Michael Marin Rivera Net Worth, Career, Siblings & Daughter

The death of a loved one is usually enough for most people to go back to their shells. But, for some like Michael Marin Rivera, it is enough to take the spotlight away from him. Unfortunately, the spotlight has been on Rivera’s family for horrible things.

First, legendary Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Jose Marin was convicted of sexually assaulting his daughters and sister-in-law. Secondly and sadly, Jenni Rivera passed on in a fatal air crash in 2012. So how has her son, Michael Marin Rivera, coping with the loss? It must have been unbearable at some point, we believe, but moving on is the best antidote to grief.

Michael Marin Rivera
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This article will focus on some facts about Michael that most people don’t know. It is easy to be consumed in the limelight of your parents that what you are doing may not get recognition because your parents or members of your family are celebrities. Well, we intend to demystify Michael Marin Rivera as you read on.

Who is Michael Marin Rivera?

His full name is Trinidad Angelo Michael Marin Rivera. Such a handful, you’d say. On September 11, 1991, Michael was born to now-convicted Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera in California. He grew up with several siblings, including; Jenica Lopez, Jacqui Campos, Chiquis Rivera, Johnny Lopez.

The chubby man attended Lower Merion High School before proceeding to Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. He is an artist and is currently unmarried.

Here are facts you probably didn’t know of Michael Marin Rivera.

1. Michael Marin Rivera is An Artist

Michael didn’t follow the path of his siblings. He instead decided to focus on painting. He attended the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College to enhance his drawing of murals and artwork. Today, Michael is interested in images and has quite a few paintings that he has published and laid out for auction.

2. His Siblings Are Music Artistes

Unlike him, Michael’s siblings decided to follow the path of their legendary mother in music. Chris and Jacqui are both doing fine in their career paths, even though both are years older than him.

Chris released her first single, Paloma Blanca, and it has received a lot of acceptance, perhaps because she dedicated the song to her late mother. Since then, she has released other songs, Esa No Say Yo and Completamente.
Jacqui, on the other hand, is a reality TV show star. She has featured in series like I Love Jenni, The Riveras, Chiquis ‘n Control.

3. He Has Half-siblings

Michael’s mother, Jenni Rivera, divorced his father, Jose Trinidad Marin, after accusations of sexual assaults. She then married Juan Lopez. With Lopez, Jenni Rivera had two children who are Michael’s half-siblings. Johnny Lopez and Jenica Lopez are both half-siblings to Michael.

Jenica runs a YouTube channel where she teaches make-up skills. The youngest sibling, Johnny Lopez, follows after her mother by becoming an artist. He goes by the name Cinco.

Michael Marin Rivera
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4. Michael Is Not His Real Name From Birth

Michael was named Trinidad Angelo Marin after his father. But after the news of his father’s charges of sexual assaults and rape, Michael decided to change his name. He has since become comfortable with the change of name.

5. Michael is Also An Actor

Though not on a high key, Michael is an actor. He has appeared in series like I Love Jenni, a show that retold the life of Jenni Rivera. Interestingly, the show received critical acclaim.

6. Michael Marin Rivera is a Professional Mural Artist

Rivera is a professional mural artist. His famous works of Nipsey Hustle Kobe Bryant have received much attention. He draws murals for money these days, and with people getting more interested in the arts, he is making a lot of money.

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7. His Net Worth is $1 Million

Reports say Michael Marin Rivera has a net worth of $1 million. While his income is still under scrutiny and review, it is noteworthy that his mother was a wealthy woman before her demise, and he’s probably enjoying the enormous wealth left for them.

Michael Marin Rivera
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8. He Has A Daughter

Michael Marin Rivera has a daughter he shared with Drea Ibarra. No, he is not married, but he was in a relationship with Ibarra from 2011 to 2013, and it produced a child, Luna Marin Ibarra. He often shares pictures of himself and his daughter on his Instagram page. Today, he and his ex-girlfriend take turn taking care of their daughter.

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