Best Nightstands With Charging Stations

The correct nightstand charging station makes it simple and efficient to keep your electronic gadgets charged and nearby while you’re in bed.

We compared the appearance, compatibility, and a number of devices they can charge at once among the numerous possibilities we looked into. Because of its integrated functionality and compact form, the Brightech Madison Table and Lamp Combo is our top choice overall. The best nightstand charging stations are listed here.

1. Lerliuo Nightstand With Charging Station

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Lerliuo Nightstand With Charging Station

  • This 2 Standard Plug Outlets & 2 USB Ports design of this nightstand allows you to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time, such as cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc
  • We combined wooden boards and a sturdy metal frame, making it present a rustic and retro style
  •  Curing battery anxiety, it is a good assistant for those who rely heavily on electronic equipment

The Leurliuo nightstand is a fantastic illustration of how form and function can combine to make something lovely. If you want something affordable, this nightstand is a fantastic alternative. It is the ideal location to keep your devices charged and ready because it has a charging station integrated into it.

The Lerliuo nightstand is ideal for charging numerous devices at once so you can always stay connected. It has two charging plugs and two USB connections. Furthermore, this nightstand has a trendy appearance that will go with any decor thanks to the sleek metal frame and rustic wood finish.

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2. Seventable Nightstand With Charging Station

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Seventable Nightstand With Charging Station

  • The color of the light strip is variable according to needs and scenes
  • The bedside nightstand comes with a beautiful multi-color RGB LED backlight
  • The nightstand Storage Cabinet is arranged with 2ac+2usb Socket
  •  This compact night stand with 2 drawers offers plenty of space for organizing small items

The nightstand by Seventable is the ideal combination of design and purpose. It boasts an integrated charging station, LED lights, and a clean, contemporary appearance. The open space is ideal for timepieces, photo frames, and alarm clocks, while the three drawers offer plenty of storage for your everyday necessities.

All Qi-enabled devices are compatible with the built-in wireless charger, so all you need to do to keep your smartphone charged all night is set it down on the charging pad. You are prepared to go because there are two normal plug outlets and two USB ports that can charge various gadgets.

To help you create a cozy and appealing ambiance in your bedroom, LED lights are situated on the underside of the table. You may quickly alter the LED strip’s color using the remote control to go with your mood or the interior design of the space. It’s ideal for illuminating your bedroom with a gentle, soothing light to aid in slumber.

3. Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

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Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray

  • Custom-made to elevate tech to a new design level
  •  Without fumbling with cords, place your phone on the Qi-certified wireless charger for up to 10W charging

For your phone at night and other bedtime essentials, a charging tray might be a handy catch-all. In addition to having a Qi-Certified wireless charging pad for your phone, the Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray is offered in a variety of leather finishes. This charging tray has a luxurious appearance that fits perfectly with any bedroom design, and we adore it. This tray supports all Qi-compatible devices, iPhone 8 models and newer, selected Samsung phones, and other Courant charging goods.

Even though wireless charging is practical, this charging tray only allows you to charge one device at a time and is incompatible with earlier phone models. Although it costs a little more than some of the alternatives, this tray is still our top choice in this category due to its high-quality design and longevity.

4. Lenovo Smart Clock with Charging Dock

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Lenovo Smart Clock with Charging Dock

  • The big & bold LED display gives you more than just the time at a glance – instantly know the weather, humidity, and temperature outside from across the room
  • This smart alarm clock is your nightstand companion, with an auto-dim display for a peaceful night that still lets you see the time when you need to; tap on top to dismiss an alarm or snooze
  • We put privacy first – there’s no camera on this smart clock, plus you can turn on the mute switch to disconnect the microphones

We recommend Lenovo Smart Clock with Charging Dock if you prefer a dedicated alarm clock in your bedroom. In addition to a USB connection (cable not included) for charging an additional device, this smart alarm clock contains a wireless charging pad for your phone that is MagSafe and Qi compliant.

You can take calls from your smartphone and stream music wirelessly thanks to its built-in microphone and Bluetooth capabilities. A nightlight feature on this clock dims the screen at night so you have just enough light to move around your room without disturbing your normal sleep cycle. The touchscreen can also display images from your phone and the weather.

Through Google Home/Google Assistant, this smart clock is compatible with a number of smart home devices, including Nest, Arlo, Hue, and Wink. From the smart clock, you can ask Google to check your to-do list, display the feed for your smart home security system, or start playing your favorite music. Remember that this alarm clock requires a Wi-Fi connection to function, so connectivity problems or a power outage could prevent an alarm from sounding.

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5. Webtop Smart Nightstand With Wireless Charging

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Webtop Smart Nightstand With Wireless Charging

  • Nightstand built-in night light
  • it will automatically light up when it detects people within two meters, after 60 seconds without induction
  • The charging is compatible with most QI-enabled devices, put it down and charging immediately
  •  4Ω 5W speaker can work from a phone

The smart nightstand from Webtop is the ideal option if you’re searching for a nightstand that’s both tech-savvy and fashionable. This sleek, contemporary bedside table has a built-in 10W wireless charger that works with all Qi-enabled devices. Therefore, if the battery on your phone is becoming low, there’s no need to look for a charging cord; just place the smartphone on the nightstand, and it will start charging immediately.

In order to help you securely make your way in the dark, the smart nightstand also comes with a built-in LED night light that illuminates when it detects motion. Additionally, a Bluetooth speaker system is integrated so you may listen to your favorite music directly from your bedside.

The Webtop Smart Nightstand is crafted from premium eco-friendly wood and is available in a range of finishes to complement any design. It is also simple to put together because only the legs need to be joined. Consequently, this is a terrific choice if you’re seeking a useful nightstand.

6. WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1

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WAITIEE Wireless Charger 3 in 1

  •  The wireless charger can charge phones, apple watches, and Airpods
  • Fast charging wireless charger design. With over-current protection
  • The charger base is equipped with a venting hole to ensure safe charging of the device
  •  The charging base with anti-slip silicone design so that the charger will not move or flip, to ensure that your phone is protected when charging

The WAITEE Wireless Charger offers three-in-one wireless charging to charge all of your Apple gadgets, so if you’re an Apple devotee and own an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch, it can also be used to store wires in a concealed compartment. Your phone’s vertical wireless charging dock enables you to prop up it while making video chats, and you can also hold it horizontally to watch TV while it’s not charging.

Any Apple Watch or AirPods series, as well as some Samsung and Huawei phones, are compatible with this charging station. Apple Watch charging adapters are not included. Your device’s charging status is indicated by a blue sensor light, which you can turn off at night to avoid being bothered while you sleep.

7. Old Captain Nightstand With Wireless Charging Station

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Old Captain Nightstand With Wireless Charging Station

  • The smart nightstand is equipped with a tempered glass desktop
  • A simple but vintage USB charging port allows you to charge mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, kindle readers, etc
  • A sliding drawer and shelf design provides enough space for you to organize your stuff and gives you a neat space

This contemporary nightstand by Old Captain is furnished with a wealth of functional functions in addition to its slick and attractive appearance. The built-in wireless charging station makes it simple to keep your gadgets charged and prepared to go, and the tempered glass top is ideal for adding a lamp or other decorations.

Additionally, it has two USB ports so you can charge additional gadgets right from the nightstand and save looking for outlets altogether. All of your nightstand necessities may be stored in the three drawers, and the LED illumination produces a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

This nightstand is sure to become a favorite item in your bedroom because of its straightforward design and top-notch construction. The Old Captain nightstand is an excellent choice whether you’re searching for a useful nightstand or a fashionable accent piece.

8. I-Box Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker

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I-Box Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker

  •  Meet the latest innovation from UK audio specialists i-box, the Smart Table Bluetooth Speaker
  • Featuring premium 20W stereo speakers with a built in subwoofer for an immersive audio experience and high quality music playback

With a Bluetooth speaker, charging station, and anything else you could possibly need, this multifunctional nightstand has it all. Your favorite music may be streamed wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to the excellent 20W stereo speakers with a built-in subwoofer. You can play music from any compatible device with a headphone port using the 3.5mm AUX input.

Your compatible smartphone can be quickly charged with the built-in 5W wireless charger by simply setting it down on the table’s designated charging area. Additionally, a USB connector for wired charging is available on the i-box side table.

For any room in your house, the integrated 4,000mAh battery can provide up to four hours of music playback, making it the ideal mobile charging and music station. What could possibly be disliked about this multipurpose nightstand? You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the i-box Smart Side Table as your new favorite bedroom necessity.

What is the process for wireless charging stations?

Although there are various types of wireless charging technology, if you’re using one, your smartphone is probably being charged using electromagnetic induction utilizing copper coils that are integrated into both the phone and the charger.

While the charging station needs to be plugged in to be powered, you may place the phone on the charger to establish the necessary connection and begin charging. Due to the magnetic connections, Apple-compatible MagSafe chargers also let you use your device while it is charging without having to worry about positioning the phone correctly or about it disconnecting.

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How can a nightstand be converted into a charging station?

An excellent all-in-one solution is a bedside table with a built-in charging station. For smooth, wire-free bedside charging, these multifunctional wonders blend traditional good aesthetics in a range of styles with USB ports and power outlets.

You can DIY it if you don’t want to spend the money on a brand-new piece of furniture. Make a hole in the back of a nightstand that already exists and use Velcro to fasten a power strip or USB charging hub to the inside of a drawer. The power wire should then be fed through the opening and plugged into an outlet.

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