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Some of the celebrities that rose to fame did so due to their partner or the company they keep. Michael Tell is one of such personality. 

Michael Tell is the ex-husband of the celebrity actress Patty Duke. However, what amuses people the most is the nature of their relationship and marriage. Though they seemed well into each other, they were married for only thirteen days.

Of course, there have been several cases of short-term marriages relating to celebrities, but none surprised fans as much as this pair did. Today, Michael Tell remains a sensation in the industry, and his name pops up whenever the actress’s name is. 

If you’re wondering what is happening in the life of Michael Tell, you should keep reading. You’ll also learn what there is to know about the man who was Patty’s husband for less than two weeks.

Michael tell

What You Should Know About Michael Tell

One would expect that there would be so much in the open about this couple. But, on the contrary, there is very little information about Tell. Before his marriage to the actress, there was no reason to discover much about him; therefore, his past remains a mystery. 

Simply put, there’s nothing to know about his parents, birthplace, birth date, and childhood. However, it is clear that he was born in the 50s and is a US citizen. Furthermore, he attended high school in his hometown though there is uncertainty about the school as no one knows his hometown. 

Many might consider it weird that a personality like him withholds personal information. However, he has preferred to avoid the scrutiny and criticism of fans and others. 

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What Does Michael Tell Do To Make A Living?

Tell is an American rock promoter whose fame peaked after his marriage to Duke. Before then, he made a living of the same means but was popular among the locals. 

Michael Tell’s Net Worth

Tell has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which is only a fraction of his ex-wife, who had $100 million. His wealth stems from his work promoting rock music. In other words, it is safe to say that he is pretty successful in his endeavors.

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Michael Tell’s Relationship with Patty Duke

Michael Tell and Patty Duke are an exciting couple whose relationship terms have remained a source of interest to fans. According to several reports, the couple met in a restaurant and fell in love with each other. 

Without hesitation, they tied the knot soon after, in June 1970. However, other sources disputed this fantasy tale and said that the actress married him when she was unsettled.

As a result of her mental health, she impulsively wedded Tell and rented out her apartment. The same sources say that she discovered she was pregnant before exchanging vows with Tell. Unfortunately, whatever led them to the registry was not potent enough to last a lifetime, and they separated 13 days later.

They annulled their marriage a year later.

Michael tell

The Confusion Revolving Around Sean Astin’s Birth

Patty welcomed her son into the world a few months before the annulment of their marriage. However, the situation surrounding Sean’s birth was so complicated that it was difficult to determine the child’s father. 

This resulted from her multiple relationships. After she and Tell went their separate ways, she went into a relationship with the actor, John Astin. However, John was married to Suzanne during that period, and both had to keep their relationship a secret. Nonetheless, when she birthed her son in 1971, she and John were still in a relationship.

Thus, it was easy to assume that John was the father of Sean. Besides, the couple later got married, and Sean automatically became an Astin.

However, when Sean was 14, Patty told him that his biological father was Desi Arnaz Jr, the man she was involved with before she met Michael. Things became complex when Sean ran into one of Tell’s relations, who told the lad that he was related to Tell.

With three men holding the position of his “father,” Sean decided it was time to find out the truth. As a result, he had all three men take a paternity test to determine the biological father.

Michael Tell was the original father, closing all doubts to their surprise. However, Sean never thought of leaving John Astin. Instead, he mentioned that though Tell was his biological father, John had been the fatherly figure in his life. 

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