Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

One of the most popular video games of all time is Minecraft. Playing the same game over and over again, on the other hand, can become tedious.

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson designed a blocky sandbox world that effectively let us create and share whatever we wanted. Before Mojang, the little company behind it was purchased by Microsoft in 2014, it was a cultural phenomenon that sold millions of copies.

Over the years, there have been a lot of random Minecraft clones, but none have truly captured the essence of the game like Minecraft.

Here are 7 games similar to Minecraft:

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1. Terraria

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

It has been known as ‘2D Minecraft.’ However, the truth is that it has a lot more going for it than that.

The principle is the same in that you set your own goals: build a beautiful home or base of operations, explore the remote reaches of the land, or burrow deep below in search of riches. As you learn more about Terraria and explore it deeper, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot more at play.

Terraria has multiplayer with up to seven additional players, over 20 biomes to explore, a variety of NPCs to find, and much more. Terraria’s RPG aspects are far more robust than those in Minecraft because it is progression-based. With each level, the player character becomes stronger, unlocking new equipment that can be used to defeat ever more formidable enemies.

2. Roblox

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

If you’ve played games like Minecraft, you’ll recognize the pitch behind Roblox right away. All of the map customizations you’ve been accustomed to are included in David Baszucki’s build ’em up game-creation platform.

Nevertheless, you now have more options for shaping the games that others play on your map, allowing you to create anything from a simulation to a racing game. That is what distinguishes it as one of the best building games available.

However, you’ll note that the aesthetic is a little different. Unlike Minecraft, where everything is themed around blocks, Roblox looks more like Lego brought to life.

Roblox also has an economy, with players being able to purchase, sell, and manufacture virtual objects. You can even buy garments, albeit selling them will require a Builders Club membership.

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3. Stardew Valley

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games


Farming is one of the most relaxing occupations in Minecraft. This game begins with your character inheriting your grandfather’s old property, which provides them a cause to leave the city and try to make a living in the countryside.

Things begin simple enough, with you planting vegetables and rearing a chicken, but before long, you’ll be commanding vast ranches and exploring a secret dungeon.

Outside of your configurable home, you’re given a large plot of land to clear and expand as you see fit, allowing you to grow a variety of crops and animals. When you leave your farm, you’ll find yourself in the village, where you can interact with the residents, shop, fish, and even mine. Getting to know the locals helps you form bonds with them, and you’ll eventually be able to marry the love of your life.

Another approach to avoid feeling lonely while earning money by selling crops and livestock is to take advantage of Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode. As you delve into the mines and fight hazardous beasts, having a few additional, erm, hands come in helpful. Apart from that, Stardew Valley is one of the most soothing PC games and an experience that will help you pass the time.

4. Oceanhorn

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

Oceanhorn is a top-down open-world RPG that allows you to explore the Uncharted Seas islands, a world full of hazards, mysteries, and secrets. To help you on your trip, fight monsters, learn magic, and find old treasures. Your main goal is to decipher the mysteries of the island’s old monarchy and the sea monster Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn’s plot is captivating, the controls are intuitive, and the graphics are stunning. If you strive to complete the game 100 percent, you can easily obtain 10-20 hours of gameplay.

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5. Fortnite: Save the World

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

Although Fortnite Battle Royale has surged in popularity this year, Save The World, the other – and original – Fortnite game mode, has lacked in popularity. It’s a pity because it’s a great game and a great alternative to Minecraft. Unfortunately, it is not (yet) free-to-play like Battle Royale, which puts it out of reach for the great majority of Fortnite gamers.

The combat mechanics are similar in both modes, but instead of fighting other players, you must work together to stave off the zombie horde. Sure, the concept has been done to death, but Epic adds a little Minecraft to their Left 4 Dead parody to spice things up a touch. You build and customize your base, arranging construction materials and traps as you see fit, before setting out on missions around the planet.

You can play Save The World with up to three players, and as you defeat the zombies together, you’ll earn skill points that can be used to improve your characters. Plus, there are regular timed events that correspond to real-world holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, so you can celebrate with your pals no matter how far apart you are.

6. Trove

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

Trove has all of the cubey characters and construction elements you’ve come to expect, but it also incorporates some of the structure from free MMOs to help you diversify and manage your gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of classes, such as a Neon Ninja or a Dino Tamer, as well as three different crafting specialties.

All of these variations have their peculiarities, strengths, and flaws, making team development more effective.
You can also construct your way through many levels, which vary in challenge and reward. But don’t worry: the same spirit of workmanship and innovation can be found at the heart of this game and its versions.

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7. Don’t Starve

Minecraft: 7 Amazing Similar Games

Don’t Starve is a survival game set in a universe that is both scientific and magical. You’d put yourself in Wilson’s shoes, who has been trapped in this world by a monster and must find his way home. Wilson must make use of the environment and its inhabitants to survive. To live, you must begin with nothing and craft, hunt, research, farm, and fight.

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