drum or by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum. The simplicity of the stonewashed aesthetic is part of its appeal and is undoubtedly why it is so popular.

Acid Wash

Acid wash jeans are created by chemically bleaching the denim with chlorine or “acid”-soaked pumice, turning some of the cloth white in the process. This gives acid-wash jeans their mottled appearance. Acid wash denim has a 90s punk style and is a daring choice, especially in deeper shades that look new for summer.


To give them a shining sheen, waxed jeans are made of denim that has been painted, waxed, or coated with wax. Through this process, the cloth gains a subdued black sheen that gives it a sleek, dapper look and gives it the luxurious feel of leather without the bulk or discomfort of leather pants.

Denim Styling Tips

Men's Denim Guide: The Best Jeans For Men

When we suggest that denim—and particularly jeans—will be the most adaptable item of clothing we ever buy, we believe we speak for the majority of guys. Practically everywhere can be utilized for them, including at home, at work, when walking the dog, and in countless other situations. Nevertheless, it’s critical to keep in mind that everything has its own time and place, including fashion.

For instance, although wearing excessively baggy jeans to a backyard BBQ may be acceptable, doing so on dates or on a night out with friends is nearly unheard of.

The same idea also applies to double denim; while donning an outfit made of the same material and color scheme may be OK for a seven-year-old, it is unquestionably inappropriate for adults.

The occasion is the Key

The fact that there are so many different styles to pick from is one of the best qualities of jeans. However, everything depends on the situation. Choose jeans that are appropriate for the level of physical endurance you plan to engage in during the day. Your attire for a formal function should showcase a more sophisticated aspect of you. It is strongly advised to wear dark denim and black clothing. This works well when paired with a great pair of dress shoes.

On the other hand, if the event is casual, such as going grocery shopping or taking a walk in the park, it is better to wear loose-fitting straight jeans. Check that it has deep pockets for items like wallets, phones, and keys, and always see how you can move about in them. It’s wonderful to wear it with a different colored belt because it not only demonstrates how the jeans can be worn with a variety of color schemes but also makes sure that they won’t unintentionally fall down in public, which is always a bonus.

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Double Denim

The monochromatic appearance is gradually going out of style, and the easiest way to achieve the double denim look is by using two distinct color palettes that contrast one another. A black jacket and blue faded jeans, or vice versa, are frequently worn together. Since pastel-colored jeans are a style that is growing more and more popular in the market, contrasting denim is now even simpler to execute.

Whatever you are wearing underneath must have a pop of color for you to pull this off well. Although white is usually a good option, a grey, emerald, or cerulean shirt or T-shirt would be considerably more appropriate. Yellow, orange, purple, and limeade, to mention a few, are some additional colors to think about. You may also use this to balance out your color scheme by matching the color of your shoes and other accessories, such as gloves and scarves.

How to Clean Your Jeans

Although washing your clothes is not brain surgery, it still has us baffled. There are numerous theories out there about how to properly clean your jeans and even how frequently, if ever, you should wash them. Although it won’t keep us up at night (typically), the denim conundrum is worth solving or at the very least, researching.

This is due to the fact that learning how to properly care for your jeans can increase their lifespan by years or even decades. And if you’ve ever spent a lot of money on a quality pair of jeans, you’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth by making sure they stay tight and don’t sag. We’ve put together a list of our finest cleaning methods and suggestions for jeans, along with hazards to watch out for, to help you with all of your pressing denim laundering questions.

Wash Jeans—But Less

Take a load off, the laundry load that is. Basically, if your pants don’t smell bad and don’t look obviously unclean, they are clean (read: no wash cycle necessary). The washing machine may be effective, but repeated cycles of rinsing, spinning, and drying aren’t the most friendly on denim. It is best to avoid it as much as possible.

While it would be tempting to wear your favorite pair of Levi’s again (after all, the ideal-fitting jeans are so difficult to come across), think about switching them out with other ones so that each stays reasonably spotless for longer. It also helps to get high-quality denim, if you can. When worn repeatedly, high-end jeans typically hold their shape better and prevent bagging. As a result, you can wash them less frequently without harming the fabric.

Spot-Clean Isolated Stains

Even if your jeans pass the smell test but have a minor stain (perhaps from slurping pasta), all is not lost. Try spot-treating the particular stain rather than tossing the items in the washing machine. Apply a laundry stain-removing product directly to the troublesome area to do this. After a short while, soak and cleanse the stain with a clean, moist cloth. We’ve all had stains from cosmetics, nail polish, and periods, so check out our stain removal guidelines for those if you’re looking for some light reading that’s still quite useful.

Read Garment Tags

First of all, how fashion-polarizing of you if you have a pair of bejeweled jeans in your rotation of denim? However, more importantly, you should consider twice before washing them. Some jeans, particularly ones with embellishments—you name it: pearls, lace, crystal studs—could call for specific handling. Therefore, even if the laundry instructions are not what you were hoping for, always check the clothing tag for them. There is a reason why it reads “dry clean only” and “hand wash only.”

Turn Jeans Inside-Out

Here’s a quick tip that can significantly impact how long your jeans last after being washed: Jeans should always be loaded into the washing machine with the inside out. This lessens friction on denim’s “face,” or the outer layer, and helps to decrease fabric bleeding.

Don’t Fear Hand-Washing

If you’re unlucky enough to have the dreadful “hand wash only” tag on your jeans, take note: Although handwashing may seem tedious, it actually has the potential to increase the lifespan of your denim. It’s not as simple as, say, just loading the washer and walking away, but it’s also not as challenging as you might imagine.

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First, add a cap’s worth of mild laundry detergent to a bathtub filled with about six inches of warm water (FYI: one designed for baby laundry will work great). Next, stretch out your jeans flat in the tub and submerge them for 20 minutes. Rinse well with warm water, wring out any remaining moisture, and then hang to dry. And don’t forget to relax by playing some music in the background. People, it’s referred to as laundry meditation therapy.

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