Molly Roloff Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Family, Weight, and Height

Molly Roloff net worth: The $700,000-plus net worth of Molly Roloff is the result of her work as an actor, director, and television personality. She is well-known for her part in the Little People, Big World television series on TLC. She is currently employed by the accounting company Moss Adams as an Assurance Senior.

Molly Roloff Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Family, Weight, and Height

Early Life

On September 17, 1993, in Oregon, United States, Molly Jo Roloff was born. She is descended from Germans. Amy Roloff, her mother, and Matthew Roloff, her father, are both performers and producers. Little People, Big World, a television documentary, made them famous. Additionally, well-known TV celebrities, Peggy and Ron Roloff are her grandparents.

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Molly Roloff is the second youngest of her parents’ four children, and she is currently 29 years old. The three brothers of Molly are Zach, Jeremy, and Jacob. The twins, Zach and Jeremy, are 31 years old. The only Roloff kid still making frequent appearances on Little People Big World is Zach. Jacob, Molly’s 24-year-old younger brother, is also a sibling.

After settling down with their partners and leaving the farm, Jeremy and Jacob both left the reality show. Although Molly may occasionally appear on her family’s reality TV, she finally left the program after her siblings did.

In 2012, she enrolled at Whitworth University. She majored in accounting and literature and received honors in arts degree from the university in 2016. She belonged to the university’s business club.

Molly Roloff participated in the Laureate society and Whitworth’s business club in addition to her studies. She also held a number of jobs while in college. Molly had a busy college career, working as a fellow at the 1st Presbyterian Church in addition to managing one of Whitworth’s campus buildings. In 2016, Molly received her Summa Cum Laude.


On TLC’s Little People, Big World in 2006, Molly Roloff launched her career alongside her family. A family’s life, including both little and large family members, is the subject of the television program. In a short amount of time, she became a prominent TV personality.

Despite being a well-known TV personality, she worked in a different field. In June 2012, she started working at Indoor Goals as an assistant coach. Later on, in 2013, she started working for ABC Transcription as a transcriptionist.

In September 2016, she then joined Moss Adams’ Assurance team. Additionally, a year later she was given the title of Assurance Senior. She is presently connected to Adams.

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Molly Roloff’s Mother – Amy Roloff

Molly Roloff Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Family, Weight, and Height

On September 17, 1962, in Michigan, Amy Jo Knight was born, becoming Amy Roloff. She grew up with siblings Katherine, Cyndi, and Roger as well as parents Patricia and Gordon, who worked for Ford Motor Company. Sadly, Cyndi died in 2015 and Patricia died in 2019. Amy’s parents and siblings were all of the average height, but she was born with achondroplasia, a kind of dwarfism brought on by a DNA mutation that results in improper cartilage production.

Amy graduated with a business degree from Central Michigan University after attending Franklin High School. She then worked in high technology in Silicon Valley before going on to teach early childhood education.

Over the course of 21 seasons, “Little People, Big World” has aired more than 340 episodes since its inception on March 4, 2006. Amy worked as an executive producer on both “Little People, Big World” and “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm,” a six-episode spin-off that debuted on TLC in 2012. On a 1993 episode of “Martin,” Roloff made her television debut. She has since appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Rachael Ray,” “Chelsea Lately,” and “Chopped.”

Amy is the author of the books “Short and Simple Family Recipes” (2012) and “A Little Me” (2019), and she also runs the online bakery Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. She also works as a motivational speaker and has spoken at conferences for empowering women in business, the Lakes Health Conference, and Women’s Power Lunch.


Millions of fans have watched Amy Roloff prepare meals for her family over the past seven years of TLC’s family-friendly reality TV show, Little People, Big World. Cooking for a family of six, Amy developed a lot of simple recipes that are easy for homemakers and moms to prepare. Cooking has also leveled the playing field when people of all sizes sit down and enjoy the good food she prepares. 

Molly Roloff’s Father – Matt Roloff

In San Francisco, California, on October 7, 1961, he was given the name Matthew James Roloff. Ruth, his older sister, and his parents Peggy and Ron are all of ordinary height. Due to his diastrophic dysplasia, Matt endured fifteen operations during his childhood. Sam, his younger brother, also suffers from diastrophic dysplasia, while Joshua, another of his brothers, passed away at the age of 34 as a result of a cardiac defect he had ever since birth.

In the early 1980s, Matt worked as an extra in the movie “Under the Rainbow,” and in the 1985 “Star Wars” TV movie “Ewoks: The Battle for Endor,” he played an Ewok on crutches. He started out as a computer programmer for many Silicon Valley firms in the late 1980s before moving to Beaverton, Oregon, to work for Sequent Computer Systems.

As of this writing, “Little People, Big World” has aired more than 340 episodes across 21 seasons since it debuted on TLC on March 4, 2006. In 2012, TLC aired “Little People Big World: Wedding Farm,” a six-episode spinoff with Matt serving as executive producer. The show has shown a number of specials, including “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Conquering Mt. St. Helens.”

Matt Roloff, a motivational speaker and member of the National Speakers Association, has spoken at a variety of colleges and conferences, including the International Conference on Inclusion for Kids Included Together and the Association of Legal Administrators.

In addition to many other television programs, he has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The View,” and many others. In addition, Matt has written three books. He collaborated with ghostwriter Tracy Summer on “Little Family, Big Values: Lessons in Love, Respect, and Understanding for Families of Any Size” (2007) and “Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World” (1999), and in 2018 he published “Little Lucy, Big Race,” a children’s book.

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Molly Roloff Relationship

Molly Roloff Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Family, Weight, and Height

The married Molly Roloff has one child. During their university years, she met Joel Silvius, the man she is currently married to. Before getting married in 2015, the couple dated for a few years. Without cameras present and with close friends and family present, the wedding took place.

In Oregon, the wedding was held beneath a 100-year-old oak tree. Family members and close friends of the couple attended the private wedding ceremony. Beautiful views and tender touches pervaded the outdoor ceremony, which was placed at a location deep within the farm’s woods. Guests sat on wooden benches to watch the newlyweds exchange vows.

The two emigrated to Spokane, Washington, where they have resided ever since. They just made an announcement about purchasing a brand-new home in Spokane.

Molly Roloff’s Husband – Joel Silvius

Joel Silvius was created on the American continent. He is of Portuguese ancestry and American nationality. In terms of education, he received his degree from Spokane, Washington’s private Christian university, and Whitworth University. Joel Silvius had initially met Molly, his future wife, there as well.

Joel is currently employed by Gonzaga University as an institutional research data analyst. Together with his wife Molly, he has made an appearance on the reality series Little People, Big World. More than 200 episodes of the show include Molly. Molly became well-known thanks to the series. She does, however, work as an accountant for Moss Adams in Spokane, Washington, while taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

Molly Roloff Weight, and Height

Molly Roloff is a brunette with brown eyes. She is a healthy weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Social Media

Molly Roloff has more than 1.4k Instagram followers, and more than 80k Facebook followers. She follows people like Ibram X. Kendi, Gary Johnson, and Barack Obama on Twitter.

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Molly Roloff Net Worth

Molly Roloff estimated net worth as of 2022 is $700,000. She makes between $59k and $82k per year as an assurance senior. In addition, she gains notoriety from her role in the television program Little People, Big World. Her father, Matthew, is thought to be worth $4.5 million, according to estimates of net worth.

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