What is Nadine Caridi Doing Now? Career and Marriage

Nadine Caridi became famous for her relationship with infamous American stock market expert Jordan Belfort. However, before she married Caridi, she was a renowned model who had established herself as one of the best around.

But what we know Caridi for is her doggedness beside Jordan Belfort, who became persona non-grata for his fraudulent business and lifestyle. Nadine Caridi pulled up with the escapades for ten years before she finally decided to end the relationship. 

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Becoming the face of a beer brand like Miller Lite is no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work and sheer determination to beat the park. But, focusing on succeeding unwaveringly, it didn’t take too long for Caridi to be among the elite models.

Caridi’s ex-husband’s fraudulent lifestyle became the center of The Wolf of Wall Street. Caridi is described as a tough lady, difficult to get through in the movie. So, where is Nadine Caridi after all these years? What is she up to after her divorce from Jordan Belfort? You will find all the details here. 

Who is Nadine Caridi? 

Nadine Caridi was born on December 24, 1967, in England. However, while she was still young, her parents moved to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, New York. There isn’t so much information about her parents, but we know she graduated from John Dewey High School in Gravesend, in Brooklyn, New York City.

She would later earn her degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also got her doctorate. Not only is she a leading authority in psychotherapy, but she also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

While she was studying for all these degrees, she wasn’t idle, and with beautiful and great physical features, she turned to model. 

Nadine Caridi Was A Model

It didn’t take long for some of the biggest brands to recognize her beauty. One of such brands is Miller Coors, an alcoholic beverage company. She was signed to help them advertise the brand. As the poster girl of the brand, she gained recognition for her blonde hair and endearing face.

With a portfolio with Miller Coors, television stations offered contracts to Caridi, and she was able to get features in commercials, again broadening her popularity. 

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Caridi is An Health Advocate

The popular statement from the Spiderman movie, “with great power comes great responsibility,” is true for so many people, Caridi not excluded. While it is not necessarily power that she had but fame, Caridi could channel her fame to health campaigns. She involved herself in commercials that called for donations to people to undergo surgery. This is one of the many good works that Caridi did while working as a model. 

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Belfort is a former stockbroker and a convicted felon. The Wolf of Wall Street, a memoir about his stock scams of years, is the world’s best-selling book. Not only is the book hugely successful, but the adaptation of the book into a movie is a worldwide hit too. The film, which had Leonardo DiCaprio play Jordan Belfort, has five Academy Award Nominations. 

After irrefutable proof showed that he had defrauded people and laundered money, Belfort was arrested. He was investigated and found to have scammed investors of about $200 million. He was sentenced to prison but has since come out to become a motivational speaker. 

Nadine Caridi Was In A Relationship Before Jordan Belfort

Not many people know that before Caridi met Jordan Belfort, she was in a relationship with Alan Wilzig, an American philanthropist and a businessman. Interestingly, Wilzig introduced her to Jordan Belfort at a dinner party. On the other hand, Jordan was also married to Denise Lombardo when he met Nadine. But something struck after the duo met. They liked each other so much that they considered ending their relationships to be together. They did.

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Belfort divorced Denise and married Nadine Caridi in 1991. The couple blossomed into a formidable one. They had two children together; Carter James, born in 1995, and Chandler Belfort, born in 1993. Unfortunately, after the many scandals of Jordan Belfort, the marriage halted, and the divorce was finalized in 2005. 

Has Nadine Caridi Married Another Man?

Nadine initiated a divorce from Belfort after she couldn’t handle the drug addiction Jordan was into. After the divorce from Jordan Belfort, Nadine has found love in former CEO of Wizard World John Macaluso. John was previously married too but also was divorced before he met Caridi. He had three children from his previous marriage; Frankie Macaluso, Nicky Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso. 

What is Nadine Caridi Doing Now?

Nadine Caridi is currently running a YouTube channel called Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar, where she discusses how people can overcome difficult challenges. She also runs a private practice as a marriage and family therapist. 

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After her divorce from the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, Nadine Caridi has moved on pretty well. She is in a good place. But, she has her life ahead of her. 

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