Michael Blackson Net Worth: About His Early Life, Career And Net Worth

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Michael Blackson Net Worth

Michael Blackson Net Worth

Michael Blackson net worth is estimated to be $2 million as a Ghanaian actor and comedian. Michael Blackson is a popular stand-up comedian who incorporates his experiences in both Africa and America into his jokes. He speaks with a little Ghanaian accent.

Michael Blackson refined his comic abilities in 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s acerbic comedy clubs. Eddie Murphy’s humorous delivery served as an inspiration for him, and he is currently climbing the ranks of acting. His role as “Angry African” in the comedy Next Friday from 2000 remains his most enduring performance. He has also been on 30 Rock, P Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, and a Chappelle Show advertisement.

Several music videos and episodes of The MoNique Show on BET also featured Blackson. Michael Blackson continues to entertain his fans as the featured performer for live appearances at comedy clubs, colleges, and special events. He does stand-up comedy and offers unique humor to audiences around the globe.

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Who is Michael Blackson?

Michael Blackson Net Worth

The “African King of Comedy” is Michael Blackson, an American actor, and stand-up comedian. Ghana is where Michael was born. In 1987, he immigrated to the US as a teenager to pursue the American dream. When he started playing at nearby Philadelphia bars in 1992, he had his first experience with comedy jobs.

With time, he began taking part in renowned competitions, including the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania-based 1993 Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour and the New York City-based 1996 Urban Comedy Festival. In the 2000s, he took part in well-known comedy contests such as the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in Oakland and the Laffapolooza Comedy Festival in Atlanta.

The three comedians he values most in terms of career choice are Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Bernie Mac. As an actor, Michael is most well-known for his excellent work in the 2011 comedy movie “Next Friday,” which was made by Ice Cube’s production company. In addition, he has made several TV appearances, including “30 Rock.”

Early Life

Michael was born in Ghana, a nation in West Africa, on November 28, 1972. His father worked for a theater firm, while his mother taught in a high school.
Michael’s father has always wanted his son to be a movie producer. As a result, Michael began taking acting classes at an early age.

Michael wasn’t exactly raised in the lap of luxury. Michael kept working toward his goals despite his parents’ low income.

Blackson moved to the US at the tender age of 13 to pursue an acting career. He noticed how weirdly other kids would regard him regularly. He eventually realized that they were just acting like kids and that he needed to grow into a confident person by bettering himself.

He continued his struggles while residing in Philadelphia. He delivered pizzas for a living, and one of his employees suggested that he give a stage performance.

He had amazing speeches and sketches, and a colleague urged him to try his luck in comedy. He served as a coach at “Philadelphia Community College” and helped Michael write his first comedic script.

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Michael Blackson Net Worth

Michael made his stage debut at Philadelphia’s former “Comedy Works.” He soon began giving performances at other Philadelphia clubs and pubs.

His first performances made him well-liked by the public, which gave him more confidence to play well. After receiving praise for his performances, Michael began taking part in numerous comedy contests.

His first performance was at the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania stop of the “1993 Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour,” which was followed by the “1996 Urban Comedy Festival” in New York City. Later, he participated in the Atlanta “Laffapolooza Comedy Festival.”

He took part in Oakland’s “Bay Area Black Comedy Competition” in 2001. When he decided to relocate to New York to grow his show business, his fame skyrocketed. The audience was delighted by his performances. Michael found popularity as a comedian before realizing he also had acting potential.

It’s interesting to note that he landed his big break as an actor while performing at a comedy club in Los Angeles. Actor and director Ice Cube observed his remarkable and natural acting abilities during the performance.

Ice Cube invited Michael to try out for one of his productions even though he was only there to see comedian Mike Epps perform. For Michael, the outcome was a complete surprise. He ultimately received a part in a movie that Ice Cube’s production firm, “Cubevision,” was going to make. Michael already had a reputation as “The African King of Comedy,” and now he wanted to pursue a career in acting.

He made his acting debut in the comedy “Next Friday” in 2000. He participated in the movie alongside Ice Cube, Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr., Mike Epps, Don “DC” Curry, and John Witherspoon. The movie was a sequel to “Friday,” which debuted in 1995. His well-known portrayal of the “Angry African Man Customer” catalyzed his Hollywood acting career. In 2005, he released the sketch-comedy CD “Modasucka: Welcome to America.”

His career was furthered by the success of his CD. Additionally, he had an appearance on the well-known American comedy program “30 Rock,” which was created by comedian and actor Tina Fey. Along with Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer, and Scott Adsit, Tina Fey starred in the Emmy-winning program. Michael gained more acting possibilities as a result of his involvement in the popular show.

The same year, Michael had an appearance on P Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy” on HBO. Additionally, he was given the chance to appear in a commercial for Dave Chappelle’s sketch-comedy TV show “Chappelle’s Show,” which airs on Comedy Central.

Alongside Master P, who served as the film’s writer and producer, he starred in “Repos” in 2007. In the 2010 music video for B.o.B’s “I’ll Be in the Sky,” Michael made an appearance. Michael made an appearance on the American talk show “The Mo’Nique Show” in 2011, which was hosted by the comedian and performer Mo’Nique.

He received the exposure he deserved after his performance on the show made him a “Twitter” hot topic. He also made an appearance in the “Are We There Yet?” TBS sitcom. The popular Ice Cube-starring 2005 film of the same name served as inspiration for the sitcom. On “Shaquille O’Neal All-Star Comedy Jam,” he then made an appearance.

He also appeared on the “Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up” episode of the “Starz” program. On “YouTube,” his appearance received 3 million views. In 2016, he made an appearance in his upcoming film, “Meet the Blacks.” Mike Epps, Gary Owen, George Lopez, and Zulay Henao were the film’s stars. It was a satire of the 2013 horror film “The Purge” and a comedy-horror film.

Michael played “Mr. Wooky” in the film. This was also Charlie Murphy’s last film before he passed away. Beginning in 2018, “BET” officially announced Michael as the host of the “BET Social Awards.” The speech was delivered on February 11, 2018.

In the future, Michael has big goals and wants to collaborate on more comedies and films. But he does promise to perform stand-up comedy every time.

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Personal Life

Michael Blackson Net Worth

Georgia Reign, a Grammy-winning songwriter, and performer was long thought to be Michael’s girlfriend. He was, however, charged with infidelity since he had been observed once in a hotel with an unidentified woman.

Michael subsequently denied the accusations. There is no information available regarding his present relationship status, either with Georgia or any other woman, as he leads a very secretive life.

Additionally, his sexuality has occasionally been called into question. As a result, Michael “tweeted” that he would “never be broke, gay, or light skin.” This helped put an end to the allegations.

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