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There are some who enjoy the quiet, introverted lifestyle, while there are others who enjoy having to fully experience all that life has to offer; food, culture, traveling, colors, lifestyle, and so much more. There is one man who ranks top ten, on the list of those who embrace life to the fullest, ‘Jarvis Rivers,’ popularly known as Mr Organik. What is his story? Is he married? What is Mr Organik net worth? You can only find out when you continue reading this article.

Mr Organik net worth
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Mr Organik is an American rapper, youtuber, entrepreneur and former basketball player, who got his ticket to famous town, after a collaboration with a YouTube channel ‘No Jumper,’ a channel with 4.1 million subscribers. On this channel, he told the world about the various episodes that occurred in his life, making him who he is now.

Through Mr Organik’s social media personality, it is easy to see that he lives a lavish and colorful lifestyle. From his dyed beards, to his colorful outfits, and exotic cars, Mr Organik has no problem expressing himself in whatever color best suits the mood. Are you wondering what Mr Organik net worth is? How much can a youtuber really make? In this article, you will find out all about the famous YouTube star.

The Early Life of Mr Organik

Mr Organik is 40 years old, born on September 29, 1981, in San Diego, California, United States. Unfortunately, the name of Mr Organik’s father is not known, it is public knowledge that he died of AIDS, while his mother, Kimberly Riv, is a health technician. He was born into a family of five, and his siblings are; Brandon Saint Rivers, and Lawrence Trend Blackedge. Although Mr Organik went to Hoover High School, he decided on dropping out and not further his education.

Mr Organik’s Height and Personal Life

Mr Organik can be seen as a fitness freak, since he ensures that he exercises often, keeping his muscles and physique in check. From several videos of Mr Organik, one can tell that he has been in a lot of relationships with different beauties. But currently, the handsome 6 feet 3 inches man, with skin like dark chocolate is single, and has no children. Although Mr Organik is seen to be very close to Danielle Champion, the pair insist on not being in a relationship.

Mr Organik net worth
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Interestingly there is one amazing truth about Mr Organik, that might be shocking to some, and that is, he has never been involved with alcohol or drugs. He boldly stated in an interview, that he stayed away from drugs as a teenager, has never had a drink, and the reason for this shocking truth is based on his loving grandmother. In one of his videos Mr Organik said, his grandmother saw the best in him, and would always tell him he was special, sadly she died due to too much alcohol intake.

Mr Organik’s Girlfriend, Danielle Champion

Danielle Champion is a walking epitome of beauty. Everything about her screams instant attraction, from her gorgeous face, sparkling eyes, beautiful smile and sexy figure. She enjoys music, not just listening to it, she also creates her own melodies. She has a great social media personality, especially on Instagram, where she is known to post very beautiful pictures, and make amazing reels for her followers to watch and enjoy.

She is an American youtuber and an actress, currently living in Los Angeles. Danielle Champion has featured in Mr Organik’s YouTube videos, as much as he has featured in hers. Her YouTube channel has grown to have about 37k subscribers, and she has a current net worth of $300,000.

Mr Organik as a Youtuber, Rapper and Entrepreneur

Before Mr Organik net worth got to the level it is at currently, he got deeply involved with the sports industry, and entertainment industry. First, he played basketball, and got the opportunity to be a professional basketball player, after his skills had been noticed on the streets of San Diego. Then in 2014, he decided on being a youtuber, making videos on his lavish lifestyle, and exotic cars. With so much engaging content, such as a collaboration with ‘Tall Guy Car Checkout,’ a channel that focuses on expensive, exotic cars, it did not take long for him to be one of the biggest youtube stars in the world. His channel has also grown to have over 324k subscribers.

Mr Organik net worth
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In 2018, Mr Organik net worth took another turn when he decided to go into the music industry. He became a rapper and released a lot of albums and singles that got a lot of positive feedback. He had his first album ‘Memories and Legacies,’ in that same year, and the response to the album led to the release of more songs. His famous songs are; All Praise, Gotta Believe, She Busy.

From having endorsement deals, running a clothing line, and a line of male cosmetics, Mr Organik net worth has grown over the years, more than an average full time Youtuber. He is also a successful author, and wrote a book with Dr. Andre Jordan and Dr. Odili, ‘Organik Seeds of Greatness- Free Yourself.’’ The book is meant to be a guide to financial freedom, talking about the skills he applied for growth, thereby helping entrepreneurs and youtubers all over the world achieve success.

Mr Organik is also involved in real estate. In most of his YouTube videos, he has done tours showing different beautiful mansions. In one of his videos, Mr Organik said that he owns a mansion in Malibu, which is spread over 2 acres of land.

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What is Mr Organik Net Worth?

Mr Organik is one of the richest Youtube stars in the world, with a net worth of $1.5 million. 


Mr Organik is currently healing from a mouth surgery, but is still making amazing videos with engaging contents for the world and his subscribers to enjoy. His videos on his youtube channel have accumulated over 61 million views.

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