Michaela Mendez: Early Life, Career And Net Worth

Michaela Mendez sheismichaela nateslife

Michaela Mendez is well-known as an American social media star and YouTuber from California. She also represents several products as a brand ambassador, including Fashion Nova and Rockstar Original Denim. She became well-known in 2017 after posting YouTube videos about herself and her ex-boyfriend.

American YouTuber Michaela Mendez is known as sheisMichaela on all of her social media sites. She collaborates frequently with other influencers and content producers while producing lifestyle videos, such as fashion and romance vlogs.

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Early Life

Michaela was born in Santa Clarita, in the American state of California. She is one of a large family of five children, which includes two sisters and three brothers.

In 2023, Michaela Mendez will be 29 years old. Her conception took place on July 25, 1994. Leo is her birth sign.

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Career and Fame

According to Michaela, she was always popular in school and afterward leveraged this popularity and her attractiveness to develop her online reputation. She has additionally made appearances as a video vixen in a few rap music videos.

Through Instagram photos, Michaela garnered notoriety for her beauty. She has talked openly about getting cosmetic surgery. Though it was necessary at the time, she advised other girls to consider their options thoroughly before getting the operation.

In addition to her position as a social media influencer, she has a nursing degree. Despite enrolling, she left nursing school in 2016. She was distracted. She did, however, return later and complete her education. She talks about how her family has supported her throughout everything.

She also enjoys singing, and she frequently posts videos of herself performing songs by her favorite artists. As of this writing, she has over 591 thousand subscribers on YouTube, over 656 thousand followers on Instagram, and over 357 thousand followers on TikTok.

Her net worth is thought to be around $200,000 despite the lack of information from trustworthy sources. The majority of the influencer’s money comes from sales of advertising space on her successful YouTube channel. Her business relationships with companies like Rockstar Original Denim, Excuse Tequila, Fashion Nova, and Avell Home have brought in money for her.

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Personal Life

Michaela Mendez

Michaela dated Nathan Boucaud, another content producer, for about three years. The two of them became well-known on YouTube thanks to their romance films, which also helped Nathan’s channel. They even discussed starting a family while engaged. However, she acknowledged their breakup in a November 2019 YouTube video.

The Instagram star and Prince Yack, another content creator, are dating as of 2022. The couple was embroiled in an infidelity scandal in 2021, and they later said they hadn’t talked about their relationship at the time. Michaela even posted on TikTok that she had surrendered her heart to Prince Yack, so it would seem that they were able to sort things out.

What transpired between Kanye West and Michaela Mendez?

Michaela Mendez sheismichaela nateslife

When reports of a romance with singer Kanye West appeared in December 2021, SheisMichaela’s fans were astounded.

A fellow Instagram star and personality named Yasmine Lopez was initially charged with dating Michaela’s boyfriend. By entering her home, she saw Yasmine in bed with Prince Yack, she claimed in an Instagram story.

Yasmine said that everything was a lie and that Michaela was having an affair with Kanye. The entire situation became fairly theatrical when both parties criticized one another on their Instagram feeds. In a video that Michaela and Prince Yack released to YouTube in January 2022, Yasmine was revealed to be the subject of his illicit liaison.

Both the rapper and Michaela chose not to address the Kanye rumors, though. Fans continue to be confused about Michaela Mendez and Kanye West’s relationship.

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Who is Nathan Boucaud?

Nateslife nate got keys michaela mendez

Nathan Boucaud is an American social media star and online sensation by the name of NatesLife and is well-known for his humorous and competitive YouTube videos. Pranks, contests, and vlogging videos by NatesLife are extremely popular, and as a result, he has gained millions of fans.

Early Life

No information about his parents’ identities can be found on any social media platform. Furthermore, nothing is known about his siblings or other family members. He doesn’t let his personal life get in the way of his work like many other well-known actors do. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Trinidad and Tobago, where he spent most of his youth. After that, Nathan relocated to the UK and traveled to several other countries.

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As can be seen from his YouTube videos, Nathan is a skilled prankster. He enjoys making jokes about others, particularly those who are close to him. He used to perform practical jokes on his friends and family when he was a college student. Then, Nathan’s decision to obtain employment through publishing humorous videos proved to be a game-changer.

On August 29, 2014, Nathan launched his “NatesLife” YouTube channel. He quickly attracted a considerable audience with the videos he released on the channel. Then he began using “Omegle,” an internet chat platform. He uploaded some of his amusing Omegle conversations to his YouTube channel.

Fortunately, his channel began to receive more views once he began using “Omegle.” Like this, he began utilizing the online messaging service “Chatroulette” to boost his user base. Unexpectedly, his strategy was successful; within days, his channel had a million subscribers and daily views of more than 100 million.

Nathan already has a YouTube account called “Nate Got Keys.” He launched the channel with the help of his girlfriend Michaela Mendez. There have been 10,855,318 views since the channel’s launch on July 13, 2019. You can also find difficult, humorous, and storytime videos on this website.

Although it still doesn’t have a significant following, the YouTube channel is quickly becoming popular.

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Personal Life And Relationships

Ashley Ortega and Nathan Boucaud formerly shared a relationship. She has a large body of work with Nathan and is also a YouTuber. Before their divorce, things were going well between them despite the numerous stories that have been spread about them. They were one of the cutest online celebs at the time. Also, their relationship was going well. But for private reasons, they got divorced in 2017.

As Nathan broke off his friendship with Ashley, he rose to the top of the social hierarchy. Furthermore, by posting a variety of reaction videos online, their followers created a commotion. Nathans was slammed by Ashley’s followers for being an uncaring and vindictive lover. He frequently displayed haughtiness against Ashley, which infuriated Ashley’s supporters. According to several of them, Nathan was just with Ashley for Nathan’s advantage.

After the breakup, Nathan did post several videos on his YouTube channel in which he accused Ashley of being the cause of the breakup. After Ashley and Nathan parted ways, Nathan started dating Michaela Mendez. Michaela is a well-known Instagram user and YouTuber. They appear frequently in one another’s videos. Even worse, they perform various practical jokes on one another.

Nathan and Michaela both slammed Ashley. In several videos posted to her YouTube channel, she additionally blamed Ashley. Similar to how he frequently contrasts Michaela Mendez with Ashley Ortega.

Sadly, Nathan and Michaela are no longer together because they both ended their relationship. They recently parted ways, just a few months ago. Further, Nathan is single at the moment and focusing on his career as a YouTuber.

Nathan Boucaud Net Worth

NatesLife’s net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million. He keeps up a lot of activity on his social media profiles. His first channel has 2.91 million subscribers, and his second channel has 222 thousand. He also has 35.9K Twitter followers and 205K Instagram followers. He has 13667 followers on Twitch, where he is still active.

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