Minecraft: How To Train A Fox

Since the release of its alpha version in 2009, Minecraft, one of the most well-known video games ever created, has undergone numerous changes. The ability to tame in-game creatures, such as the perennially well-liked fox, is a feature that has gained popularity and undergone significant alteration over time.

Minecraft: How to Train a Fox

Read on, and we’ll show you how if you’ve been considering acquiring one of these adorable creatures as a companion while exploring the world of Minecraft.

How to Train a Fox in the Java Edition of Minecraft

Now referred to as the Java Edition, the original version of Minecraft has seen the most modifications. Whether Windows, Linux, or macOS are being utilized, this version of the game can be played on desktop PCs. Since the game’s 1.14 update, foxes have been added.

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The following actions must be taken in order to tame foxes:

  1. To begin with, you must be aware of the fox’s spawning location if you wish to tame it. In the game, there are two different kinds of foxes: the snow fox, which has white fur, and the red fox, which has crimson coats. While its red relative can be found in either taiga or huge tree taiga biomes, the snow fox lives in the wild in the snowy taiga. If you’re unfamiliar with the other sorts of biomes or are new to the game, you may identify taigas by their profusion of spruce trees and hilly landscape. The only real difference between giant tree taigas and others is the size of the trees. Taigas blanketed in snow are their equivalent.
  2. Foxes that naturally appear will be wary of the player, therefore you will need taming items before moving on. Foxes enjoy eating delicious berries, which are thankfully abundant in all taiga biomes. A sweet berry bush can be identified by its distinctive red patterns. You’ll need them, so gather as much as you can. There will be enough with around 70. While you’re at it, gather other materials like stone, wood, or soil so that you can use them to construct a wall. Additionally, you’ll need a lead since, unlike wolf pets, foxes won’t follow you on their own. Four strings, a slimeball, and a lead are required to make a lead. Spiders, striders, cats, and cobwebs can all be used to obtain string. Slimes or sneezing baby pandas both produce slimeballs. The components on the crafting grid are combined to create a lead. The strings should be positioned in positions 1, 2, 4, and 9 once the slimeball has been placed in the center. You can use the two leads produced by this combination.
  3. Finding multiple foxes is necessary in order to tame them. If you see one, there probably are two to four more nearby because they spawn in clusters of two to four. Foxes are extremely wary and will flee from any players they spot. You’ll have to sneak up on a fox to get close to it so it doesn’t immediately bolt. Go into sneak mode and gently approach the group of foxes once you’ve found one with at least two of them. To wall them in, start by looking for two foxes that are near to one another. The height of your wall should be at least two blocks to prevent foxes from escaping because they can jump two blocks high. Walling in one fox before moving on to the next is simpler. The walled regions can then be connected to one another, and you can push the connected areas gently toward one another while pinning them in. The following step is that they both be close to one another.
  4. Feed each fox a tasty berry as they are now close to one another. It must be given to the foxes one at a time. On a desktop computer, right-click on a fox when it is in your hand and a sweet berry is in its mouth to feed it.
  5. If two foxes that are close to one another have tasty berries, they will start breeding. When heart symbols emerge above their heads, you’ll understand that this is taking place. A young fox will then materialize between them after a little interval. While still adhering to older foxes, this tiny fox will have complete trust in the player.
  6. As many tasty berries as you can for the baby fox to eat. Its growth will be slightly sped up by this. The older foxes will still be pretty terrified of you, so you must do something to get them to stop following them. After feeding the young fox your tasty berries, watch it grow into an adult before moving on.
  7. Take your lead out and use it on your adult fox once the baby fox has grown into an adult. Now that you have a pet, you can either lead it to your base or let it follow you as you travel. Alternatively, you can carry out the procedure once more to obtain a pair of domesticated foxes that you can utilize to have more offspring.

How to Control a Fox in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft: How to Train a Fox

Foxes have been a part of Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition from the beta version and generally act in a similar way to their Java Edition counterparts. The procedures you must take to tame them are likewise the same if you have the Bedrock edition. To tame a fox in Minecraft Bedrock, follow the directions provided above.

How to Tame a Fox in the Education Version of Minecraft

Based on the Bedrock edition, the Education Edition of Minecraft follows a process that is quite comparable. Players without worldbuilder rights might only be able to accomplish a certain amount of things now, which is the sole change.

In order to tame a fox in the Education Edition, you must follow the instructions in the Java version of the game. The inability to break blocks to acquire resources would be a problem for people who were imprisoned in a location devoid of the taiga biome or who had an unchanging universe. Collecting strings and slimeballs could be challenging if enemies are disabled as well.

By following the above instructions, it is entirely possible to tame foxes in the Education Edition, but doing so necessitates the teacher’s participation in order to obtain the essential supplies.

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How to Train a Fox in Mobile Minecraft

Minecraft Mobile was previously known as the Pocket Edition and operated on Windows phones before being merged into Bedrock. Due to the fact that it served as the foundation for the Windows 10 version, the Pocket Edition is still officially available today, but it is essentially the same as Bedrock Edition under a different name.

For the mobile app, all of the taming procedures described in the Java version apply. The fox is now tapped when berries are fed to it rather than right-clicking as before. The sneak button is also the diamond in the middle of the movement controls, which are located on the lower left side of the screen.

How to Train a Fox in iOS’s Minecraft

The Bedrock Edition is also the foundation for the iOS version of Minecraft. As a result, all the fox-taming techniques described above also work on iOS.

How to Train a Fox in Android’s Minecraft

The Android version of Minecraft has the same functionality as the iOS version. Refer to the fox-taming instructions in the Java Version as they are identical.

How to Control a Fox in Creative Mode in Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, the Creative Mode, all the blocks are accessible, flying is possible, and the game’s dying and mobs are disabled. The availability of delicious berries and leads without the need to scavenge for them or produce them, actually makes it simpler to tame foxes.

With the exception of skipping the stage involving gathering resources, all the processes are essentially the same. Find some foxes, put them in an enclosure, and then feed them delicious berries from your supply.

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How to Use Commands to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Train a Fox

You can call foxes in place of searching the world for taiga biomes if you’re not in the mood to do so. This shortens the time it takes to discover them even though they will still be wild and you need two of them to breed a domesticated fox. However, you must have cheats enabled for your planet in order to enter the commands. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Java Edition – New World

  1. On the world selection screen, click on Create New World.
  2. Before entering the world name, click on More World Options.
  3. Click on Allow Cheats to turn it on.
  4. Proceed to create a new world.

Java Edition – Existing World

  1. When you’re logged into your world, pause the game.
  2. In the game menu, click on Open to LAN.
  3. Click on Allow Cheats to turn it on.
  4. Proceed with the game. Do note that when you exit the game and open the map again, cheats will once again be turned off.

Bedrock Edition

  1. On the home screen, click on the Cheats toggle to turn cheats on.
  2. Note that achievements are locked when cheats are on.

When cheats are enabled, type the following commands in the chat box. In the Java Edition, you can access chat by using the T key on your keyboard, and in the Bedrock Edition, you may do the same by pressing the chat icon at the top of your screen. Type the following when the chat window appears:

  1. To summon a red fox:
    /summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~ {Type:red}
  2. To summon a snow fox:
    /summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~ {Type:snow}
  3. To summon a random fox:
    /summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~

Once you’ve called a few foxes, breed them in accordance with the directions above.

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What to Do in Minecraft to Get a Loyal Fox

If you breed two adult wild foxes, the offspring you get will always be devoted to you and will attack anyone who tries to harm you. But keep in mind that even in infant form, they will still follow their parents, and if they manage to escape, the baby will follow. To hasten the infant fox’s growth, feed it plenty of delicious berries.

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