8 Best Monitor Stands

If you want to succeed, it’s crucial to keep up the finest workstation you can, and fortunately, most people can instantly enhance their workspace with the best monitor stands.

Although a monitor stand may not be your first choice for a worktop update, it may be a useful and adaptable piece of equipment. Some monitor stands feature movable arms to add more screens and optimize panel placement, while less expensive models raise your current monitors to free up extra desk space for storage.

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It’s also possible to get monitor supports that will allow you to convert your dated work surface into a standing desk. These monitor stands have been contrasted on a number of fronts, including their design and construction quality as well as their adaptability and compactness. We looked at their weight capacity, the size of monitor they would work best with, and the cost, among other factors.

Here are the top seven, which will work for every circumstance or price range. You can continue working in any situation thanks to our selection of the greatest portable displays and our top 4K monitors.

1. Vivo Dual Desk Mount

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Vivo Dual Desk Mount

  • Fits 13″ to 30″ Screens
  • Articulation & Height Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty C-Clamp
  • Easy Installation

A robust and adaptable piece of equipment, the Vivo Dual Desk Mount(opens in a new tab)performs admirably under commonplace circumstances. It can handle practically anything because it can support two screens that weigh up to 22 pounds each and fit displays that are up to 27 inches across.

The Vivo gives a ton of movement versatility and supports monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting solutions. 360-degree rotation is combined with 180-degree tilt and swivel movement on each arm. The Vivo’s center pole allows for height modifications, and monitors can be positioned in either a portrait or a landscape orientation.

The Vivo may be used on a variety of surfaces because it attaches to a desk with a reliable C-shaped clamp or an optional grommet. Because of the built-in cable management provided by the arms and central pole clips, your desk will stay organized.

Since it is attached to that central pole, the product’s height adjustment is its only drawback. To attach two monitors or TVs, the Vivo offers a flexible and durable system, and at $40, it won’t break the bank either if you can live with that.

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2. Vari Pro Plus 36

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Vari Pro Plus 36

Vari’s products range in price from $249 to $359, so they require a sizeable investment, but this excellent equipment transforms your regular worktop into a standing workstation. Although it’s a novel way of working, it may be worthwhile to invest in because it can increase productivity and your health.

Two separate tiers are used by the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 to provide a ton of desktop customization. Two monitors are held on the top shelf, which is 36 inches wide, while your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories are kept on the bottom level.

A smooth, spring-loaded system allows the VariDesk to be raised to eleven different height settings, and it comes fully constructed. The Vari Pro Plus 36 has a lot of positive aspects. Your health and productivity can greatly benefit from switching to a standing desk, and this particular model’s tiered design allows you to expand your desktop area.

3. WALI Monitor Stand STT003

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WALI Monitor Stand STT003

  • Large 14.6 x 9.3 inches durable metal shelf fits most flat screen display
  • Notebook or any device by 3.9 inches
  •  Large sturdy platform with vented holes
  • The sleek modern black design complements any desk while adding extra space underneath the stand for storage

One monitor may be raised to the ideal viewing angle with the help of the WALI Monitor Stand Riser STT003. Its all-metal construction allows it to handle monitors up to 44 pounds, which is well within the weight range of the majority of monitors.

This stand riser is smaller and more compact than The Office Oasis’ twin monitor riser, making it the perfect match for desks with limited space. Additionally, it features three degrees of height adjustment, allowing you to select the ideal height for the ideal elevation between 3.9 and 5.5 inches.

The WALI Monitor Stand Riser STT003 can be used with a printer, desktop computer, or laptop while being primarily intended for displays. Better ventilation is made possible when utilizing it with a laptop, minimizing overheating during extended use.

4. Vaydeer Aluminum Monitor Stand

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Vaydeer Aluminum Monitor Stand

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Fast Wireless Charger
  • 4 USB 3.0 Ports
  • Easy To Assemble

The Vaydeer Aluminum Monitor Stand is the only monitor riser with USB ports that you need. With its four USB 3.0 connections, you can quickly charge your phone or connect external devices like hard drives, mice, and keyboards without having to deal with a tangle of cables.

The stand has a smooth surface, high-quality aluminum construction, and a solid design that makes it both fashionable and long-lasting. Vaydeer advises using this riser with monitors up to 27 inches wide, but as long as they don’t exceed the 66-pound weight limit, larger 32-inch models can also be supported by it.

If you need additional room for your laptop or desktop, have a twin monitor setup, or both, you can select the extra-large option. Both models include additional storage space underneath and USB connections. The extra USB connections are a great bonus, especially for Mac users, and although it may seem pricey, it is a stand that will last you longer than most less expensive options.

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5. Simple Houseware Monitor Stand

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Simple Houseware Monitor Stand

  • Monitor Riser / Stand with a sliding drawer for the printer, computer, laptop, notebook
  • Sturdy Wooden Construction with a modern design
  • Raises your monitor to a comfortable viewing height. Reduce neck and eye Strain
  • Space under the stand can be used for additional desk storage

The Simple Houseware Monitor Stand, which has a sliding drawer and four side pockets, is a great option if you want a desk monitor stand with storage. It provides a quick way to set up your workstation while maintaining the appropriate monitor height for better ergonomics.

The stand has a strong metal frame and mesh design for optimum airflow and outstanding durability. Any monitor that weighs less than 50 pounds and can fit on the top surface can be used with this riser. Its dimensions are 20.25 by 11.5 inches, and its elevation is 5.8 inches.

6. The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

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The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

  • By lifting your screens to eye level
  • This large stand can handle your heaviest monitors
  •  Engineered with a solid bamboo surface and heavy-duty stainless steel legs
  •  Utilize the space under this stand to organize office essentials on your desk

Those looking for a monitor riser for two displays should definitely consider the Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand. It can accommodate a single large monitor or TV up to 75 inches, two monitors up to 27 inches each, or both.

Monitors of all sizes are perfectly supported by the sturdy bamboo top and stainless steel legs. With a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds, according to The Office Oasis, this twin monitor riser can support big displays like Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 without losing its shape.

You may choose the best color to go with your work setting because the stand is simple to put together and available in three different colors. The legs allow up more storage space for your keyboard, mouse, and other desk peripherals while providing the ideal amount of height for comfortable viewing.

7. AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

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AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • Single-arm monitor stand frees up desktop space and offers ergonomic positioning for reduced strain
  • Includes a single-arm monitor stand made of durable yet lightweight aluminum with a black finish
  • Works with almost any LCD monitor up to 32 inches and up to 25 pounds
  • The arm extends and retracts smoothly for easy adjustments

Amazon’s own AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand is an outstanding alternative for those on a tight budget. With its stackable column-style legs that may extend up to 12.5 centimeters, it provides basic height adjustment. At 2.5 cm per level, adjustments are possible. You can keep a good posture while working by taking ergonomics into account. Your stand and the object it supports will remain in position thanks to the non-skid feature on its two columns.

It includes a 28-centimeter-wide surface for storage underneath the stand. It can hold your keyboard and mouse, gaming systems, and even more laptops. Up to 10 kg of laptops, monitors, and printers can be supported by the stand-alone. It has a dark color that radiates a formal vibe appropriate for your business and weighs 1.16 kg.

This choice’s drawback is that it is made of plastic. It doesn’t enhance its aesthetic appeal or total worth. Amazon, on the other hand, emphasizes its robust construction and smooth form with rounded countertops that give the impression of modern elegance and svelte refinement.

8. Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand

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Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand

  • Not only does its job to raise the monitor to the proper height
  •  Elevating your monitor to an ergonomic height is important for finding your most comfortable sitting posture
  • This desk top shelf is made of composite wood from eucalyptus and poplar

Although the price may seem excessive for a monitor stand, it is justified by the fact that it is an American-made product that is finished by hand and that you may select the type of wood you want to use, from Walnut to Maple. Compared to cheap, practical metal mounts and stands, it has a much more attractive appearance.

The Grovemade device raises your screens, making them easier to see and improving the ergonomics of your workspace. It also creates more room beneath the monitors. It includes a convenient aluminum shelf that can carry books, documents, or computers and is 46 inches broad and 100 pounds strong.

This stand is not inexpensive, but it looks and feels great, making it the ideal accent to a chic workspace. In order to outfit your office with high-quality, complementary items, Grovemade also makes accessories like desk pads, stationery trays, laptop risers, and even wireless charging pads.

How should you pick the right monitor stands for you?

When purchasing a monitor stand, there are many factors to take into account. Nowadays, there are so many options on the market that choosing one above the competition might be challenging. But you’ll still succeed if you just stick to the things that are most important to you.

You need to know the size of your monitor stand, for starters. There are variants made to support up to three monitors while remaining stable and safeguarding your gadgets. Choose monitor stands that can hold more than one if you deal with many displays frequently. Otherwise, keeping one monitor on a stand and the other on the desk is highly awkward.

Height is also essential. In order to encourage proper posture and general health and well-being, it should be ergonomically designed. To avoid having to replace your chosen fixture frequently or putting your gadget at risk of mishaps and damages, the material should be sturdy.

In addition, even though this workspace addition is extremely crucial, you should have a maximum budget in mind to prevent going beyond. However, having a price range in mind will make your browsing simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. You can be somewhat flexible on that. It is simpler to move forward with your search for the greatest monitor stand for your workspace when you keep everything in mind as a reference.

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How we test the best monitor stands

We started by examining what kinds and sizes of displays the stands were compatible with in order to assess the best monitor stands. We determined their weight, degree of adjustability, and availability of cable management features.

We took into account how straightforward the assembly was and whether the stands were pre-assembled or required assembly. We examined if the monitor stands were appropriate for two displays because some users could need a multi-monitor arrangement.

We also looked at the durability of the construction, the ease with which they moved, how small they were in general, and the cost.

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